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Using Your Ip Phone; Putting A Call On Hold; Ending A Call - Cisco SPA 301 Quick Start Manual

Spa 300 series ip phone
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After your phone is successfully connected to the network and receives a
basic configuration, you should hear a dial tone when picking up the receiver
or pressing the speaker phone button, and your phone line keys should glow
green (depending on your phone system).

Using your IP phone

Placing or answering calls
Pick up the receiver and dial (SPA 301/303), or press the speaker or headset button (SPA 303).

Putting a call on hold

To put a call on hold, press the Flash (SPA 301) or Hold (SPA 303) button. The caller hears a
series of three rapid beeps or music while on hold. To resume the call, press Flash (SPA 301) or
the flashing red line button for the call (SPA 303).

Ending a call

If you are using the receiver, hang up (SPA 301/303). If you are using the speakerphone function
(SPA 303), press the speaker button. If you are using the headset (SPA 303), press the headset button.
working with daisy
0800 040 8888
v1 - 06/13



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