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Winterizing And Long-Term Storage; Maintenance Instructions; Pump Maintenance - Kärcher HD 2.3 CV Operator's Manual

High pressure washer
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1: Disconnect all water connections.
2: Turn on the machine for a few
seconds, until the water which had
remained in the pump exits, turn o
3: Do not allow high pressure hose
to become kinked.
4: Store the machine and accesso-
ries in a room which does not reach
freezing temperatures. DO NOT
store near furnace or other sources
of heat as it may dry out the pump
Kärcher pump
Initial Use
All Kärcher pumps ship with oil already
inside direct from the factory. There is
no need to add oil.
Pump Inspection
You should routinely make a visual in-
spection of the pressure washer's
pump. If you notice oil leaking around
the pump seals, you should take the
pressure washer to a Kärcher-Autho-
rized Service Center for repair. (You
can locate a service center in your area
online at
Deck Cleaning
(with or without detergent). Pre-rinse
deck and surrounding area with fresh
water. If using Kärcher Deck Wash, ap-
ply to surface at low pressure. For best
results, limit your wo rk area to smaller
sections of approximately 25 square


Failure to follow the above directions
will result in damage to the pump as-
sembly and accessories and will void
the warranty.
Kärcher also recommends the regular
practice of using a pump protector like
"Kärcher Pump Guard" to prevent cold
weather damage during storage in the
winter months.

Pump Maintenance

The pump on your Kärcher pressure
washer does not require maintenance.
Any attempts to service or alter the
pump may damage your pressure
washer and void your product warranty.
Carry out maintenance tasks for the en-
gine according to the speci cations pro-
vided in the operating instructions
provided by engine manufacturer.
feet. Allow Deck Wash to remain on sur-
face 1-3 minutes. Do not allow deter-
gent to dry on surface. Rinse at high
pressure in a long sweeping motion
keeping the spray nozzle approximately
3-6 inches from the cleaning surface.
Always clean from top to bottom and
from left to right. When moving on to a



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