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Kärcher HD 2.0/10 Ed Operator's Manual

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HD 2.0/10 Ed
HD 1.9/15 Ed
HD 2.8/10 Ed
HD 3.5/20 Ea
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  • Page 1 ® OPERATOR’S MANUAL MODEL ORDER # MODEL HD 2.0/10 Ed 1.575-250.0 DE-201007D HD 1.9/15 Ed 1.575-251.0 DE-201507D HD 2.8/10 Ed 1.575-252.0 DE-301007D HD 3.5/20 Ea 1.575-253.0 DE-352007A To locate your local Kärcher Commercial Pressure Washer Dealer nearest you visit
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Important Safety Information Component Identification Assembly Instructions Operating Instructions Applying Detergents & General Cleaning Techniques Shut Down and Clean-Up Storage Troubleshooting Preventative Maintenance Oil Change Record Exploded View Exploded View Parts List 13-15 Hose and Spray Gun Assembly VBA 35 Unloader Exploded View and Parts List KE.1 Pump Exploded View and Parts List 18-19 Specifications...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Information

    INTRODUCTION & IMPORTANT SAfETy INfORMATION DANGER: Improper connection of the equip- Thank you for purchasing this Pressure Washer. ment-grounding conductor can result in a risk We reserve the right to make changes at any time of electrocution. Check with a qualified electri- without incurring any obligation.
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT SAfETy INfORMATION 14. Inlet water must be clean fresh water and no hotter WARNING: Grip cleaning wand WARNINg then 90°F. securely with both hands before starting. Failure to do this could 15. Manufacturer will not be liable for any changes result in injury from a whipping made to our standard machines or any components wand.
  • Page 5: Component Identification

    COMPONENT IDENTIfICATION Detergent Injector Pump Water Supply Protector Pressure (not included) Nozzle Unloader Soap Nozzle quick On/Off Coupler Switch Wand Hanger Pump Detergent Safety bucket (not Latch included) garden Hose (not included) High Pressure gfCI Hose Spray gun and Wand Pump —...
  • Page 6: Assembly Instructions

    ASSEMbLy INSTRUCTIONS Carriage bolts Hose/gun Handle bolt Storage bracket Alignment Holes frame Assy. Studs STEP 1: Attach handle to the frame STEP 2: Insert the carriage bolt STEP 3: Attach the spray gun/hose of the pressure washer. Note: It through the holes from the outside storage handle, and bracket to may be necessary to move the of the unit and attach a nut from...
  • Page 7: Operating Instructions

    OPERATINg INSTRUCTIONS Cold Water Source garden Hose STEP 1: Connect garden hose STEP 2: Trigger the spray gun to STEP 3: Connect to appropriate eliminate trapped air then wait for power supply. Push reset button to the cold water source and turn water on completely.
  • Page 8: Applying Detergents & General Cleaning Techniques

    DETERgENTS & gENERAL CLEANINg TECHNIqUES THERMAL PUMP PROTECTION WARNING: Some detergents WARNINg may be harmful if inhaled or If you run the motor on your pressure washer for 3-5 ingested, causing severe nau- minutes without pressing the trigger on the spray gun, sea, fainting or poisoning.
  • Page 9: Shut Down And Clean-Up

    SHUTTINg DOWN AND CLEAN-UP On/Off Switch STEP 1: Remove deter- STEP 2: Turn off machine STEP 3: Turn off water STEP 4: Press trigger to gent suction tube from by turning switch to “OFF” supply. release water pressure. container and insert into switch.
  • Page 10: Troubleshooting

    TROUbLESHOOTINg PRObLEM POSSIbLE CAUSE SOLUTION PUMP RUNNINg Pump sucking air Check water supply and possibility of air. NORMALLy bUT Check valves sticking Check and clean or replace if necessary. PRESSURE LOW Unloader incorrectly adjusted Call local Landa dealer. Tampering with the factory set- ON INSTALLATION ting may cause personal injury and/or property damage and will void the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Page 11: Preventative Maintenance

    PREvENTATIvE MAINTENANCE PREvENTATIvE MAINTENANCE This pressure washer was produced with the best available materials and quality craftsmanship. However, you as the owner have certain responsibilities for the correct care of the equipment. Attention to regular preventative maintenance procedures will assist in preserving the performance of your equipment. Contact your dealer for maintenance.
  • Page 12: Exploded View

    ExPLODED vIEW 15 16 17 6, 7 RE POS ICION 18, 19 14, 28 Models 14, 28 Model 253.0 251.0, 252.0 I T Iv R EPO Model 250.0 #9.800-085.0 • Rev. 6/09...
  • Page 13: Exploded View Parts List

