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Power Supply Preparations - JVC XL-PR1BK Instructions Manual

Jvc portable cd player user manual
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Power Supply Preparations

Using rechargeable batteries
(not supplied)
Be sure to recharge the rechargeable batteries (BN-R1211J for the
U.S.A. and Canada, BN-R1211 for other area) before using them.
When you want to purchase the rechargeable batteries, see page 4.
Recharging procedure
Insert the rechargeable batteries.
Do not forcibly open the battery lid too wide.
Connect the AC adaptor (supplied for the
U.S.A. only).
Recharging will be completed after 10 hours.
When recharging is complete, unplug the
AC adaptor from the AC power outlet and
the DC IN jack.
Preventing Accidental Operation (Hold mode)
• Rechargeable batteries have a service life of approximately
300 charge-discharge cycles. If the operating time on one full
charge becomes noticeably shorter than it used to be, the batteries
have reached the end of their service life and should be replaced.
• You can recharge the batteries only when the unit is turned off.
• The AC adaptor and rechargeable batteries may become warm while
recharging is in progress. This is normal and is not a malfunction.
• (Except the U.S.A.) When you want to purchase the AC adap-
tor, see page 4.
If the battery lid
comes loose
Slide the lid back into
place horizontally.
Using the AC adaptor (supplied for
AC power outlet
the U.S.A. only)
AC adaptor
Connect the AC adaptor.
Refer to "Using rechargeable batteries" for connection instruc-
• Even if the unit is turned off, small power is consumed as long
as the AC adaptor is connected to the AC power outlet.
• (Except the U.S.A.) When you want to purchase the AC adap-
tor, see page 4.
Using dry-cell batteries
(not supplied)
After disconnecting the AC adaptor, insert two "AA" (LR6) alka-
line batteries.
The procedure for inserting and removing dry-cell
batteries is identical to that for rechargeable bat-
This function causes the unit to ignore, accidental button presses.
Hold mode prevents the following:
• Powering on the unit accidentally (which can cause the batter-
ies to go dead).
• Play or broadcast reception being cut off unexpectedly.
To use the Hold mode
• To prevent the unit from powering on accidentally, set the
HOLD switch to the ON position, while the unit is turned off.
• To prevent the unit from unexpected operation during play,
set the HOLD switch to the ON position after you starts play-
ing the disc.
Battery indicator
This indicator flashes on and off when the batteries are almost
out of power. Power will be cut off a short while later.
Removing batteries
Push up on the battery in
the direction indicated by
Turning off the Anti-Shock Protection will save the battery power
the arrow. Then lift it out.
more or less. For details, see "Anti-shock Protection" on page 6.
AC adaptor (for multi voltage area only)
(not supplied)
Before use
Make sure the present voltage of your AC adaptor fits to your lo-
cal voltage before plugging it into the AC power outlet. If it
doesn't, shift the AC line-voltage selector with a screwdriver so
that it corresponds to your local voltage.
If the power plug will not fit your socket, use the AC plug adaptor.
How to use the AC plug adaptor (not
When you want to purchase the AC adaptor and the AC plug
adaptor, see page 4.
When the unit is in Hold mode, "HOLD" lights as follows.
Power on : "HOLD" stays lit.
Power off : "HOLD" lights up for a few seconds when the 6
To release the function
Set the HOLD switch to OFF position.
If the HOLD switch is set to the ON position, you cannot turn on
the unit.
Battery indicator
AC 110V
AC 220V
button or FM/AM button is pressed.



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