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Jvc xm-r70bkj minidisc players: reference manual
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Power Supply Preparations

As a power supply source, you can use the rechargeable battery and/or dry-cell batteries, or AC adaptor.
For information on operating times of batteries, refer to the specifications (page 16).
Using lithium–ion battery (rechargeable battery) (BN-R3610)
Insert the rechargeable battery into the unit.
Slide the cover and open it.
To charge the rechargeable battery, connect the supplied AC adaptor.
Press the 7/CHARGE button twice on the unit.
"CHARGE" appears on the display and charging starts. When charging is completed, "CHARGE" will disappear.
• "CHARGE" will appear for 5 seconds even when no lithium-ion battery is inserted.
Disconnect the AC adaptor.
• Recharging is not made if the unit is being used.
• It takes approximately 2 hours to recharge the rechargeable battery.
• Rechargeable battery has a service life of approximately 500 charge-discharge cycles. If the operating time on one
full charge becomes noticeably shorter than it used to be, the battery has reached the end of its service life and
should be replaced.
• The AC adaptor may become warm while recharging is in progress. This is not a malfunction.
• Before starting recording, fully charge the rechargeable battery. Otherwise, the unit may shut off during recording.
• Recharging with this unit shall be made at the temperature from +5°C to +35°C (41°F to 95°F). Otherwise,
"HIGH TEMP" or "LOW TEMP" will appear on the display.
Using dry-cell batteries (not included)
As explained below, open the battery cover of the battery case and insert three AA (LR6)
alkaline batteries into the battery compartment.
Turn the knob of the battery case in the direction as shown by the arrow until it stops.
(To detach the battery case, turn the knob toward in reverse until the battery case is re-
To lengthen the battery life, you can use both rechargeable battery and the dry-cell batteries.
Using the AC adaptor
Connect the supplied AC adaptor to the unit.
Refer to the connecting diagram in "Using lithium-ion battery (rechargeable battery)".
When the unit is turned off with a lithium-ion battery inserted, "CHARGE" is displayed and recharging automati-
cally starts.
Cut part
Insert the battery with its "–" ter-
minal facing you and its cut part
facing up.
To AC power outlet
Firmly close the cover.
AC adaptor
(Bottom View)


Table of Contents

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