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Speed Dial; Shift Key - Toshiba DP5000 Series Quick Reference Manual

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Speed Dial

To store a Station Speed Dial Number
1. Dial
2. Press
3. Enter a Speed Dial Code (
4. Enter the number to be stored (32 digits max.).
5. Press
6. Repeat steps 2~5 to add more speed dial numbers.
7. To end programming session, lift and replace the handset.
To clear a number from a Station Speed Dial code
Repeat the previous procedure skipping Step 4.
To make a call using Speed Dial
1. Lift the handset. Press
2. Access a outside line (if necessary).
line before pressing

Shift Key

If the LCD screen is set to view buttons 11-20 and a call comes in on
button 1, the phone will ring and the caller ID information will display
on top of the screen. Press the "shift" key to view buttons 1-10 and
answer the call.
History Key
Incoming calls to your extension with Caller ID can be recorded into a
rolling list that is saved on your telephone. The call information is
placed in the list along with the number, name (if provided), time and
date of the call, and status of the call (answered, abandoned, or
redirected). You can access this list from an LCD telephone with a
flexible Caller ID or
To view saved Caller ID information
1. When your station is idle, press the Caller ID or (Insert
History label) button. The Caller ID LED lights green and the
latest record displays.
2. Use the soft keys (Next, Prev, Call or Exit) to view and place
and will be displayed for the first 15 seconds of the
telephone call.
Strata CIX DP5000-series Telephone Quick Ref Guide Vol 2 05/09
button to store the entry.
You may need to lift the handset and access an outside
This feature is only available on a 9-Line display
Caller ID is displayed when a call is first answered
, then dial the Speed Dial
(depending on your telephone setup).



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