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Rider's Manual (US Model)
R 1200 GS
BMW Motorrad
The Ultimate Riding



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   Summary of Contents for BMW R 1200 GS

  • Page 1

    Rider's Manual (US Model) R 1200 GS BMW Motorrad The Ultimate Riding Machine...

  • Page 2

    Motorcycle/Retailer Data Motorcycle data Retailer Data Model Contact in Service Ms./Mr. Vehicle Identification Number Phone number Color number First registration Retailer's address/phone number (compa- Registration number ny stamp)

  • Page 3

    We congratulate you on your choice of a motorcycle from We wish you many miles of safe BMW and welcome you to the and enjoyable riding community of BMW riders. Familiarize yourself with your new BMW Motorrad.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    ABS warning indica- Overview ..... . 6 BMW Motorrad Integral tors ......31 .

  • Page 5

    7 Accessories ... . . 91 Cleaning sensitive motorcy- BMW Motorrad Service ..152 General instructions ..92 cle parts .

  • Page 7: General Instructions

    General instructions Overview ......6 Abbreviations and symbols ... 6 Equipment .

  • Page 8: Overview

    Chapter 2 of this Rider's Manu- motorcycle as well as mainte- sembled complete with al will provide you with an initial nance and adjustment proce- all the BMW optional ex- overview of your motorcycle. All dures. tras originally ordered. maintenance and repair work car-...

  • Page 9: Equipment

    If your BMW is equipped with ment and accessories. Because options or accessories not de- of this, your motorcycle may dif- scribed in this Rider's Manual,...

  • Page 11: Overviews

    Overviews General view, left side ....11 General view, right side ....13 Underneath seat .

  • Page 13: General View, Left Side

    General view, left side Adjusting front spring preload ( Onboard socket (OE) Windshield ( Headlight range adjustment Clutch fluid reservoir 107) Type plate Engine oil fill location 102) Luggage rack ( Seat lock ( 10 Onboard socket ( 11 Adjustment of rear damping 12 Engine oil level indicator 101)

  • Page 15: General View, Right Side

    General view, right side Fuel filler opening ( Brake-fluid reservoir, front 103) Vehicle Identification Num- Air filter (under tank cover) 121) Adjuster for spring preload, rear ( Brake-fluid reservoir, rear 106)

  • Page 17: Underneath Seat

    Underneath seat Helmet holder ( Battery ( 127) Onboard toolkit ( 100)

  • Page 18: Left Handlebar Fitting

    Left handlebar fitting Operating odometer 49), Operating onboard computer Operating the ASC ABS operation Horn Turn indicators, left ( 56), Hazard warning flashers Headlight flasher and high- beam headlight (...

  • Page 19: Handlebar Fitting, Right

    Handlebar fitting, right Emergency ON/OFF switch Starter button ( Turn indicators, right 57), Hazard warning flashers ( Turn indicators off ( 57), Hazard warning flashers off Heated hand grips...

  • Page 20: Instrument Cluster

    Instrument cluster Speedometer Tachometer Indicator lights ( Multifunction display Anti-theft alarm indicator light (OE) and sensor for instrument lighting Selecting readings ( Resetting tripmeter ( Setting clock (...

  • Page 21: Headlight

    Headlight Low-beam headlight High-beam headlight Parking lights...

  • Page 23: Status Indicators

    Status indicators Standard displays ....22 Displays with onboard comput- ....... . . 24 Displays with Tire Pressure Control .

  • Page 24: Standard Displays

    Indicator lights ume, and the next bar approxi- Standard displays mately one-quarter. The remain- Multifunction display ing fuel tank volume is shown in greater detail with the smaller horizontal bars. When the fuel in the tank is topped up the gauge briefly shows the original level, before the reading is updated.

  • Page 25

    If the motorcycle is driven long Consult a certified workshop, distances annually, it is possible If the time remaining until the preferably an authorized BMW that earlier service is required. If next service lies within a month, Motorrad retailer, for setting of...

  • Page 26: Displays With Onboard Com- Puter Oe

    Displays with onboard Displays with Tire Standard warning computer Pressure Control indicators Display Onboard computer display area Warnings are indicated by the Tire pressures alternating 'General' warning light 1 show- with clock, with onboard ing in combination with a warning computer as additional value word, for example 2 or with one of onboard computer.

  • Page 27

    The possible warnings are listed on the next page.

  • Page 28

    Overview of warning indicators Meaning Lights up yellow EWS ! appears on Electronic immobilizer is active ( the display. FUEL ! appears Lights up yellow Fuel down to reserve ( on the display. Lights up yellow Is indicated Engine in emergency-operation mode Flashes red Is indicated Engine oil pressure insufficient (...

  • Page 29

    Have the defective key re- gine performance may not be operation mode placed, preferably by an autho- available. rized BMW Motorrad retailer. General warning light shows Have the malfunction corrected yellow. as soon as possible by a spe- Fuel down to reserve...

  • Page 30

    Continued driving is possible cialized workshop, preferably until the battery is discharged. The oil pressure in the lubricating an authorized BMW Motorrad However, the engine can die oil circuit is too low. Stop imme- retailer. suddenly and the battery can diately and switch off the engine.