    ExPLODED vIEW PARTS LIST ITEM PART NO. DESCRIPTION 9.804-64.0 Nozzle, 150375, Yellow (51.0) 9.804-65.0 Nozzle, 50375, Green (51.0) 9.804-66.0 Nozzle, 400375, White (51.0) 9.804-67.0 Nozzle, 000375, Red (51.0) 9.80-96.0 Nozzle, 1504, Yellow (50.0) 9.80-97.0 Nozzle, 504, Green (50.0) 9.80-98.0 Nozzle, 4004, White (50.0) 9.80-95.0 Nozzle, 0004, Red (50.0) 9.80-300.0...
  • Page 14 ExPLODED vIEW PARTS LIST ITEM PART NO. DESCRIPTION 9.803-833.0 Cover, Motor (51.0, 5.0, 53.0) 9.80-171.0 Nipple 3/8" x 3/8" NPT Male 9.80-146.0 Swivel, 1/" MP x 3/4" GHF, w/Strainer 9.80-18.0 Protector, Pump 1/" 140° Unloader, See Specifications Page Pump, See Specifications Page 9.80-695.0 Nut, 10/3"...
  • Page 15 ExPLODED vIEW PARTS LIST ITEM PART NO. DESCRIPTION 9.80-454.0 Switch Assembly (50.0) 9.800-015.0 Label, Warning, Service Cord 9.80-516.0 Strain Relief, Flex 90°, Plastic (51.0, 5.0) 9.803-834.0 ▲ Washer, 3/4" x 1/" Reducing (51.0, 5.0) 9.80-7.0 Bolt, 3/8" x 1" NC HH 9.80-709.0 Bolt, 5/16"...
  • Page 16: Hose And Spray Gun Assembly

    HOSE AND SPRAy gUN ASSEMbLy HOSE AND SPRAy gUN ASSEMbLy PARTS LIST ITEM PART NO. DESCRIPTION 9.80-166.0 Coupler, 3/8" Female 9.80-100.0 Quick Coupler O-Ring 8.739-15.0 Hose, 3/8" x 50', 1 Wire, Tuff-Flex 9.80-3.0 Spray Gun, Shut-Off 9.80-0.0 Wand, Straight 9.80-164.0 Coupler, 1/4"...
  • Page 17: Vba 35 Unloader Exploded View And Parts List

    vbA 35 UNLOADER vALvE ExPLODED vIEW 9.803-899.0 9.803-900.0 vbA 35 UNLOADER vALvE PARTS LIST ITEM PART NO. DESCRIPTION ITEM PART NO. DESCRIPTION 9.803-915.0 Banjo Bolt 3/8" Body Valve Body Valve w/ 1/8" Pilot 9.803-919.0 Banjo Bolt 3/8" O-Ring (solid cap) Seat 9.803-90.0 Banjo Bolt 1/"...
  • Page 18: Ke.1 Pump Exploded View And Parts List

    kE.1 SERIES PUMP ExPLODED vIEW 9.803-814.0 kE 2020f.1 9.803-815.0 kE 2020S.1 9.803-816.0 kE 2825f.1 9.803-817.0 kE 2825S.1 9.803-818.0 kE 3525f.1 TORqUE SPECS Item # Ft.-lbs kE.1 SERIES PUMP ExPLODED vIEW PARTS LIST ITEM PART NO. DESCRIPTION ITEM PART NO. DESCRIPTION 9.803-938.0 Crankcase 9.803-951.0...
  • Page 19 kE.1 SERIES PUMP PARTS LIST (CONT) ITEM PART NO. DESCRIPTION 9.804-584.0 Flange Screw 9.804-585.0 Crankshaft Seal See Kit Plunger Nut See Kit Copper Spacer See Kit Plunger 15mm (00F, 85F, 355F) See Kit Plunger 18mm (00S, 85S) See Kit Copper Spacer See Kit O-Ring Ø1.78 x 5.8 See Kit...
  • Page 20: Specifications 0

    SPECIfICATIONS Machine Pessure Nozzle Pump Pump Unloader Motor Motor Model (PSI) Size Hose p/n Part # Model Part # Part # 1.575-50.0 1000 3.75 9.80-33.0 9.803-814.0 KE00F 8.715-463.0 1-1/ 9.80-338.0 1.575-51.0 1500 9.80-33.0 9.803-814.0 KE00F 8.715-463.0 9.80-339.0 1.575-5.0 1000 9.80-33.0 9.803-816.0 KE-85-F 8.715-463.0...
  • Page 21 LIMITED NEW PRODUCT Phone: 360-833-1600 WARRANTY—COMMERCIAL fax: 800-248-8409 PRESSURE WASHERS WHAT THIS WARRANTY COVERS All Kärcher commercial pressure washers are warranted by Kärcher to the original purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, for the periods specified below. This Limited Warranty, subject to the exclusions shown below, is calculated from the date of the original purchase, and applies to the original components only.
  • Page 22 ® Form #9.800-085.0 • Revised 6/09 • Printed in U.S.A.