Start-Up Of Unit - Sanyo MDF-1155 Instruction Manual

Ultra-low temperature freezer
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Follow the procedures for the initial and consequent operations of the unit.
1. Make sure that all the switches on the control panel, such as the power supply, the remote alarm, the
back-up system (ATN type) are turned off.
2. Liquid N
tank for ATN type is set at this time.
3. Shut the door and connect the power cable to the power supply after the inner lid is installed.
4. Run the unit according to the following "Operating instructions". This freezer uses a cascade
refrigeration system. At first a compressor operates for a while, and then another compressor starts
cooling. Compressor will be running intermittently until the internal temperature is below -120
5. Make sure the required temperature is displayed on the temperature recorder. Set the alarm at 15
higher temperature than the freezer compartment. When using the back-up system, set the back-up
temperature according to page 15 "Setting of back-up temperature".
6. Switch on the remote alarm and back-up system switch for ATN type.
7. Make sure that the alarm lamp lights and the buzzer sound by pressing the alarm test key.
8. In case of operating ATN type, make sure that liquid N
spouts into the freezing compartment by
pushing the back-up test switch.
9. Now you can put articles into the freezer compartment. Switch off the remote alarm and the back-up
system temporarily when putting in a lot of warm articles. Switch on again after a certain period of
Operation after power failure
The set value is memorized by the battery. The freezer resumes the operation with setting before power
failure when the battery is charged. The freezer resumes the operation with setting of -150
C when the
battery is discharged.

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