Maintenance - Sanyo MDF-1155 Instruction Manual

Ultra-low temperature freezer
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Always disconnect the power supply to the unit prior to any repair or maintenance of the unit in
order to prevent electric shock or injury.
Ensure you do not inhale or consume medication or aerosols from around the unit at the time of
maintenance. These may be harmful to your health.
1. Clean the unit once a month. Regular cleaning keeps the unit looking new.
2. Use a dry cloth to wipe off small amounts of dirt on the outside and inside of the unit and all
accessories. If the unit is very dirty, use a neutral detergent.
3. After cleaning, wipe away the cleaner completely with a cloth washed in clean water.
4. Never pour water onto or into the unit. Doing so can damage the electric shock or short circuit.
5. The compressor and other mechanical part are completely sealed. This unit requires absolutely no
lubrication. There is a fan behind the compressor, so be very careful if you stick your hand into this part
of the unit.
Cleaning of condenser filter
This unit is provided with the filter check lamp. This lamp
flickers and the buzzer sounds when the condenser filter is
Clean the filter according to the following
procedure. As a clogged filter may cause poor cooling
and compressor trouble, clean it once a month.
1. The filter fitted to the grille can be removed as shown in
the figure.
2. Remove the mounting screw securing the grille and pull
out the grille.
3. Remove the filter installed inside the grille and wash
with water and dry it naturally.
4. Replace the clean filter as before.
5. Replace the grille and tighten the screw.
Defrosting of inside wall
Defrost the inside wall of the freezer as follows:
Normal defrosting
Remove the frost by the enclosed scraper.
Thorough defrosting
1. Take out and transfer all the contents to another freezer or container which contains liquid CO
, or dry ice. Switch off the remote alarm and back-up system of ATN type. Switch off the power
2. Open the door and remove the inner lid. Leave the freezer as it is. The water remaining in the
freezer compartment should be wiped up.
3. After cleaning is completed, restart the operation according to the procedure. Put back the articles
into the sufficiently cooled freezer compartment.
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