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Optional Accessories - Kärcher HD 2.3 CV Operator's Manual

High pressure washer
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stubborn dirt, it ma y be necessary to
move the spray nozzle even closer to
the surface for greater dirt cutting ac-
Do not use Dirtblaster spray nozzle
on cloth, plastic or other sensitive
surfaces as it may cause damage.
Patio & Lawn Furniture
(with or without detergent). Pre-rinse
furniture and surrounding area with
fresh water. If using Pressure Wash, ap-
ply to surface at low pressure. Allow
Pressure Wash to remain on surface 1-
3 minutes. Do not allow detergent to dry
on surface. If needed use special Wash
Brush Attachment (not included) to re-
move stubborn dirt. Rinse at high pres-
sure in a sweeping motion keeping the
spray nozzle approximately 3-6 inches
from the cleaning surface. For best re-
sults, clean from top to bottom and from
left to right.
Do not use Dirtblaster spray nozzle
on patio or lawn furniture as it may
cause damage.
Before cleaning any surface an in-
conspicuous area should be cleaned
to test spray pattern and distance for
maximum cleaning results.
If painted surfaces are peeling or
chipping, use extreme caution as
pressure washer may remove the
loose paint from the surface.
When using on surfaces which might
come in contact with food, ush sur-
faces with plenty of drinking water.
For additional cleaning tips, visit our
website at

Optional Accessories

Optional accessories are available to
further enhance your cleaning capabili-
ties. These accessories are accurate as
of the printing date of this manual.
Please check our website www.karch- for pricing and up-to-
date information.
– Extension Hose
– Dirtblaster spray nozzle



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