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Service Note; Chemicals; Exterior Parts; Unleaded Solder - Sony SAL135F18Z Service Manual

Lens for dslr camera (sonnar 1.8/135 za) (sonnar t* 135mm f1.8 za)
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Some chemicals used for servicing are highly volatile.
Their evaporation caused by improper management affects your health and environment, and wastes resources.
Manage the chemicals carefully as follows.
• Store chemicals sealed in a specific place to prevent from exposure to high temperature or direct sunlight.
• Avoid dividing chemicals into excessive numbers of small containers to reduce natural evaporation.
• Keep containers sealed to avoid natural evaporation when chemicals are not in use.
• Avoid using chemicals as much as possible. When using chemicals, divide only required amount to a small plate from the container and
use up it.

Exterior Parts

Be careful to the following points for exterior parts used in this unit.
• Use a piece of cleaning paper or cleaning cloth for cleaning exterior parts. Avoid using chemicals.
Even if you have to use chemicals to clean heavy dirt, don't use paint thinner, ketone, nor alcohol.
• Insert the specific screws vertically to the part when installing a exterior part.
Be careful not to tighten screws too much.

Unleaded Solder

This unit uses unleaded solder.
Boards requiring use of unleaded solder are printed with the lead free mark (LF) indicating the solder contains no lead.
Some printed circuit boards may not come printed with the lead free mark due to their particular size.)
Be careful to the following points to solder or unsolder.
• Set the soldering iron tip temperature to 350 °C approximately.
If cannot control temperature, solder/unsolder at high temperature for a short time.
The printed pattern (copper foil) may peel away if the heated tip is applied for too long, so be careful!
Unleaded solder is more viscous (sticky, less prone to flow) than ordinary solder so use caution not to let solder bridges
occur such as on IC pins, etc.
• Be sure to control soldering iron tips used for unleaded solder and those for leaded solder so they are managed separately. Mixing
unleaded solder and leaded solder will cause detachment phenomenon.
SAL135F18Z (Sonnar 1.8/135 ZA) (Sonnar T


135mm F1.8 ZA)


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