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Troubleshooting - Frigidaire CMSF-1/0310 Important Instructions & Operating Manual

Cleveland – floor standing fireplace
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It is necessary to switch On the fan to activate heat. Fireplace wouldn't emit heat without fan
being turned On.
Adjust the Flame Brightness Control Knob for the desired flame effect. (5)
Adjust the Thermostat Control Knob to regulate the heat
Safety Cut-Off
This fireplace is equipped with safety cut-off feature, which will operate if the fireplace
overheats (e.g. Due to blocked air vents). For safety reasons, the fireplace will NOT
automatically reset, and will need to be turned ON manually.
To reset the Fireplace, disconnect the fireplace from the power port for at least 15 minutes.
Reconnect to the power port and switch on the fireplace.


Unit doesn't work / doesn't heat
No flame effect
Replacing the Lamp
This fireplace consists 2 bulbs (E-12, 25W) that illuminate flame effect. Light bulbs needs to be
replaced if you notice a dark section of the flame or when the flames lose clarity.
Warning - Always disconnect from the power outlet before removing bulbs, to reduce the risk of
fire, electric shock or damage to property.
Warning - The bulbs reach high temperatures during operation. Allow them to cool down before
replacing them.
Access the bulb panel located on the rear panel of the fireplace (see fig)
Remove screws, and slide the panel lid off.
Replace the bulb with a new. Extra caution should be taken, as the bulb could be very hot.
Replace the panel lid using screws.
Warning – Do not use fireplace without putting the lid in place.
Possible Solution
· Check if the unit is plugged in the power port
· Check if the unit is in Standby mode. Turn the
unit ON.
· Check if heat is turned OFF.
Check for safety cut-off operation.
· Check if the unit is plugged in the power port
· Check if the unit is in Standby mode. Turn the
unit ON.



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