Important Safety Instructions - Kärcher HD 2.3 CV Operator's Manual

High pressure washer
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Read the operating instructions of
the engine manufacturer before
start-up and follow the safety instruc-
tions carefully.
When using this product basic pre-
cautions should always be followed,
including the following:
Read all the instructions before us-
ing the product.
To reduce the risk of injury, close su-
pervision is necessary when a prod-
uct is used near children.
Know how to stop the product and
bleed pressures quickly. Be thor-
oughly familiar with the controls.
Stay alert – watch what you are doing.
Do not operate the product when fa-
tigued or under the influence of alco-
hol or drugs.
Keep operating area clear of all per-
Do not overreach or stand on unsta-
ble support. Keep good footing and
balance at all times.
Wear safety goggles.
Follow the maintenance instructions
specified in the manual.
Risk of Injection or Severe Injury to
Persons – Keep Clear of Nozzle –
Do Not Direct Discharge Stream At
Persons. This machine is to be used
only by qualified operators.
High pressure jets can be dangerous
if misused. The jet must not be di-
rected at persons, animals, electrical
devices, or the unit itself.
Do not spray electrical connections,
electrical outlets or fixtures.
Risk Of Explosion – Do not spray
flammable liquids.
Do not use acids, alkaline, solvents,
or any flammable material in this
product. These products can cause
physical injuries to the operator and
irreversible damage to the machine.
Gun Kicks Back – Hold with both
The Trigger Gun Safety Lock pre-
vents the trigger from accidentally
being engaged. This safety feature
DOES NOT lock trigger in the ON
The engine exhaust from this prod-
uct contains chemicals known to the
State of California to cause cancer,
birth defects or other reproductive
Risk of Asphyxiation – Use this prod-
uct only in a well ventilated area.
Operate and fuel machine in a well
ventilated area, free of devices fea-
turing an open pilot or flame such as
boilers, water heaters, etc.
Risk of Fire – Do not add fuel when
the product is operating.
Do not operate if fuel has been
spilled. Instead, move the machine
to a different location and avoid cre-
ating sparks.
The machine has hot surfaces which
can cause burns. Operate the unit in
a safe environment and away from
Do not touch hot surfaces or allow
accessories to contact hot surfaces.



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