  • Page 31: Warning Indicators Of Onboard Computer Oe

    complete set of spare bulbs if Replacing front and rear turn Warning indicators of possible. indicator bulbs ( 119) onboard computer Tail light or brake light bulb de- Bulbs defective Display fective. General warning light shows Replacing brake and tail light yellow.

  • Page 32

    Overview of warning indicators Meaning Is indicated Engine oil level too low ( Check Oil pears on the dis- play Is indicated Ice warning (...

  • Page 33: Abs Warning Indica

    Additional information on the Contact a specialized work- BMW Motorrad Integral ABS is shop, preferably an authorized provided from page ( 86); an BMW Motorrad retailer.

  • Page 34

    overview of the possible warnings is provided on the following page.

  • Page 35

    Overview of warning indicators Meaning Flashes Self-diagnosis not completed ( Lights up ABS deactivated ( Lights up ABS error (...

  • Page 36: Asc Warning Indica- Tors Oe

    1. The ABS system has been deac- Additional information on the tivated by the driver. BMW Motorrad ASC is provided with OE BMW Motorrad Integral from page ( 88); an overview ABS: of the possible warnings is pro- Switching on ABS function vided on the following page.

  • Page 37

    Overview of warning indicators Meaning Flashes rapidly yel- Is indicated ASC intervention ( Flashes rapidly yel- Is indicated Offroad ASC intervention ( Flashes slowly Self-diagnosis not completed ( Flashes slowly Self-diagnosis not ended in offroad mode ( Is indicated ASC deactivated ( Lights up yellow Is indicated ASC error (...

  • Page 38

    ASC intervention the ASC intervention lasts. As a The self-diagnosis was not com- result, the driver is provided with pleted; the ASC function is not General warning light flash- optical feedback on the regula- available. So that the ASC self- es rapidly yellow.

  • Page 39: Tpc Warning Indicators Oe

    ASC symbol is displayed. TPC warning Additional information on the BMW Motorrad TPC is provided indicators from page ( 90); an overview The ASC control unit has detect- Display of the possible warnings is pro- ed an error. The ASC function vided on the following page.

  • Page 40

    Overview of warning indicators Meaning Lights up yellow Is indicated Tire pressure in limit area of permissible tolerance ( The critical air pres- sure flashes Flashes red Is indicated Tire pressure outside permissible toler- ance ( The critical air pres- sure flashes Transmission error ( -- --...

  • Page 41

    Tire pressure in limit area of an air pressure tester at a filling preferably an authorized BMW permissible tolerance station. Motorrad retailer. If you are unsure about the driv- General warning light shows Tire pressure outside ability of the tire: yellow.

  • Page 42

    BMW Motorrad Tire symbol appears on the This error message is only retailer. display. displayed for a short time following the pre-ride check. " -- -- " or " " is displayed. There is a fault in the radio con-...

  • Page 43: Anti-theft Alarm Warning Indicators Oe

    Anti-theft alarm warning indicators Display Anti-theft alarm warning are shown as warnings 2 in conjunction with the general warning light 1 following the pre-ride check and refer to the capacity of the internal anti-theft alarm battery. The possible warnings are listed on the next page.

  • Page 44

    Overview of warning indicators Meaning DWALO ! appears Anti-theft alarm battery weak ( on the display DWA ! appears on Lights up yellow Anti-theft alarm battery drained ( the display...

  • Page 45

    Contact a specialized work- following the pre-ride check. shop, preferably an authorized The anti-theft alarm battery no BMW Motorrad retailer. longer has its full capacity. The operation of the anti-theft alarm is only ensured for a limited time with the motorcycle battery dis- connected.

  • Page 47: Operation

    Helmet holder ..... . . 71 Heated hand grips ....59 BMW Motorrad Integral ABS ..59 Automatic Stability Control .

  • Page 48: Ignition Switch And Steering Lock

    Pre-ride check is performed. Topcase: The cases and the Topcase can also be ordered with locks for the Turn key to position 2. with OE BMW Motorrad Integral same key on request. Please ABS: Light switched off. contact a specialized workshop Handlebars not locked.

  • Page 49: Electronic Immobilizer Ews

    The ignition is not enabled for The electronic immobilizer helps If the motorcycle is on the starting until the key has been protect your BMW motorcycle side stand, the surface recognized as "authorized" for from theft, and this enhanced of the ground will determine your motorcycle.

  • Page 50: Clock

    OE Tire Pressure Replacement and spare keys Control (TPC): are only available through an au- thorized BMW Motorrad retailer. The keys are part of an integrat- ed security system, so the retail- er is under an obligation to check the legitimacy of all applications for replacement/extra keys.

  • Page 51: Odometer And Tripmeters

    with OE Onboard computer or Odometer and with OE Tire Pressure Control tripmeters (TPC): Selecting readings Switch on ignition. Hold down button. Hours 3 flash. Press button. Press button 2 repeatedly until Hours increase by one each time button is pressed. clock is shown.

