Recycle Of Nickel-Cadmium Battery - Sanyo MDF-1155 Instruction Manual

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1. Location of a nickel-cadmium battery
This unit is provided a nickel-cadmium battery for the power failure alarm. The battery is located in the
control box inside the LED cover. (Fig. 1)
2. Removal of nickel-cadmium battery
1) Turn off the power switch and disconnect the power supply plug.
2) As shown in the Fig. 2, remove 2 fixing screw A at the front lower of the LED cover with a screw driver.
3) Remove 2 screw B at the back of the foamed side table assy. (Fig. 2)
4) After disconnecting the connector, remove the LED cover. Then by unscrewing 2 screw C on the top
of the foamed side table assy remove the famed side table assy. To remove the control box cover,
unscrew 4 fixing screw D. (Fig. 3)
5) Remove 2 screw E fixing the clips securing the battery and then disconnect the connector. (Fig. 4)
6) Take out the battery.
3. Handling of battery
Cover the battery terminal with an insulating tape to avoid the short circuit. Then follow the procedure
for recycling or proper disposal.
LED cover
Screw A
Foamed side table assy
LED cover
The unit contains a rechargeable battery. The battery is recyclable. At the end
of it's useful life, check with you local solid officials option or proper disposal.
Control box
Fig. 1
Screw C
Screw D
Fig. 3
Control box cover
Foamed side table assy
Screw B
Fig. 2
Screw E
Fig. 4

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Table of Contents

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