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Troubleshooting; Maintenance; Specifications - JVC XL-PR1BK Instructions Manual

Jvc portable cd player user manual
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Poor FM/AM tuner
Does not turn on.
Cannot close the lid.
Cannot play discs.
Cannot hear music—too
TV picture is distorted.
Other radio reception is
"diSC" or "Er" is displayed
when a disc is in the
If the remedies indicated in the chart do not solve the problem, refer to the directory of Authorized
Service Centers (enclosed with this unit) to locate a convenient service center, or consult your
dealer for instructions.


Wipe the unit with a soft cloth. Remove stubborn dirt using a cloth which has been dipped in water
or soapy water and wrung out, and then wipe dry.
• If you intend to use a chemically treated cleaning cloth, read its directions first.
• Do not use alcohol or paint thinners.
Air blower for
camera lens
Check this
• Change the direction of the unit for best AM reception.
• Extend the headphone cord (FM antenna) to improve FM
• Are the batteries charged?
• Is the AC adaptor securely connected?
• Is the HOLD switch set to OFF position?
Is the disc properly secured in place?
• Is the disc properly secured in place?
• Is there moisture condensation on the lens?
(Wait for about an hour and then try again.)
• Is the headphone plug inserted all the way?
• Is the plug dirty? (Wipe away dirt on the plug.)
Are you using the unit too near a TV or other tuner? (If the
TV or tuner is connected to a simple indoor antenna,
connect it to an outdoor antenna.)
• Is the disc damaged?
• Is the disc playable on this player?
• Has the disc been inserted upside down?
• When the unit malfunctions or freezes during use, disconnect the power
source (the AC adaptor and batteries) once. Then, re-connect the power
source and continue operation.
• If tuner operation is abnormal, reset the unit as follows.
1. Press the RESET switch twice.
2. Turn off the unit.
3. Turn on the unit.
The preset broadcast stations you have made will be cleared by the reset operation.


Portable CD player
: Compact disc player
Signal detection system : Non-contact optical pickup (semiconductor laser)
Pickup system
: 3 beam laser
Number of channels:
: 2 channels (stereo)
Frequency response
: 20 Hz to 20 000 Hz
Wow & flutter
: Unmeasurable
: Headphones (3.5 mm dia. stereo × 1)
9 mW/ch at 10 % THD/16 Ω matching impedance (16 Ω to 1 kΩ)
FM tuning range
: 87.5 MHz ~ 108.0 MHz
AM tuning range
: 520 (522*) kHz ~ 1710 (1620*) kHz
* When using at 9 kHz intervals (except the U.S.A. and Canada)
Duration of battery
: Approx. 3 hours when using two rechargeable batteries
(with Anti-Shock
(BN-R1211J for the U.S.A. and Canada, BN-R1211 for other area)
Protection OFF)
charged for 10 hours,
Approx. 20 hours when using two alkaline batteries (LR6)
: DC 3 V ("AA" or "R6" size battery × 2)
Power requirements
DC 2.4 V (rechargeable battery × 2)
DC IN 4.5 V
Dimensions (W × H × D) : 135.8 mm × 33.5 mm × 145.0 mm (5-
(Excluding buttons and controls)
: 250 g (0.56 lbs)
(without batteries)
AC adaptor
Input power source
: AC 120 V, 60 Hz (for the U.S.A. and Canada)
AC 110V - 127V/220 V - 240V, 50/60 Hz (for multi voltage area)
Output voltage
: DC 4.5 V, 600 mA
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
" × 1-
" × 5-



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