  • Page 52

    without OE Onboard computer and without OE Tire Pressure Control (TPC): Each time the button is pressed, Hold down button 1. the display shows values start- Tripmeter is reset. ing with the current value in the following order: On motorcycles without an Total distance covered onboard computer and with- Tripmeter 1 (...

  • Page 53: Onboard Computer Oe

    The determined residual range is an approximate reading. BMW Motorrad there- fore recommends that you do not try to use the full remaining range before refueling. The operating range is dis-...

  • Page 54

    Average speed If the ambient temperature drops below 3 °C, a warn- Average consumption ing of possible icing-up appears. Range The display automatically switch- Oil level es from any other mode to the Tire pressures (OE) temperature reading when the Ambient temperature temperature drops below this threshold for the first time.

  • Page 55

    Resetting average speed Average consumption Switch on ignition. Select average speed. Hold down button 1. Average consumption is reset. The average consumption 1 is calculated by dividing the dis- Range tance covered since the last re- Hold down button 1. set by the corresponding amount Average speed is reset.

  • Page 56

    The determined range is an Side-stand retracted. sensor may be defective. In this approximate reading. BMW Motorcycle is vertical. case, please contact your autho- Motorrad therefore recommends rized BMW Motorrad retailer. that you do not try to use the full range before refueling.

  • Page 57: Tire Pressure Control

    alternation with the clock and the Tire Pressure Control values of the onboard computer. Displaying tire pressures Lights Switch on ignition. Parking lights The parking lights switch on au- tomatically when the ignition is switched on. The parking lights are a The tire pressures are shown strain on the battery.

  • Page 58: Turn Indicators

    High-beam headlight and Turn indicators Switching on parking headlight flasher lights Switching on left-hand Switch off ignition. turn indicator Switch on ignition. After driving for approx. ten seconds or after cov- ering a distance of approx. 650 ft (200 m), the turn indicators are automatically switched off.

  • Page 59: Hazard Warning Flashers

    Switching on right-hand Switching off turn The hazard warning flash- ers place a strain on the turn indicator indicator battery. Do not use the hazard Switch on ignition. warning flashers for longer than After driving for approx. absolutely necessary. ten seconds or after cov- If a turn indicator button is ering a distance of approx.

  • Page 60: Emergency On/off Switch

    Switching off hazard Emergency ON/OFF warning flashers switch Press left 1 and right-hand 2 turn indicator buttons simulta- neously. Press turn-indicator cancel but- Emergency ON/OFF switch The hazard warning flashers ton 3. are switched on. Hazard warning flashers are Operating the emergency Left/right turn indicator lights switched off.

  • Page 61: Heated Hand Grips Oe

    The heated hand grips option can on- BMW Motorrad Integral ly be activated when the engine is running. The increase in power con- Switching off ABS sumption caused by the...

  • Page 62: Automatic Stability Control Asc Oe

    regulation continues to be active ABS warning light remains for the rear wheel also braked via off or continues to flash. the integral function. The ABS ABS function is switched on. regulation for the rear wheel is not switched off until the foot- As an alternative to pressing the ABS button, the ignition brake lever is actuated.

  • Page 63

    If this symbol is shown, the ASC symbol continues to offroad ASC is active. be displayed. If this symbol is shown, the ASC function is deactivated. ASC is switched off. Activating ASC function Operating sequence of ASC button: Switch over ASC to offroad Switching off ASC Press and hold ASC button 1.

  • Page 64: Seat Height

    ASC symbol remains off; if from the locking device and wig- ASC self-diagnosis is not gle. completed, ASC symbol contin- Always insert both seat rods in ues to flash. the same position. Insert seat rods in position 4. ASC function is activated. High seat position.

  • Page 65: Clutch

    Brakes Bring windshield into desired position by rotating it forward Adjusting handbrake lever or back. Changing the position of Make sure that the clamping the brake-fluid reservoir can screws 1 are adjusted symmet- allow air to penetrate the brake rically on the left and right. system.

  • Page 66: Mirrors

    Mirrors Adjusting mirror arm Adjusting mirrors Turn adjusting screw 1 clock- wise. Slide up protective cap over threaded fastener on mirror The adjusting screw has Move mirror into desired posi- arm. a limit position and can tion by twisting. be turned more easily when Loosen nut 1.

  • Page 67: Spring Preload

    Slide protective cap over Spring preload on front threaded fastener. wheel Spring preload Spring preload at position 2 (For street use) Adjustment on front wheel Spring preload at position 3 The spring preload on the front (For riding on gravel tracks wheel must be adapted to the etc.

  • Page 68: Damping

    damping, a reduction in spring To decrease spring preload, turn handwheel 1 in direction preload requires softer damping. of arrow LOW. Adjusting damping on rear Spring preload at rear wheel wheel Make sure ground is level and firm and park motorcycle. Rotate handwheel toward left in arrow direction LOW (L) all the way to stop, then rotate...

  • Page 69: Tires

    Adjust damping with the on- In order to avoid a sudden loss of Basic setting of rear board toolkit using the adjust- tire inflation pressure, fit a valve wheel rear-wheel damp- ing screw 1. cap with rubber sealing ring to the rear tire and make sure that the cap is screwed on firmly.

