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End Of Cycle Signal; Tumble Free™ Heated Dryer Rack - Kenmore 110.9787 Use And Care Manual

Kenmore elite he3 gas dryer user's guide 110.9787 9789
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Table of Contents
Changing Modifiers and Options after pressing Start
You can change a Modifier or Option anytime before the selected
Modifier or Option begins.
1. Press STOP once.
2. Select the new Modifier and/or Option.
3. Press and hold START to continue the cycle.
NOTE: If you happen to press Stop twice, the program clears and
your dryer shuts down. Restart the selection process.
Changing the Preset Dryness Level Settings
If all of your loads on all Auto Dry cycles are consistently not as
dry as you would like, you may change the preset Dryness Level
settings to increase the dryness. This change will affect all of your
Auto Dry cycles.
Your Dryness Level settings can be adjusted to adapt to different
installations, environmental conditions or personal preference.
There are 3 drying settings: 1 (factory preset dryness level),
2 (slightly dryer clothes, approximately 15% more drying time)
and 3 (much dryer clothes, approximately 30% more drying
1. The Dryness Level settings cannot be changed while the
dryer is running.
2. Press and hold the DRYNESS LEVEL button for 5 seconds.
The dryer will beep, and "CF" will be displayed for 1 second
followed by the current drying setting.
3. To select a new drying setting, press the DRYNESS LEVEL
button again until the desired drying setting is shown.
NOTE: While cycling through the settings, the current setting
will not flash, but the other settings will flash.
4. Press START to save the drying setting.
The drying setting you selected will become your new preset
drying setting for all Auto Dry cycles.

End of Cycle Signal

End of Cycle Signal
The End of Cycle Signal produces an audible sound when the
drying cycle is finished. Promptly removing clothes at the end of
the cycle reduces wrinkling.
Press CYCLE SIGNAL to adjust the sound level or turn off the
Cycle Signal is on, a tone sounds every 5 minutes until the
clothes are removed, or WRINKLE GUARD
TUMBLE FREE™ Heated Dryer Rack
The dryer rack is shipped in place in your dryer. Remove and
discard any packing material before use.
Use the TUMBLE FREE™ Heated Dryer Rack for items that you
do not want to tumble dry, such as sweaters. When you use the
heated dryer rack, the heated air inside the dryer flows in a
concentrated pattern to allow efficient and uniform drying.
The dryer rack is recommended for use with the Air Fluff cycle or
with Timed Dry cycles. The dryer rack cannot be used with Auto
is selected and the End of
To use the heated dryer rack:
Do not remove the lint screen.
1. Open dryer door.
2. Place dryer rack over the bottom of the dryer door opening.
Rest the back wire on the dryer back ledge. Push down on
the frame front to secure over lint screen.
3. Place wet items on top of the rack. Allow space around items
for air to circulate. The rack does not move, but the drum will
rotate. Make sure items do not hang over the edges or
between rack grille.
4. Close the door.
5. Rotate the dial to the Air Fluff cycle or press Timed Dry.
Select a drying time by pressing MORE TIME or LESS TIME.
Press TEMPERATURE until the desired temperature glows.
Items containing foam, rubber or plastic must be dried on a
clothesline or by using the Air Fluff cycle. Refer to the
following table.
6. When Air Fluff is selected, the Estimated Time Remaining
display shows the default time. You can change the actual
time in the cycle by pressing More Time or Less Time.
7. Start the dryer.
NOTE: Check the lint screen and remove any lint accumulated
from items dried on the rack after the cycle is finished.
Dryer Rack
Wool Sweaters
Block to shape and lay flat
on the rack
Stuffed toys or pillows
Cotton or polyester fiber
Stuffed toys or pillows
Foam rubber filled
Sneakers or canvas
*Reset cycle to complete drying if needed.
NOTE: You must remove rack for normal tumbling. To remove the
dryer rack, lift it straight up and out of the dryer.
Timed Dry
Timed Dry
Air Fluff
Air Only
(no heat)
Air Fluff
Air Only
(no heat)

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Table of Contents

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