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Epson PS-100 Series Quick Start Manual

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Quick Start Guide
©2014 Seiko Epson Corporation.
All rights reserved.
February 2014 printed in Japan.
Before Getting Started
Thank you very much for purchasing the PS-100 Series.
Read this guide carefully to use this product correctly. This guide describes how to set up and
configure the product. See the User's Guide for more detailed information. You can download the
guide from the following address.
It is prohibited to copy part or all of this guide without permission.
Checking the Package Contents
Contact your store of purchase if there are any missing or damaged components.
This product
Charging cradle
The AC adaptor is optional. Purchase separately if required.
1. For Your Safety
Make sure you read the manuals (this document and the electronic manual "User's Guide") first
to use this product safely. The product may malfunction, or an accident may occur if it is handled
• Keep the manuals handy to help you resolve any problems.
• When taking this product out of the country of purchase, check the laws and regulations in the
destination country before you travel.
• This product is not a medical device. Use this product as an indicator during physical exercise.
Meaning of Symbols
Manuals for this product use the following symbols to warn against dangerous operations and
handling to prevent personal injury and property damage. Understand the meaning of the
symbols before reading the explanation.
Ignoring this warning may cause serious personal injury or death.
Ignoring this warning may cause personal injury or property damage.
This symbol indicates things you must do.
This symbol indicates things you must not do.
Wristband adjustment hole finder
Example: A piece of string that measures the circumference of your wrist.
Align the end of the string to 0mm.
Quick Start Guide
(this document)
Notes on Using PS-100 Series and Components
Exercise according to your physical condition. Avoid sudden bursts of activity and overly vigorous exercise.
Stop exercising and consult your doctor if you feel unwell during exercise.
This product is a highly accurate sensor and able to measure your pulse rate; however, this is not a medical
device. If you have any concerns, consult our information center before using this product.
Do not look at this product constantly while walking or exercising. You may fall or have an accident. Be aware of
your surroundings.
This product is composed of precision equipment and electronic parts. Do not use or store this product in the
following environments. It may cause an electric shock or fire, or the product may malfunction or breakdown.
• Locations where the temperature and humidity vary widely
• Sooty or dusty places
• Near a strong magnetic field (for example, near a speaker)
Do not disassemble this product, and do not attempt to repair this product by yourself. It may cause an electric
shock or accident.
Do not leave this product within reach of young children.
Stop using the product immediately and consult your doctor if you have an allergic reaction or a rash while
wearing it.
Do not hold this product directly under a tap. Steam, soap, and hot spring agents may compromise the
waterproof feature or cause corrosion.
Notes on Using the Charging Cradle
Beware of the following when using the charging cradle, AC adaptor, and USB cable. Failure to note the
following may result in an electric shock, a fire, or a malfunction.
• Do not connect or disconnect the power cord with wet hands.
• Do not use a damaged AC adaptor or USB cable.
• Do not use them when they are emitting smoke or an unusual smell, or making noise.
• Do not use them when any foreign substances or liquid such as water enters them.
• Do not use the USB cable when any foreign substances such as dust is on the terminals.
• Do not use any adaptor other than the specified adaptor for charging.
Notes on Taking Care of PS-100 Series
Do not attach the charging cradle when the product is wet. It may cause corrosion of the terminal
section or a malfunction. When the product is wet from water or sweat, wipe it with a damp cloth,
remove the moisture with a towel, and then dry naturally before attaching the charging cradle.
2. Wearing PS-100 Series
Wear the product closely around your wrist without slack. Tighten the wristband if your
pulse is not measured correctly while exercising.
Measure the circumference of your wrist, for example, using a string. Measure
the circumference closely at the position indicated in the illustration without
touching the ulna bone.
Place the string on the "Wristband adjustment hole finder" to find the hole
S 1 S 3 S 5 S 7 S 9
S 2 S 4 S 6 S 8 L1
• Near volatile substances
• Near a fire
Use hole number S8
L8 L1 0
L9 L1 1



Summary of Contents for Epson PS-100 Series

  • Page 1 Before Getting Started Caution Thank you very much for purchasing the PS-100 Series. Stop using the product immediately and consult your doctor if you have an allergic reaction or a rash while Read this guide carefully to use this product correctly. This guide describes how to set up and wearing it.
  • Page 2 Make sure that charging is complete. Attach the charging cradle to the product. A Align the EPSON logos on the product and charging cradle and tilt the product as shown. B Insert the protruding latch on the charging cradle into the hole on the side of the product.