Kärcher HD 2.3 CV Operator's Manual

High pressure washer
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HD 2.3/26 CV



  Summary of Contents for Kärcher HD 2.3 CV

  • Page 1 HD 2.3/26 CV 9.139-226.0 01/08...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    HIGH PRESSURE WASHER OPERATOR MANUAL Owner/User Responsibility Model Overview Important Safety Instructions The owner and/or user must have an Assembly Instructions understanding of the manufacturer’s operating instructions and warnings be- Operating Instructions fore using this pressure washer. Using the Accessories Warning information should be empha- Working with Detergents sized and understood.
  • Page 3: Model Overview

    MODEL OVERVIEW 1 Handle 9 High pressure outlet 2 Trigger gun 10 Detergent suction tube with filter 3 Trigger gun safety lock 11 Quick connect nozzles 4 High pressure hose 12 Water inlet filter 5 Gas tank For engine details see engine manual. 6 Spray wand 7 Dipstick 8 Water inlet with garden hose...
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read the operating instructions of flammable liquids. the engine manufacturer before Do not use acids, alkaline, solvents, start-up and follow the safety instruc- or any flammable material in this tions carefully. product. These products can cause physical injuries to the operator and WARNING irreversible damage to the machine.
  • Page 5 Do not allow the high pressure hose Avoid tipping the machine on its to come into contact with the muffler side. guard. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Do not leave the machine running unattended. WATER SUPPLY (Cold Water Only) Do not operate pressure washer CAUTION without the water turned on.
  • Page 6: Assembly Instructions

    ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS STEP 1: Attach the handle to the frame of the pressure washer. Align holes, insert bolts, and tighten with knobs. STEP 6: Pull the spring-loaded collar of the wand back to insert your choice of quick connect nozzle. STEP 2: Mount the gun/hose storage handle.
  • Page 7: Operating Instructions

    STEP 8: Attach the high pressure hose to the spray gun. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS STEP 5: CAUTION Connect garden hose to the cold wa- Do not run the engine with a high or low ter source and turn water on com- oil level as this can cause engine dam- pletely.
  • Page 8: Using The Accessories

    USING THE ACCESSORIES Make sure you hear a ‘click’ when in- Quick connect nozzles serting the nozzle tip into the wand. The color-coded quick connect nozzles Pull the nozzle to make sure it is provide a wide array of spray widths seated properly before operating from 0°...
  • Page 9: Working With Detergents

    WORKING WITH DETERGENTS Detergents can only be applied with ing detergents may affect the operation of the black detergent nozzle. the machine and void the warranty. Always Use Kärcher Detergent for STEP 1: Best Results Install the black detergent nozzle for Kärcher Commercial detergents have been detergent application (will work at speci cally formulated to work with your...
  • Page 10: Taking A Break ..Five Minutes Or More

    TAKING A BREAK ..five minutes or more STEP 1: STEP 2: Move the engine stop switch to the Release trigger and engage gun OFF position. safety lock. For engine details see engine manu- SHUTTING DOWN & CLEAN-UP STEP 1: STEP 7: Remove detergent suction tube from Disconnect the high pressure hose container and insert into 1 gallon of...
  • Page 11: Winterizing And Long-Term Storage

    WINTERIZING AND LONG-TERM STORAGE 1: Disconnect all water connections. CAUTION 2: Turn on the machine for a few Failure to follow the above directions seconds, until the water which had will result in damage to the pump as- remained in the pump exits, turn o sembly and accessories and will void immediately.
  • Page 12: Cement Patios, Brick And Stone

    new section of the cleaning surface, be sweeping motion keeping the spray sure to overlap the previous section to nozzle approximately 3-6 inches from eliminate stop marks and ensure a more the cleaning surface. Always clean from even cleaning result. top to bottom and from left to right.
  • Page 13: Optional Accessories

    stubborn dirt, it ma y be necessary to For additional cleaning tips, visit our move the spray nozzle even closer to website at www.karchercommercial.com the surface for greater dirt cutting ac- tion. CAUTION Optional Accessories Do not use Dirtblaster spray nozzle Optional accessories are available to on cloth, plastic or other sensitive further enhance your cleaning capabili-...
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING CAUTION Remove the spark plug cable to prevent accidental ignition of the engine before making any repair. Symptom Cause Solution Engine will not No gasoline Fill gas tank start Choke is not in the correct Slide choke lever out to position.
  • Page 15 No detergent. Detergent suction tube not prop- Check connection. erly connected to the machine. Detergent is too thick. Dilute detergent, for best re- sults use Kärcher detergent. Filter on detergent suction tube Run warm water through lter is clogged. to remove debris. Damaged or clogged detergent Remove obstruction or re- suction tube.

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