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Digital Video Recorder (Dvr); The Dvr - Motorola DCX3400 User Manual

High-definition dvr
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The DCX3400 set-top is equipped with an internal hard drive for DVR (Digital Video
Recorder) functionality, which provides the ability to record both Standard-Definition TV
(SDTV) and High-Definition TV (HDTV) programs. Storage time varies based on the video
format and specific channel.
DVR offers the ability to control your viewing experience by pausing (time shifting) live
TV and providing trick playback modes (pause, fast forward, slow forward, fast rewind,
slow rewind). You may experience a slight delay when switching between time-shifted
and live TV.
The DCX3400-M model also includes integrated MoCA™ networking which supports
whole-home DVR capabilities. This feature extends the DVR experience to DCX3200-M
or other compatible non-DVR set-tops with integrated MoCA, when enabled by
application software. On your non-DVR set-top you can now view your DVR recordings,
playback content, and set future recordings all from another room in your home.
With the DCX3400 set-top, you can:
Record Programming. The total hours of recorded content will vary based on the
storage capacity of your specific DCX model and type of content (digital SD or HD) being
*These capacities are based on recording digital MPEG-2 video. A recording of a video
program that is broadcast in digital MPEG-4 format requires approximately half the disk
Maintain a Personal Program Library. Accessed by using the Interactive Program
Guide (IPG).
Control Live TV. Pause, rewind, and fast-forward live TV.
Simultaneously Watch Two Programs. Watch two programs and easily switch
between them using the swap key on your remote control. (Dependent upon program
guide support and provided remote control.)
Simultaneous Watch and Record. Record one program in the background while
viewing another live broadcast at the same time.
Simultaneously Record Two Shows. Record two programs from two different
channels at the same time.
Drive Size*
160 GB
250 GB
320 GB
Estimated Recording Hours
Standard Digital
55 to 100
80 to 150
110 to 210
HDTV Channels
14 to 21
20 to 30
30 to 45

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