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Troubleshooting - Frigidaire Venice WLVF-1/0343 Important Instructions & Operating Manual

Wall hanging fireplace with led flame technology & digital display
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Press the "FLAME" button to adjust flame brightness.
Auto Safety Shut-Off Mechanism
This fireplace is equipped with a safety shut-off feature which initiates if the fireplace overheats
(e.g. Due to blocked air vents). For safety reasons, the fireplace will NOT automatically reset,
and will need to be manually turned ON.
To restart the fireplace, unplug the fireplace from the power outlet for at least 15 minutes. Next,
reconnect to the power outlet and turn on the fireplace.


Unit does not work / does not heat
No flame effect
Cleaning & Maintenance
Disconnect from the power supply before attempting any maintenance or cleaning in order to
reduce the risk of fire, electric shock to persons or damage to property.
Warning - Always disconnect from the power supply before cleaning fireplace.
For general cleaning, use a soft, clean duster. Never use abrasive cleaners. The glass viewing
screen should be cleaned thoroughly with a soft cloth. Do NOT use proprietary glass cleaners.
Periodically check all fixings and tighten if necessary.
The LED bulbs inside can NOT be replaced.
Caution: Sharp edges!
Technical Specification
Supply: 120V
Rated Power: 1500W
Bulb: LED (cannot be replaced)
Possible Solution
· Check if the unit is plugged in the power outlet.
· Check if the unit is in Standby mode. If so, turn
the unit ON.
· Check if the heat is turned OFF.
Check for safety cut-off operation.
· Check if the unit is plugged in the power outlet.
· Check if the unit is in Standby mode. Turn the
unit ON.



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