Cautions For Usage - Sanyo MDF-1155 Instruction Manual

Ultra-low temperature freezer
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1. If the unit is unplugged or the power to the unit is interrupted, do not restart the unit for at least 5
minutes. This protects the compressor.
2. The digital thermometer of this unit is designed to display the temperature of the center part of the
freezing compartment. Although the thermometer sometimes display a temperature about 2
C higher
than the actual temperature of the center part, it gradually approaches the real temperature.
3. Do not put too many warm articles into a freezer compartment before enough operating. Put items in
a few at a time after the freezer compartment temperature has cooled to at least -100
4. The space near the freezer compartment door, about 10 cm from the inner lid, sometimes shows a
higher temperature than the center part. The difference is about 5
C; the lower part may be better for
long term storage.
5. Before operating the freezer, an inner lid should be put in to reduce temperature difference between
top and bottom of the freezing compartment.
6. The top surface of the frame sometimes becomes hot during the initial operation or when operating in a
hot environment. This is due to the hot gas circuit for preventing dew, and is not an indication of a
7. This unit is provided with the filter check lamp. If the filter check lamp is flashed, clean the condenser
filter. Refer to page 16 "Cleaning of condenser filter". A clogged filter may cause poor cooling and
compressor trouble.
8. When connecting a liquid N
tank for the back-up system of ATN type freezer, consult your dealer of a
neighboring engineering shop of high pressure gas.
liquid N
9. Leave the remote alarm switch "OFF" until the inside temperature of the freezer reaches the
appropriate level. After the inside temperature reaches the appropriate level, set the needle for the
warning device operation of the temperature recorder.
10. When the unit is first installed, the warning device may not operate, because its Cadnica batteries
have completely discharged. This does not denote a malfunction. In this case, continue to operate the
unit for about 3 hours, then push the test switch to check if the warning device operates. To fully
recharge the completely discharged batteries, the unit has to be operated for about 2 days.
11. Do not clean the unit with scrubbing brushes, acid, thinner, solvents powdered soap, cleanser or hot
water. These agents can scratch the paint or cause it to peel. Plastic and rubber parts can be easily
damaged by these materials, especially solvents. When a neutral detergent is used to clean the unit,
wipe it up with a wet cloth.

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