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Korg CX-3 Combo Organ Owner's Manual: Ex Mode; Selecting A Program; Playing; Playing Using The Program's Drawbar Settings

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3. EX mode

Selecting a program

Here's how you can select and play program B-3 (number
3 of bank B).
1. From Normal mode, press the [EX MODE] key
The [EX MODE] key LED will light, indicating you are
in the EX mode.
The display will show an "E" at the left, and the
program number.
If an LED is lit for a mode other than EX mode (i.e., if
the [EDIT] key or [GLOBAL] key LED is lit), press the
lit key once, or press the [EXIT] key and then press the
[EX MODE] key.
2. Use the [-] [+] keys to select bank B, and press the
PROGRAM [3] key .
Program B-3 will be selected, and the display will
show the program number and program name.


Playing Using the Program's drawbar
Here's how to play the drawbar settings saved with the
program, instead of using the Drawbar 1 and 2 settings of
the front panel.
1. In EX mode, select a program.
Use the [-] [+] keys to select a bank, and PROGRAM
[1]–[8] keys to select a number.
2. In the DRA WBAR SELECT section, press the
[DRAWBAR PRESET] key to make the key LED
If you are not using the Split function, the keyboard of
the CX-3 will operate as the upper keyboard, so press
the upper [DRAWBAR PRESET] key for this example.
3. Play the keyboard.
You will hear the sound specified by the Drawbar 1
and EX Drawbar settings of the "EX DRAWBAR &
PERCUSSION" parameters.
If you are using the Split function, the notes to the
right of the split point will be the upper keyboard,
and the notes to the left of (and including) the split
point will be the lower keyboard.
The [DRAWBAR PRESET] key will automatically be
selected for the lower keyboard, and the lower
keyboard will play the "EX LOWER" parameter
settings of the program.
Since you can assign a separate MIDI channel to the
upper and lower keyboards, you can connect an
external MIDI keyboard to the CX-3 and use the
external MIDI keyboard to play the CX-3's lower
keyboard sound.

Play using Drawbar 1 and 2

We will use both Drawbar 1 and 2 of the front panel. The
EX mode footage and percussion settings are assigned to
Drawbar 2, letting you create richer and more expressive
sounds than in Normal mode.
1. In EX mode, press the [DRA W BAR 1] or [DRA W-
BAR 2] key of the upper DRA W BAR SELECT
Notice that the LEDs of the two keys are lit.
2. While you play the keyboard, create the desired
sound by pulling out the Drawbar 1 and 2 bars of
the front panel.
Drawbar 1 will adjust the volume of the footage
printed on each bar.
For Drawbar 2, the EX Drawbars (the four bars at the
left) will adjust the volume of the corresponding
footage, and the EX Percussion (the five bars at the
right) will adjust the volume of the corresponding
percussion sound.
These bars are assigned as follows.
Drawbar 2
EX Drawbar
*Refer to EX Edit mode Ex Drawbar Type (p.26), and Global mode Group 6 (p.35).
EX Drawbars
16'–4': The footage that is assigned to each of these
bars is specified by the "Ex Drawbar Type" param-
EX Percussion
Depends on the setting of
the Ex Drawbar Type
2-2/3' or 4'
Depends on the setting of the
Ex Drawbar Type parameter*
Depends on the setting of the
Ex Drawbar Type parameter*
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