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HP ProCurve 2520 Planning And Implementation Manual: Hp Procurve 2910al Poe+ Switches; Maximum Poe Power; Poe Power Requirements; Poe/poe+ Allocation Using Lldp Information

Procurve power over ethernet (poe/poe+).
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HP ProCurve 2910al PoE+ Switches

Maximum PoE Power

The Switch 2910al-24G-PoE+ provisions (allocates power to) ports 1-24 with
382 watts of power for PoE and PoE+ applications compatible with the IEEE
802.3af and the 802.3at standard and some pre-standard devices. The Switch
2910al-48G-PoE+ provisions ports 1-48 with 382 watts. This reduces the
average per port wattage by half as compared to the Switch 2910al-24G-PoE+.
An external power supply, the HP ProCurve 630 Redundant and/or External
(HP ProCurve 630 RPS/EPS) power supply (J9443A
either of the 2910al PoE+ switches to provide redundant or extra PoE+ power.
Table 2-5.
PoE Devices
PoE for Switch
382 watts available to
PoE for Switch
382 watts available to

PoE Power Requirements

The Switch 2910al-24G-PoE+ has 24 ports with an internal PoE power supply
that provides 382 watts of power across all 24 ports. The Switch 2910al-48G-
PoE+ has 48 ports with 382 watts of power across all 48 ports. The HP
ProCurve 630 RPS/EPS can provide an extra 382 watts for a total of 764 watts.

PoE/PoE+ Allocation Using LLDP Information

A PoE port can automatically configure certain PoE+ link partner devices if
the device supports advertising of its PoE needs.
By enabling PoE LLDP detection, available information about the power
requirements of the PD may be used by the switch to configure the power
allocation. The initial configuration for PoE ports may change if more accurate
configuration information is provided by way of LLDP.
For more information, see the Management and Configuration Guide on the
ProCurve Web site at
Maximum Power Allocations for the 2910al Switches
Internal Only
Internal and External
764 watts available to ports 1-24
ports 1-24.
(provided by the internal and
external source). 382 watts
available as backup in case of
failure, provided by the external
764 watts available to ports 1-48
ports 1-48.
(provided by the internal and
can be connected to
The internal power supply
available to ports 1-24 from
The internal power supply
external source).
available to ports 1-48 from
Operating Rules
Provisioning Power for PoE
External Only
has failed, 382 watts
the external source.
has failed, 382 watts
the external source.


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