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Features; Names And Functions Of Components - Mitsubishi Electric JT-MC206GS-W-E User Manual

Hand dryer
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Request for repair
● Before repairs, take the product off the wall.
● Inspect the earth condition, and repair it if it is incomplete. Make sure that an earth leakage breaker or an over-
load protection device is installed, if it is not installed, recommend the dealer to install one.
● Check whether the filter and the drain tank are installed securely in place.
● Do not leave a towel or other objects in the hand-drying area.
● Never place any objects on the main body nor cover it.
● Make sure that the product is not being used in any of the following locations:
• Outdoors
• Locations where the temperature could be lower than 0ºC
• Locations where the temperature could be higher than 40ºC
• Locations where there is a lot of dust
• Locations where there is a lot of condensation
• Locations where salt damage could occur
• Vehicles (including ships and airplanes)
• Locations where corrosive, neutral, or reductive gases are present.
• Near food or tableware.
• Kitchens
• Locations where the product may come into direct contact with water. (Where there is a risk of water
• Locations where the product is in direct sunlight or strong light (It may cause sensor malfunction)
• Rooms that have a sterilization basin, swimming pools, bathrooms.
Make sure that the product operates properly upon completion of repair. Clean the product and the surrounding
area, and then notify the customer of the completion of repair.

2. Features

• Although compact in size, easy-to-use with a wide hand drying area
• The wave nozzle has reduced power consumption and noise.
• Joints of hand drying area has been reduced.
• Exteriors can be cleaned by wiping with alcohol.
• The square design matches various architectural space.

3. Names and functions of components

(1) Names of components
*Shaded areas in the figure indicate antibacterial material (excluding nozzle areas).
Decorated panel
(Front cover)
Tank cover
Drain tank
Power lamp
The inside of the front cover
Decorated panel
(Front cover)
Hand drying area
Water receiver area
Power switch
(Air filter)
Checking the settings
Once settings are made, the heater lamp and air speed lamps turn
off after about 10 seconds (to save energy).
To check the settings, press either the heater or air speed switch.
─ 4 ─
Setting switches
Air speed
Air speed
Heater lamp
Heater switch
Power lamp