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One Touch; Speed Dial - Toshiba DP5000 Series Quick Reference Manual

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One Touch

To store a number on the One Touch button
1. Dial
2. Press a
One Touch
3. Enter the number to be stored.
4. Press the
One Touch
Note One Touch buttons must be programmed on a
Programmable Feature Button.
To make an All Call Page
1. With the handset off-hook, press
all phones in the All Call Page Group, and may page external
speakers (depends on programming).
2. Make your announcement, then hang up.

Speed Dial

To store a Station Speed Dial Number
1. Dial
2. Press
(Speed Dial)
3. Enter a Speed Dial Code (
4. Enter the number to be stored (32 digits max.).
5. Press
(Speed Dial)
6. Repeat steps 2~5 to add more speed dial numbers.
7. To end programming session, lift and replace the handset.
To clear a number from a Station Speed Dial code
Repeat the previous procedure skipping Step 4.
To make a call using Speed Dial
1. Lift the handset. Press
Speed Dial Number.
2. Access a outside line (if necessary).
Note You may need to lift the handset and access an outside line
before pressing
(Speed Dial)
Do not use cleansers that contain benzene, paint
thinner, alcohol or other solvents on the
telephone's rubber feet. The colour of the rubber
may transfer to the desk or mounting surface.
Strata CIX DP5000-series Telephone Quick Reference Guide
button again.
. This pages
All Call Page
button to store the entry.
, then dial the
(Speed Dial)
(depending on your telephone



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