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Cisco SPA 303 Quick Start Manual page 4

Small business ip phone
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Default Softkeys (On Hook)
From left to right: Redial - displays list of last numbers dialed. Dir - displays directory options. CFWD - launches call
forward feature (you will need to enter forwarding number). Dnd – turns do not disturb feature on /off.
Pick up your handset. Dial 825 or press the paging softkey (if applicable). Speak into the phone. To finish paging, hang up
the phone or release the paging softkey (if applicable).
Adjusting Ring Volume and Muting
To adjust the ringer volume, press the Volume button when the handset is on the phone and the Speaker button is off.
Press the Save softkey.
To mute the phone microphone, speaker, or headset microphone, press the Mute button on the phone. The button will
glow red. Press the Mute button again to unmute.
4 CommPortal
Provides a web interface to your phone settings and allows you to view recent calls, view and listen to your voicemails,
set up your contacts, and change your phone and phone system's settings.
To access CommPortal point a browser at
To log into CommPortal enter your phone number
and your password, and click on Login



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