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Heart Rate Measurement - Epson PS-100 Series User Manual

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Heart rate measurement

Heart rate detection
Heart rate detection starts when the product is moved and the LEDs flash in sequence as
shown belo w.
Heart rate detection will stop if the product is not worn and has not been moved for three minutes.
Heart rate detection will start again when the product has been moved.
After attaching the device to your wrist, the blue LEDs will all light up two times when it has
detected your heart rate. The product will then be in the pulse measurement mode.
- Try to keep your body and arm still to facilitate heart rate detection.
- If the device does not detect your heart rate within one minute, the product will vibrate.
- If the device does not detect your heart rate within three minutes, the product will vibrate for longer and
the LEDs will flash for 10 seconds. The PS-100 will stop the heart rate detection.
- You can resume heart rate detection by moving the product.
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