  • Page 70: Headlight

    Rear tire pressure If you are unsure whether authorized BMW Motorrad retail- the basic headlight setting is correct, consult a specialized 36.3 psi (2.5 bar) (Single rid- Ordinary adhesive tape...

  • Page 71: Front And Rear Seats

    Headlight range adjustment A Neutral position Turn key 1 in seat lock clockwise while pressing down B Position with heavy payload on front region of passenger Headlight range adjustment seat 2. Front and rear seats In the case of very high payloads, Lift front of passenger seat and Removing passenger seat the available spring preload ad-...

  • Page 72: Installing Driver's Seat

    Installing driver's seat Driver's seat audibly engages. Installing the passenger's seat Installing the passenger's seat Installing driver's seat ( Turn key 1 in seat lock coun- terclockwise while pressing Install driver's seat 1 into front down on rear region of driver's locking device.

  • Page 73: Helmet Holder

    Make sure that the motorcycle is watch the position of the helmet steady on its stand. lock. Press down firmly on front re- Hook helmet into helmet hold- gion of passenger seat. er 1 on left or right with chin strap.

  • Page 75: Riding

    Riding Safety instructions ....74 Checklist ......75 Starting .

  • Page 76: Safety Instructions

    Do not run the engine in closed neys, and to every season of the information. rooms. year. Your authorized BMW Mo- torrad retailer will be happy to Alcohol and drugs High voltage advise you and has the correct Even small amounts of al- clothing for every purpose.

  • Page 77: Checklist

    Tampering with the Catalytic converter Flammable materials (e.g. hay, leaves, grass, clothing engine control unit If misfiring causes unburned fuel and luggage, etc.) could ignite to enter the catalytic converter, Tampering with the engine if allowed to come into contact there is a danger of overheating control unit can damage with the hot exhaust pipe.

  • Page 78: Starting

    Transmission Brakes with OE BMW Motorrad Integral ABS: Front and rear brake fluid levels You can start the engine when Clutch Switch on ignition. the transmission is in neutral or if Clutch fluid level Pre-ride check is performed. you pull the clutch with a gear Shock absorber setting and engaged.

  • Page 79

    CHECK! appears on the dis- The readiness for operation of matically interrupted if bat- play. the BMW Motorrad Integral ABS tery voltage is too low. Recharge is checked by the self-diagnosis. the battery before you start the Phase 2 Self-diagnosis is performed au-...

  • Page 80

    ASC self-diagnosis ASC self-diagnosis Checking the wheel sensors The readiness for operation completed while starting off. of the BMW Motorrad ASC is The ASC warning light goes ABS warning light flashes. checked by the self-diagnosis. out. Self-diagnosis is performed If an ASC fault is indicated after...

  • Page 81: Running In

    BMW Motorrad Tires Engine break-in speed retailer. New tires have a smooth sur- face. This must be roughened by Running in riding in a restrained manner at <4000 min various heel angles until the tires The first 600 miles Do not accelerate at full throt- are run in.

  • Page 82: Brakes

    Deactivatable ABS ridden on loose surfaces increasing force. This optimal- You can switch off the BMW Mo- or muddy roads, the brakes may ly utilizes the dynamic load in- torrad ( 59) Integral ABS for fail to take effect immediately crease on the front wheel.

  • Page 83: Parking Your Motorcycle

    be delayed due to damp brake Dirt or mud on brakes the braking force cannot be com- pletely transferred to the road disks and brake pads. When the motorcycle is surface. To prevent the front Brake early until the brakes are ridden on loose surfaces wheel from locking, the ABS sys- dry or braked until dry.

  • Page 84

    under the stand is level and handlebars turned to the left than An extended side stand can firm. with the handlebars turned to the catch on the ground when right. the motorcycle is moving and Switch off the engine. lead to a fall. On level ground, always turn the Pull handbrake lever.

  • Page 85: Refueling

    stand down until its curved feet Make sure that center stand is the side wind deflectors, making touch ground. fully retracted. them cloudy or unattractive. Place full weight of body on Wipe off any fuel that gets onto Refueling center stand while pulling mo- the windshield and wind deflec- torcycle toward rear.

  • Page 86

    Usable fuel quantity 5.3 gal (20 l) Reserve fuel quantity 1.1 gal ( 4 l) Press the fuel tank cap down Refuel with quality listed below firmly to close. at most until lower edge of filler Remove key and close protec- neck is reached.

  • Page 87: Technology In Detail

    Technology in detail Brake system with BMW Motorrad Integral ABS ..... . 86 Engine management with BMW Mo- torrad ASC .

  • Page 88: Brake System With Bmw Mo- Torrad Integral Abs Oe

    The BMW Motorrad Integral ABS If the maximum transferrable tact to the road. At this point in adapts the braking force distribu-...

  • Page 89

    How is the BMW Motorrad Under these circumstances the er conditions offroad or on the rear wheel can lift off the ground, racetrack. Integral ABS noticeable to and the outcome can be a high- the rider? Special situations siding situation in which the mo- If the ABS system must reduce torcycle can flip over.

