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Setting The Energy Saver High And Low Temperature Settings; Notification By Pager - GE Concord Ultra User Instructions

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Disarming the system will
turn the Energy Saver off.
Notification by
Concord Ultra

Setting the Energy Saver High and Low Temperature Settings

Initially, you must set the energy saver to the desired high and low temperatures. This is done
only once, unless you want to change temperature settings.
The high and low settings you enter do not control heating and cooling systems, but determine
the point at which the furnace or air conditioner is activated (see Figure 7).
Temperature settings can range from 45° to 90° Fahrenheit.
To set the Energy Saver temperature range from a touchpad:
1. Enter the programming menus by pressing
2. Press
3. Enter the lowest allowable temperature (45–89°F) before the furnace turns on, and press
4. Press
. Enter the highest allowable temperature (46–90°F) before the air conditioner turns
on, then press
5. Press
to exit the programming menus.
To override your normal heating or air conditioning settings, turn the Energy Saver feature on.
When you are ready to return to your normal temperature control settings, turn Energy Saver off.
To turn Energy Saver on/off from any touchpad:
1. Press
. Alphanumeric touchpads display, "ENERGY SAVER IS ON," for example.
Your system can notify up to five different pager phone numbers to report system events. The
installer can program any pager to receive pages for one or more of the following groups
High Level Reports
Sensor Alarms
Freeze Alarms
Freeze Troubles
No Activity Alarm Supervisory
Phone Tests
Fire Panic
Receiver Failure
Police Panic
Receiver Jam
Auxiliary Panic
Touchpad Tamper
Bus Failures
H i g h
S e t p o i n t
9 0 °
I f r o o m
t e m p e r a t u r e
r e a c h e s h i g h s e t p o i n t ,
a i r c o n d i t i o n e r t u r n s o n .
I f r o o m
t e m p e r a t u r e
r e a c h e s l o w s e t p o i n t ,
f u r n a c e t u r n s o n .
L o w
S e t p o i n t
4 5 °
Figure 7.Energy Saver Setpoints
+ System or Partition Master
Low Level Reports
Bypass Sensors
AC Power Failure
Low Battery
CPU Low Battery
Auto Phone Test
CPU Back in Service
Phone Test
Phone Failure
Event Buffer Full Touchpad Low Battery



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