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HP ProCurve 2520 Planning And Implementation Manual: Procurve 2610-24/12pwr Configurations

Procurve power over ethernet (poe/poe+).
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Planning and Implementation for the 2610-PWR Switches
Planning Your PoE Configuration
Once you have selected your specific configuration and the PoE power
provided, you then add up the maximum amount of power each of your IEEE
802.3af-compliant devices require (use maximum power in watts, usually
found on a product's data sheet). Adjust this total maximum power figure by
adding 16% to account for possible line loss. This value must be less than the
maximum power available shown in the table for your configuration.
If you are planning to include redundant power in your configuration you need
to determine which PoE devices must receive redundant PoE power, then total
their power requirements as explained in the paragraph above. The maximum
power figure must be less than the maximum power available when the switch
is powered by the 600 RPS/EPS or the 610 EPS unit, taking into consideration
the number of switches the 600 RPS/EPS or 610 EPS unit is powering.
N o t e
Full redundancy is achieved by connecting both the RPS and EPS ports of the
2610-PWR switches to the corresponding ports of a 600 RPS/EPS.
The following examples only show the EPS connections, however, remember
these switches use a single internal power supply which provides two isolated
output voltages for switch and PoE functionality. One supply voltage provides
power for the switch functionality while the isolated voltage provides power
for the PoE functionality. If either voltage fails, the entire power supply shuts
down disconnecting all switch and PoE connections. Therefore it is important
to provide redundancy for each isolated voltage.

ProCurve 2610-24/12PWR Configurations

The tables in the example configurations contain entries that show the PoE
power available when the 2610-24/12PWR is used alone. When used with the
600 RPS/EPS or 610 EPS unit, PoE power is available to the PoE ports should
the internal PoE power supply fail. Table entries show the PoE power available
when the 600 RPS/EPS or 610 EPS alone provides PoE power.


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