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Digital Video Recorder (Dvr) - Motorola DCT6400 Phase III User Manual

High definition dvr cable terminal
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DCT6400 Phase III User Guide


The DCT6400 contains a hard drive for the digital video recorder (DVR)
to record standard- and high-definition TV (HDTV) programs.
A standard VCR records and plays analog video. DVR records and plays
digital video. Unlike an analog tape, the hard drive allows simultaneous
recording and playback.
A DVR offers the ability to control your viewing experience by pausing
(time shifting) live TV and providing trick playback modes (pause, fast
forward, slow forward, fast rewind, slow rewind). You may experience a
slight delay between time shifted and live TV.
With the DCT6400, you can:
Record Programming
Record hours of TV programming. The total hours of recorded content
depends on your hard drive capacity and content type (digital, analog, or
HD) that you record.
Maintain a Personal Program Library
Maintain a personal library of recorded programming, accessed using the
interactive program guide (IPG).
Control Live TV
Pause, rewind, or fast-forward live TV.
Simultaneously Watch Two Programs
Watch two programs and easily switch between them using the
key on your remote control. (Dependent upon program guide support.)
Simultaneous Watch and Record
Record one program in the background while viewing another live
broadcast at the same time.
Simultaneously Record Two Shows
Record two programs from two different channels at the same time.
Simultaneously Record Two Shows and Watch a Recorded Program
Watch a recorded program while recording up to two other programs at
the same time. You can also easily switch viewing the pre-recorded
program and either of the programs you're recording.


Table of Contents

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