  • Page 90: Engine Management With Bmw Motorrad Asc Oe

    BMW Motorrad ASC? Should a fault message result gencies. The BMW Motorrad ASC is an due to one of the driving condi- Take care when cornering. When assistance system for the driv- tions described above, the ABS...

  • Page 91

    Even with ASC, physical In the following unusual driving If the front wheel loses contact laws cannot be overridden. states, the BMW Motorrad ASC to the ground during extreme The driver is always responsible can be automatically deactivated. acceleration, the ASC reduces for adapting his/her driving style.

  • Page 92: Tire Pressure Control Tpc Oe

    have no sensors, then an error Tire Pressure Control Air pressure outside the per- message is output. missible tolerance. Temperature A warning is also output if the Function tire pressure drops rapidly within compensation A sensor is located in each tire, the permissible tolerance.

  • Page 93: Accessories

    Accessories General instructions ....92 Onboard socket..... . 92 Luggage .

  • Page 94: General Instructions

    Tests for your motorcycle that are ap- conducted by these instances proved by BMW for this purpose. cannot make provision for all op- Your authorized BMW Motorrad erating conditions experienced by...

  • Page 95: Luggage

    When driving with cas- do not impede the rider es (OA) and/or Topcase (OA), do not restrict or obstruct the BMW Motorrad recommends a steering angle and handling top speed of 112 mph (180 km/ characteristics cannot be trapped...

  • Page 96

    handle, make sure that the slot of Pivot lever in upper end posi- the case lock is perpendicular to tion: small volume. the direction of travel. Pivot lever in lower end posi- tion: large volume. Fold down carrying handle. Carrying handle audibly en- Removing case gages.

  • Page 97

    A red bar shows in the viewing window 7. Remove case from mount by its handle. Mounting case Open fastening lever 4. Pivot red release lever 1 down while pressing on locking flap 2. Locking flap clicks into place. Pull up red release lever 1. Locking flap 2 pops up.

  • Page 98: Luggage Rack

    Luggage rack Additional luggage support With the passenger seat removed and the cases (OA) mounted, removing the luggage rack provides a large luggage support to which various items can be lashed. Make sure case is securely Remove three screws 1. Be sure not to exceed the per- held by mushroom-headed fas- Remove sleeves and washers.

  • Page 99

    Place luggage rack 2 into posi- tion. Install screws 1 with respective sleeves and washers. Installing the passenger's seat...

  • Page 101: Maintenance

    Maintenance General instructions ....100 Toolkit ......100 Engine oil .

  • Page 102: General Instructions

    Motorrad retailer. work is provided in the Repair Manual on DVD/CD-ROM, which 2 Extension for screwdriver Special tools and a thorough is also available from your BMW blade knowledge of motorcycles are Motorrad retailer. Adjusting damping on rear required to carry out some of the wheel work described here.

  • Page 103: Engine Oil

    4 Flashlight engine cold or after a short trip leads to misinterpretations and LED technology therefore to incorrect oil fill quan- 5 Socket wrench tities. 3x open-ended wrench, e.g. To ensure that the display of the removing and installing battery engine oil level is correct, only terminals check the oil level after a longer...

  • Page 104

    BMW Motorrad retailer. Topping up engine oil Checking engine oil level 101) Both too little and too much engine oil can lead to engine damage. Always make sure that the oil Read off oil level from engine Engine oil level level is correct.

  • Page 105: General Brake System

    Have the brakes checked by a Do not ride the motorcycle if you certified workshop, preferably have any doubts about the de- an authorized BMW Motorrad pendability of the brake system. retailer. In this case, have the brake sys- tem checked by a specialized...

  • Page 106

    If the wear indicating mark is no longer clearly visible: Have the brake pads replaced Rear brake-pad wear limit by a specialized workshop, preferably an authorized BMW Motorrad retailer. 0.04 in (1 mm) (Only friction material without carrier plate)

  • Page 107: Brake Fluid

    Have brake pads replaced by a Check brake fluid level specialized workshop, prefer- Shaft 1 with three marker rings 2 regularly. ably an authorized BMW Mo- is between the brake pads. torrad retailer. How to interpret the marks: Make sure ground is level and...

  • Page 108

    (Brake-fluid reservoir horizon- tal) If brake fluid level drops below permissible level: Have the defect corrected as soon as possible by a special- ized workshop, preferably an Read off brake fluid level at authorized BMW Motorrad re- reservoir 1. tailer.

  • Page 109: Clutch

    Rear brake fluid level clutch wear. Have the clutch checked by a specialized workshop, prefer- ably an authorized BMW Mo- Brake fluid DOT4 torrad retailer. The brake fluid level must Checking clutch fluid level not fall below the MIN mark.

  • Page 110: Tires

    BMW Motorrad re- has worn down to the level of tailer. the marks, the tire is completely worn. The locations of the marks The clutch system is filled are indicated on the edge of the with a special hydraulic fluid tire, e.g.

