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HP ProCurve 2520 Planning And Implementation Manual: Hp Procurve 2600-pwr Switches; Maximum Poe Power

Procurve power over ethernet (poe/poe+).
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HP ProCurve 2600-PWR Switches

Maximum PoE Power

The Switch 2600-8-PWR provisions (allocates power to) 8 ports with its
internal PoE power supply of 126 watts for PoE applications compatible with
the IEEE 802.3af standard and some pre-standard PoE devices.The Switch
2626-PWR provisions ports 1-24 with 406 watts of power for PoE applications
compatible with the IEEE 802.3af standard. The Switch 2650-PWR provisions
ports 1-48 with 406 watts for PoE. This reduces the per port wattage by half
as compared to the Switch 2626-PWR.
However, by connecting a 600 RPS/EPS or a 610 EPS, you can optionally
provision ports 25-48 with 408 watts of external PoE power, thereby bringing
the per port wattage up to 15.4 watts per port, unless you have the other EPS
port of the 600 RPS/EPS or the other port of a pair on the 610 EPS connected
to a HP ProCurve PoE device. In this case you cannot provision the full 408
watts to the Switch 2650-PWR, only half, or 204 watts.
Table 2-3.
PoE Devices
PoE for Switch
PoE for Switch
PoE for Switch
* If both EPS ports on the 600 RPS/EPS or both ports of a pair on the 610 EPS are connected to switches, each switch
can receive 204 watts of power. If a single switch is connected to the EPS ports, that switch can receive 408 watts.
Maximum Power Allocations
Internal Only
126 watts available to
126 watts available to
ports 1-8.
ports 1-8 (provided by the
internal source). 408/204*
watts available, provided
by the EPS source.
406 watts available to
Redundant 408/204*
ports 1-24.
watts available to ports 1-
24. Only if the internal
power supply fails.
406 watts available to
406 watts available to
ports 1-48.
ports 1-24 (provided by
the internal source). 408/
204* watts available to
ports 25-48 (provided by
the EPS source).
Internal and EPS
The internal power supply has
failed, and the EPS provides
408/204* watts to ports 1-8.
408/204* watts available to
ports 1-24. (The EPS provides
PoE power to ports 1-24 only if
the internal power supply
The internal power supply has
failed, and the EPS provides
408/204* watts to ports 1-48.
Note that 38 watts of this
power are always allocated
exclusively to ports 1-24 or 25-
Operating Rules
Provisioning Power for PoE
EPS Only


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