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Electrical Connection - KitchenAid KHIS 7720 Instructions For Use Manual

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Electrical connection

- Disconnect the appliance from the mains power supply.
- Installation must be carried out by a qualified electrician who is fully aware of current safety
and installation regulations.
- The manufacturer declines all liability for injury to persons or animals and for damage to
property resulting from failure to observe the regulations provided in this chapter.
- The power supply cable must be long enough to allow the hob to be removed from the
- Make sure the voltage specified on the appliance rating plate is the same as that of the
house electrical system.
- Do not use extension leads.
Connecting to the terminal board
For electrical connection, use an H05RR-F cable as specified in the table below.
230 V ~ +
230-240 V ~ +
230 V 3 ~ +
400 V 3N ~ +
400 V 2N ~ +
Connect the yellow/green earth wire to the terminal with the symbol
This wire must be longer than the other wires.
1. Remove the terminal block cover (A), undoing the screw and inserting the cover in the terminal block
hinge (B).
2. Strip approx. 70 mm of sheath from the power supply cable.
3. Strip approx. 10 mm of sheath from the wires. Insert the power supply cable into the cable clamp and
connect the wires to the terminal board as indicated in the diagram next to the terminal board itself.
4. Secure the power cable with the cable clamp.
5. Close the cover (C) and screw it on the terminal block with the removed screw - point (1).
Each time the cooktop is connected to the mains it carries out an automatic check which lasts several
If the hob already has a power cable, follow the instructions given on the label attached to the cable.
Connect the appliance to the electricity supply by means of an all-pole disconnect switch with minimum
contact gap of 3 mm.
Amount x size
3 x 4 mm
3 x 4 mm
(Australia only)
4 x 1,5 mm
5 x 1,5 mm
4 x 1,5 mm
400 V 3N ~
400 V 2N ~
230 V ~
230-240 V ~ (Australia only)
230 V ~ (UK only)
230 V 3 ~
400 V 2N ~
(Belgium only)
(NL only)



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