  • Page 111: Rims

    Rims Wheels TPC sticker Checking rims Recommended tires For every size of tire, BMW Mo- Make sure ground is level and firm and park motorcycle. torrad has tested and approved certain makes as roadworthy. Visually inspect rims for de- BMW Motorrad cannot evaluate fects.

  • Page 112: Removing Front Wheel

    OE BMW Motorrad Integral workshop of the TPC sensor. have been removed. ABS: When pulling off left brake Remove mounting bolts 1 of Removing front wheel caliper, make sure that ABS brake calipers on left and right.

  • Page 113: Installing Front Wheel

    22 mm open- The front wheel must be end or ring wrench. The adapter installed right way round to with the BMW special tool num- rotate in the correct direction. ber 36 3 691 can be obtained Observe the direction of rota-...

  • Page 114

    OE BMW Motorrad Integral with OE BMW Motorrad Integral ABS: ABS: During the following work, parts of the front brake, in particular of the BMW Motorrad Integral ABS, can be damaged. Take care not to damage the brake system, in particular the ABS sensor with cable and the ABS sensor ring.

  • Page 115: Installing Rear Wheel

    Installing rear wheel Operate brakes several times until brake pads contact brake Roll rear wheel onto rear wheel disk. support. Place rear wheel on rear wheel Removing rear wheel support. Make sure ground is level and firm and place motorcycle on its center stand.

  • Page 116: Front Wheel Stand

    Push two mounts 2 far enough ter stand or an auxiliary stand apart that front forks fit be- Tightening sequence: Tight- before lifting it with the BMW tween them. en diagonally Motorrad front wheel stand. Use locating pins 3 to set front 44 lb/ft (60 Nm) wheel stand to desired height.

  • Page 117: Lamps

    Lamps General instructions A warning appears in the multi- function display if a bulb is de- fective. If the brake or rear light fails, the symbol is accompanied by the 'General' warning light, which lights up yellow. If the rear light fails the second filament of Align two mounts 2 so that If the motorcycle is resting...

  • Page 118

    The bulb is pressurized and Make sure that the motorcycle is can cause injury if dam- steady on its stand. aged. Make sure ground is level and Wear eye and hand protection firm and park motorcycle. when replacing bulbs. Switch off ignition. An overview of the bulb Turn handlebars to left.

  • Page 119

    Remove bulb 5. Insert tab 7 of bulb 5 into Insert plug 3. guide 6. Replace defective bulb. Low-beam headlight bulb H7 / 12 V / 55 W High-beam headlight bulb H7 / 12 V / 55 W For high-beam headlight, install Insert spring clip 4 into catch.

  • Page 120

    Make sure the word TOP is pointing up. Replacing parking light bulb If it is not standing firmly, the motorcycle could topple in the course of the operations described below. Make sure that the motorcycle is Remove bulb holder 1 from Insert bulb holder 1 into head- steady on its stand.

  • Page 121

    Replace defective bulb. Bulb of tail/brake light P21/5W / 12 V / 5 W / 21 W Remove screws 1. Insert lamp housing 2 into re- taining brackets. Pull lamp housing 2 toward rear from retaining brackets. Install screws 1. Replacing front and rear turn indicator bulbs If it is not standing firmly,...

  • Page 122

    Bulb of rear turn indica- tors RY10W / 12 V / 10 W Remove screw 1. Remove bulb 2 from light housing by turning it counterclockwise. Replace defective bulb. Bulb of front turn indica- Install bulb 2 by turning clock- tors wise in light housing.

  • Page 123: Air Filter

    Air filter Removing air filter Make sure ground is level and firm and park motorcycle. Removing driver's seat ( Insert glass on motorcycle in Open quick-release fasten- lamp housing and close. ers 2. Open quick-release fastener 3 from inside by turning and re- moving from bracket.

  • Page 124

    Remove intake snorkel 2. Installing air filter Remove three mounting screws 5. Insert top of air filter 3 into air Pull out bottom end of air fil- Remove tank cover 6. filter housing. ter 3. Press bottom of air filter into air filter housing, making sure not to bend its layers in the process.

  • Page 125

    guide 4 of the intake manifold and the throttle valve is resting against the stop. Place intake snorkel 2 against Press front of side panel 4 into air filter housing. bracket. Slide retaining brackets 1 into Close quick-release fasten- holder until they audibly click ers 2.

  • Page 126: Jump-starting

    Touching live parts of the Make sure that the motorcycle is ignition system with the steady on its stand. engine running can cause electric Make sure ground is level and shock. firm and park motorcycle. Do not touch parts of the igni- Removing driver's seat ( tion system when the engine is When jump-starting the engine,...

  • Page 127: Battery

    Compliance with the points be- starter motor and the donor BMW Motorrad has devel- low is important in order to maxi- battery. oped a trickle-charger spe- mize battery life: Allow both engines to idle for a...

  • Page 128

    Charging connected tronics. disconnected battery. battery Use BMW chargers with the Charging the connected Charging disconnected part numbers 71 60 7 688 864 battery directly at the bat- battery...

  • Page 129

    Removing battery Lift battery up and out, using tilting movements if it is difficult If it is not standing firmly, to move. the motorcycle could topple in the course of the operations Installing battery described below. Place battery in battery com- Make sure that the motorcycle is partment with positive terminal steady on its stand.

