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Problem Solving - Epson PS-100 Series User Manual

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Problem Solving

Check each item.
Basic Action
Water Resistance
Data Transfer
LED is not ON or Flashing.
The product is not responding
according to the performed
The device does not charge
when set to the cradle.Charging
stops frequently.
The product and charging cradle
heat up while charging.
A charging error is being
Can I use the product while
swimming or diving?
The inside of the glass where
the sensor is located is cloudy.
Where can I buy
Data transfer is not possible
even though the product is
connected to a smart device.
After buying the product, the PS-100 is in
battery protection mode. Set product to the
cradle and connect to a USB port to charge the
device and terminate the battery protection
"Getting Started" on page
Check the battery level and charge the device
if necessary.
Charge in an environment where the
surrounding temperature is 5 to 35
Some PCs may not support the product.
If you are connecting the charging cradle via a
USB hub it may not charge. In this case please
connect directly to the USB port of the PC.
Clean the contact points of the product and
charging cradle.
"Looking after your device" on page 32
The product or cradle might be faulty.
Immediately stop using the product and cradle,
and contact our service center.
Charge in a location with an operating
temperature of 5 to 35
The product is water resistant to 3bar. The
product is not designed for swimming or diving.
Temporary clouding will not affect the product.
Use it as is. If the clouding does not clear up
after some time, water may have entered the
The AC adapter is sold as an option. Please
contact your local reseller.
In addition, contact our service center if you
require additional cradles.
Refer to the "Pairing issues" section on page 221
in this manual to resolve pairing issues.
Troubleshooting  41



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