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Airplane Mode - Epson PS-100 Series User Manual

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Airplane Mode

Wireless communication needs to be switched OFF during a flight. Set the product to Airplane Mode before
Also, when transporting the product it is recommend using this mode.
Repeatedly tap the LED plate of the product as shown below.
! Important
If you tap the PS-100 continuously as shown above while the device is connected to the charging cradle
the pairing settings will be deleted.
The device will not go into airplane more while measuring heart rate on your wrist, remove the product
before tapping as above.
When the product is successfully set to Airplane Mode the LEDs will light up as shown below.
To check if the product is in Airplane Mode, tap the device and the below LED pattern will be displayed.
During Airplane Mode, the heart rate measurement and wireless communication will be disabled.
However calories burned, steps and distance will continue to be calculated by the accelerometer
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