  • Page 130

    An incorrect installation se- preferably an authorized BMW quence increases the risk Motorrad retailer, for setting of of short-circuiting. the date. Always observe the proper se- Fully open throttle once or quence. twice. Never install the battery without Engine control unit detects the protective cap.

  • Page 131: Care

    Care Care products ..... 130 Washing your motorcycle ..130 Cleaning sensitive motorcycle parts .

  • Page 132: Care Products

    BMW Motorrad recommends effect of salt. products available at your au- that you use BMW Insect Re- Only use cold water to remove thorized BMW Motorrad retailer. mover to soften and wash off road salt.

  • Page 133: Paint Care

    Especially in the case of road If plastic parts are cleaned silicon. salt, carefully clean chrome parts using unsuitable cleaning with plenty of water and BMW agents, the surfaces can be dam- Paint care auto shampoo. Use chrome pol- aged.

  • Page 134: Protective Wax Coating

    Motorrad recommends remov- grease (e.g. Vaseline). ing tar spots with BMW Tar Re- Park the motorcycle in a dry mover. Then add a protective room so that both wheels are wax coating to the paint at these unloaded.

  • Page 135: Technical Data

    Technical data Troubleshooting chart ... . . 134 Riding specifications ....150 Threaded fasteners ....135 Engine .

  • Page 136: Troubleshooting Chart

    Troubleshooting chart Engine does not start at all or is very difficult to start. Possible cause Remedy Emergency ON/OFF switch activated Emergency ON/OFF switch in operating position Side stand extended and gear engaged Retract the side stand. ( Gear engaged and clutch not operated Select neutral or pull clutch lever ( Clutch pulled when ignition was OFF Switch on the ignition, then pull the clutch lever...

  • Page 137: Threaded Fasteners

    Threaded fasteners Front wheel Value Valid Brake caliper on slider tube M8 x 32 10.9 22 lb/ft (30 Nm) Clamping screw of quick-release axle M8 x 35 14 lb/ft (19 Nm) Quick-release axle in axle mount M24 x 1.5 37 lb/ft (50 Nm) Rear wheel Value Valid...

  • Page 138

    Mirror arm Value Valid Mirror on clamping piece 18 lb/ft (25 Nm) Clamping piece on clamping block 22 lb/ft (30 Nm)

  • Page 139: Engine

    Engine Engine design four-stroke opposed twin, air-cooled with oil- cooled exhaust ports, installed longitudinally, two overhead camshafts, electronic engine management Displacement 1170 cc (1170 cm Cylinder bore 4 in (101 mm) Piston stroke 2.9 in (73 mm) Compression ratio 11.0:1 Rated output 101 hp (74 kW), At: 7000 min with OE Power reduction:...

  • Page 140: Fuel

    Engine oils of the API classification SF or better. Engine oils of the ACEA classification A2 or bet- ter. BMW Motorrad recommends not using syn- thetic oils for the first 6,000 miles (10,000 km). Ask your BMW Motorrad retailer for engine oils suitable for your motorcycle.

  • Page 141

    Permissible viscosity classes SAE 5 W- 30 -4...68 °F (-20...20 °C), Operation at low tempera- tures SAE 10 W-40 14...86 °F (-10...30 °C), Operation at moderate temperatures SAE 15 W- 40 32 °F ( 0 °C) SAE 20 W- 40 32 °F ( 0 °C) SAE 5 W- 50 -4 °F ( -20 °C), High-quality and synthetic oil for...

  • Page 142: Clutch

    Clutch Clutch design Single-plate dry clutch Transmission Transmission design Helical 6-speed transmission with integrated tor- sional vibration damper, claw shifting via sliding sleeves Gear ratios Transmission gear ratios 1.824 (31:17 teeth), Primary gear ratio 2.277 (41:18 teeth), 1st gear 1.583 (38:24 teeth), 2nd gear 1.259 (34:27 teeth), 3rd gear 1.033 (31:30 teeth), 4th gear 0.903 (28:31 teeth), 5th gear...

  • Page 143: Rear-wheel Drive

    Gear ratio of final drive 2.82:1 Running gear Type of front suspension BMW Telelever, upper fork bridge tilt decoupled, leading link mounted in engine and on telescopic fork, centrally positioned spring strut supported on leading link and main frame Spring travel, front 7.5 in (190 mm), On wheel...

  • Page 144: Brakes

    Brakes Front-wheel brake design hydraulically operated twin disk brake with 4-pis- ton fixed calipers and floating brake discs Front brake-pad material Sintered metal Rear-wheel brake design Hydraulic disk brake with 2-piston floating caliper and fixed brake disk Rear brake lining material Organic...

  • Page 145: Wheels And Tires

    Wheels and tires Tire combinations recommended at time of going front: Bridgestone Trail Wing TW 101 L, 110/ to press (As at: 12.04.2007) 80 R19 M/C (59V) TL rear: Bridgestone Trail Wing TW 152 L, 150/ 70 R17 M/C (69V) TL front: Bridgestone Battle Wing BW 501 R, 110/ 80 R19 M/C (59V) TL rear: Bridgestone Battle Wing BW 502 R, 150/...

