Installation - Sanyo MDF-1155 Instruction Manual

Ultra-low temperature freezer
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Installation site
To operate this unit properly and to obtain maximum performance, install the unit in a location with the
following conditions:
1. A location not subjected to direct sunlight
Installation in a location subjected to direct sunlight may lead to inadequate cooling.
2. A location with adequate ventilation
Leave at least 10cm around the unit for ventilation. Poor ventilation will result in a reduction of the
refrigeration capacity.
3. A location away from heat generating sources
Avoid installing the unit near heat-emitting appliances such as gas ranges or stoves. Heat can cause
inefficient refrigeration.
4. A location with a sturdy and level floor
Install the unit on a sturdy floor to avoid vibration and noise. Placing the unit on an unsteady floor may
cause vibration and noise.
5. A location not prone to high humidity
If the unit is place in a damp area, a circuit breaker must be installed and the unit must be
grounded. Install the circuit breaker in the power line. Consult you dealer or an electrician for further
7. Clean area
Avoid placing the unit where chemicals are stored or gases are produced. Also avoid areas where there
is a great deal of dust.
1. Remove the packaging materials and tapes
Remove all transportation packaging materials and tapes. Open the doors and ventilate the unit. If the
outside panels are dirty, clean them with a neutral detergent and wipe it up with a wet cloth.
2. Adjust the leveling foot (screw)
Extend the leveling feet by rotating them counterclockwise to contact them to the floor.
Ensure the unit is level.
3. Fix the unit
Two fixtures are attached to the rear of the frame. Fix the frame to the wall with these fixtures and rope
or chain.
If holes can be opened on the wall, open a hole with a 10.5mm diameter and fix the frame by using the
special bolt-nut supplied with this unit. This bolt-nut can be used only on concrete walls.
4. Ground (earth)
Use a power supply outlet with ground (earth) to prevent electric shock. If the power supply outlet is
not grounded, it is necessary to install a ground by qualified engineers.
Never ground the unit through a gas pipe, water main, telephone line or lightning rod. Such
grounding may cause electric shock in the case of an incomplete circuit.

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