Trouble Shooting - Sanyo MDF-1155 Instruction Manual

Ultra-low temperature freezer
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If the unit malfunctions, check out the following before calling for service.
If nothing operates even when switched on
1. The unit is not connected to the power supply.
2. There is a power failure.
3. The fuse is blown or the circuit breaker is activated.
No refrigeration
1. The voltage too low. (In this case, call an electrician.)
2. The breaker free.
Poor refrigeration
1. The environmental temperature is too high.
2. The door is not shut tightly.
3. The inner lid is not installed correctly.
4. The set temperature in the controller is not set properly.
5. The grille is blocked out.
6. The filter is clogged.
7. The freezer is in the direct sunlight.
8. There is any heating source near the freezer.
9. A rubber cap and insulation for the access port are not set correctly.
10. You put too many unfrozen articles into the freezer compartment.
1. The freezer is not stable.
2. The freezer is not leveled with the leveling feet.
3. There is anything touching the frame.
4. It is the first operation after shutdown.
5. High temperature loads this freezer, and sometimes causes a noise.
temperature lowered, the noise ceases.
Alarm test key cannot actuate the power failure alarm
1. The battery has been discharged entirely. In this case, operate the freezer for about 3 hours and
switch on the alarm test key again. Entirely discharged cell requires about 2 days' operation.
2. When only the buzzer or only the alarm is actuated by the alarm test key, the unactuated part is out of
order, and must be replaced.
Recorder for ATN type does not operate normally
1. If the chart was not fed, examine the dry cell. The cell for the recorder lasts about 1 year.
2. If the temperature was not recorded, examine the recording pen. The pen should be our specified
one. Is the recorder chart set correctly?
Back-up test switch does not operate normally
1. The liquid N
tank is not filled up.
2. The valve of the tank is not opened.
3. The pressure of liquid N
adjustment, and examination.
is 0.5 kg/cm
G. Inquire at liquid N
Accordingly when the
suppliers about its installation, removal,

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