Temperature Recorder - Sanyo MDF-1155 Instruction Manual

Ultra-low temperature freezer
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The figure below shows the description of a temperature recorder.
provided with model MDF-1155ATN.
Warning indicator
Feeding of chart
1. Open the door and let down the lever of the penholder; the pen
point is apart from the chart. (Fig. 1)
2. Pull the cartridge out of the mounted position. (Fig. 2)
3. Set a new chart in place on the rear bottom of the cartridge.
Set the hole on the chart in the cog of the chart driving assembly
and feed the chart in the direction of the arrow by driving the cog
4. Set the chart according to the mark of day and time. (Fig. 3)
5. When mounting, lay down the cartridge first, and push into the
mounting position with the groove set a the projection on the
6. Set up the cartridge and settle in position.
Replacement of cell
Replace the dry cell once a year as follows:
1. Put up the penholder first, then pull out cartridge from the
mounted position.
2. Reset the battery chamber cover with wire, on the bottom left
side, and take out the cell.
3. Set a new cell by turning its anode to this side.
4. Shut the cover after exchanging cells. Mount the cartridge as
before and lay down the penholder.
Setting of back-up temperature
1. There is a red guide on the top of the temperature displayer. Adjust the guide with your finger to
back-up temperature, at which temperature the auxiliary cooling system starts to operate.
2. Set at a temperature 15
Install a recording pen in the recording hand as shown in the
Make sure that the pen is completely inserted for
accurate recording. The pen is packed together with the chart.
1. Let down the lever of the penholder, then pull out the cartridge
from the mounted position.
2. Insert a new pen.
3. Mount the cartridge into place.
4. Lift up the penholder lever and make sure that the pen point
touches the chart.
Recording indicator
Pen holder lever
C higher than that of the freezer compartment.
The temperature recorder is
Fig. 1
Fig. 3
Fig. 2

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Table of Contents

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