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Phone Feature; Using Your Ip Phone - Cisco SPA 303 Quick Start Manual

Small business ip phone
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Softkey Buttons
Navigation Button

Phone Feature

Messages Button
Hold Button
Setup Button
10 Mute Button
11 Headset Button
12 Volume Button
13 Speaker Button
14 Keypad

3 Using Your IP Phone

Placing or Answering Calls
To place or answer a call, pick up the handset, press the Speaker or Headset button, or press a line button. Enter the
number to be called and press the dial softkey.
Putting a Call on Hold
To put a call on hold, press the Hold button. The caller hears a series of three rapid beeps or music while on hold.
To resume the call, press the flashing red line button for the call or the Resume softkey.
Ending a Call
If you are using the handset, then hang up or press the End Call softkey. If you are using the speakerphone, then press
the Speaker button. If you are using the headset, then press the Headset button.
Transferring a Call
Press the Xfer softkey. This places the current call on hold and you will hear a dial tone. Dial the number of the person
you want to transfer the call to. To transfer the call before the other person answers, press the Xfer softkey.
Alternatively, wait until the person has answered before completing the transfer by pressing the Xfer softkey.
Three Way Conferencing
When in a regular call, press the Conf softkey. You will hear dial tone. Dial the person you want to join your call. Once
this person has answered press the Conf softkey again to set up the three way call.
When on two existing calls with one call on hold, press the circular arrow button to the right once and press the ConfLx
softkey, and the two existing calls will be conferenced.
Call Joining
To join two calls during a three way conference, press the Join softkey and the two calls will be joined and you will drop
Press a softkey button to perform the action shown on the label on the LCD screen
Press an arrow to scroll left, right, up, or down through items shown on the LCD
Press to access voice mail (must be set up by your phone system administrator).
Press to place a call on hold.
Press to access a menu to configure features and preferences (such as your
directory and speed dials), access your call history, and set up functions (such as
call forwarding).
Press to mute or unmute the phone. When phone is muted, the button glows red. A
flashing mute button indicates the network connection cannot be found.
Push to turn the headset on or off. When the headset is on, the button glows green.
Press + to increase the volume and - to lower the volume of the handset, headset,
speaker (when the handset is off the phone), or ringer volume (when the handset is
on the phone).
Push to turn the speaker on or off. When the speaker is on, the button glows green.
Use to dial phone numbers, enter letters, and choose menu items.



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