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Motorola ASTRO APX O2 Control Head Mobile Radio User Manual: Enhancing Gps Performance; The Outdoor Location Feature (using Gps)

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• Under any other metal or concrete roof or structure
• Between tall buildings or under dense tree-cover
• In temperature extremes outside the operating limits of your
Even where location information can be calculated in such
situations, it may take longer to do so, and your location
estimate may not be as accurate. Therefore, in any emergency
situation, always report your location to your dispatcher.
Even where adequate signals from multiple satellites
are available, your GPS feature only provides an
approximate location, usually within 20 meters from
your actual location, but sometimes further away.
Keep in mind that the accuracy of the location information and
the time it takes to obtain it varies depending upon
circumstances, particularly the ability to receive signals from an
adequate number of satellites.
The satellites used by the GPS feature are controlled
by the U.S. government and are subject to changes
implemented in accordance with the Department of
Defense GPS user policy and the Federal Radio
Navigation Plan. These changes may affect the
performance of the GPS feature on your radio.

Enhancing GPS Performance

Sometimes, the GPS feature may be unable to complete a
location calculation successfully. You then see a message
indicating that your radio cannot connect to enough visible
To maximize the ability of your radio to determine a fix, please
note the following guidelines:
• For your initial fix, hold the radio in the face position.
• Stay in the open. The GPS feature works best where there is
nothing between your radio and a large amount of open sky.

The Outdoor Location Feature (Using GPS)

This feature allows you to determine your current location using
a location menu, as well as your current distance and bearing in
relation to another location. Radio location may be requested
and reported over-the-air.
Your radio stores up to a maximum of sixty (60) programmable
location coordinates, also known as waypoints. When the
memory is full, the next waypoints automatically replaces the
oldest waypoints in the radio.



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