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Kärcher HD 2.3/15 C Ed Manual

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HD 2.3/15 C Ed
HD 3.0/20 C Ea
5.961-971 2014000 05/06



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  • Page 1 HD 2.3/15 C Ed HD 3.0/20 C Ea 5.961-971 2014000 05/06...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    English IMPORTANT SAFETY The Trigger Gun Safety Lock PREVENTS the trigger from accidentally being INSTRUCTIONS engaged. This safety feature DOES NOT lock trigger in the ON position. Do not use extension cord with this unit. WARNING! GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS When using this product basic precautions should always be followed, including the This product must be grounded.
  • Page 4: Water Supply

    “Acceptable for Flow rate of water supply must not fall use with outdoor appliances; store indoors below 3,0 GPM (HD 2.3/15 C Ed), 4,0 GPM while not in use.” (HD 3.0/20 C Ea) (gallons per minute).
  • Page 5: Unit Components

    English Unit components For your safety Please fold out illustration page at the front Before you use the cleaner for the first time, read these operating instructions and take 1 Nozzle rest special note of the accompanying booklet 2 Handle "Safety Instructions for High-Pressure Clean- 3 High-pressure outlet ers"...
  • Page 6: Preparing The Unit For Use

    English Protection of the Mount the accessories Mount nozzle on the spray lance (see environment, disposal markings on the top of the setting ring). Fit the spray lance to the hand-held spray gun. For appliances without hose reel: The packaging material can be Undo push-handle clamps.
  • Page 7: Operating The Unit

    English GFCI INSTRUCTIONS Switch off the unit and screw the nozzle back on. STEP 1: Plug the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) into a working outlet. Operating the unit STEP 2: Press ’’TEST’’, then press ’’RESET’’ to assure proper connection to power.
  • Page 8: Frost Protection

    English Low-pressure fan jet Switching the unit off for operating with detergent or Set unit switch to "0" and pull out power plug. cleaning with negligible pressure. Close water inlet. Retract lever until the unit is without pres- High-pressure fan jet sure.
  • Page 9: Care And Maintenance

    English Care and maintenance – Undo the fastening screw, remove the hood, remove the oil tank cover, tilt unit. – Drain oil into a suitable container. Danger! – Fill slowly with fresh oil; air bubbles have Before any care and maintenance work to escape.
  • Page 10: Spare Parts

    English Pump is leaky and signed it and you have then sent the reply card to the marketing company in your coun- Three drops per minute are allowable and try. can appear on the underside of the unit. Should you wish to call upon the guarantee, Seek the help of Customer Service if leaks please apply to your dealer or nearest author- are more serious.
  • Page 11: Technical Specifications

    English Technical Specifications HD 2.3/15 C HD 3.0/20 C 1.150-611 1.151-610 Mains connection CDN/CSA/USA Voltage Type of current 1~60 1~60 Connected load hp / kW 3,2 / 2,4 6 / 4,5 Supply fuse (delayed-action, char. C) Extension cable 30 m AWG / mm 12 / 2,5 11 / 2,5...

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