  • Page 146

    Michelin Anakee, 110/80 R19 M/C (59V) TL rear: Michelin Anakee, 150/70 R17 M/C (69V) TL You can obtain an overview of the current tire approvals from your authorized BMW Motorrad retailer or on the Internet at Front wheel Front wheel design...

  • Page 147

    Rear wheel Rear wheel design Cast wheel with 5 double spokes, MT H2 with OE Cross-spoke wheels: Cross-spoke wheel with 40 spokes, MT H2 Rear-wheel rim size 4.00" x 17" Rear tire designation 150/70 R 17 M/C 69 V TL Tire pressures Front tire pressure 31.9 psi (2.2 bar), Single rider, with cold tire...

  • Page 148: Electrical System

    Electrical system Capacity of onboard socket Fuses The circuits are electronically protected, so plug- in fuses are no longer necessary. If an electronic fuse trips and de-energizes a circuit, the circuit is active as soon as the ignition is switched on after the fault has been rectified.

  • Page 149

    Spark plugs Spark plugs, manufacturer and designation Bosch YR5LDE NGK DCPR 8 EKC ±0.01 ±0.1 Electrode gap of spark plug 0.03 in (0.8 mm), New max 0.04 in (max 1 mm), Wear limit Secondary spark plugs, manufacturer and desig- Bosch YR5LDE nation NGK DCPR 8 EKC ±0.01...

  • Page 150: Frame

    Frame Frame design Two-part steel tube frame and load-bearing drive unit Location of type plate Left side under side cover Location of vehicle identification number Front frame, upper center Dimensions Motorcycle length 87 in (2210 mm) Motorcycle height 54.3 in (1380 mm), In DIN normal-load position; without mirrors, windshield down Motorcycle width 36 in (915 mm), Across mirrors...

  • Page 151: Weights

    Weights Unladen weight 496 lbs (225 kg), DIN unladen weight, ready for road, 90 % full tank of gas, without OE Permissible gross weight 937 lbs (425 kg) 959 lbs (435 kg), With Certification No. E1*2002/ 24*0199* - "increased gross weight limit" 959 lbs (435 kg) Maximum payload 441 lbs (200 kg)

  • Page 152: Riding Specifications

    Riding specifications Top speed >124 mph (>200 km/h)

  • Page 153: Service

    Service BMW Motorrad Service ... . 152 BMW Motorrad Service Quality ..152 BMW Motorrad Service Card - On- the-spot breakdown assistance ..152 BMW Motorrad Service Network .

  • Page 154: Bmw Motorrad Service

    BMW Motorrad Service your motorcycle carried out by a quality of service. specialized workshop, preferably Card - On-the-spot To ensure that your BMW is al- by an authorized BMW Motorrad breakdown assistance ways in optimum condition, BMW retailer. Motorrad recommends that you...

  • Page 155: Bmw Motorrad Service

    100 countries around the BMW Service globe. In Germany alone, there BMW Service is carried out once are approximately 200 authorized a year. The scope of the ser- BMW Motorrad retailers ready to vices performed may be depen- assist you.

  • Page 156: Confirmation Of Mainte

    Confirmation of maintenance work BMW Pre-Delivery BMW Running-in Check Check Conducted Conducted Odometer reading Next service at the latest or, if reached sooner, Odometer reading Stamp, Signature Stamp, Signature...

  • Page 157

    BMW Service BMW Service BMW Service Conducted Conducted Conducted Odometer reading Odometer reading Odometer reading Next service Next service Next service at the latest at the latest at the latest or, if reached sooner, or, if reached sooner, or, if reached sooner,...

  • Page 158

    BMW Service BMW Service BMW Service Conducted Conducted Conducted Odometer reading Odometer reading Odometer reading Next service Next service Next service at the latest at the latest at the latest or, if reached sooner, or, if reached sooner, or, if reached sooner,...

  • Page 159

    BMW Service BMW Service BMW Service Conducted Conducted Conducted Odometer reading Odometer reading Odometer reading Next service Next service Next service at the latest at the latest at the latest or, if reached sooner, or, if reached sooner, or, if reached sooner,...

  • Page 160

    BMW Service BMW Service BMW Service Conducted Conducted Conducted Odometer reading Odometer reading Odometer reading Next service Next service Next service at the latest at the latest at the latest or, if reached sooner, or, if reached sooner, or, if reached sooner,...

  • Page 161: Confirmation Of Service

    Confirmation of service The table is intended as proof of maintenance, warranty and repair work, the installed optional acces- sories and any special campaign (recall) work carried out. Work carried out Odometer Date reading...

  • Page 162

    Work carried out Odometer Date reading...

  • Page 163

    Air filter Warning for battery charge Installing, 122 Clutch current, 28 Adjusting clutch lever, 63 Removing, 121 BMW Motorrad Service, 152 Check level, 11, 107 Anti-theft alarm BMW Motorrad Service Warning for flat battery, 43 Technical data, 140 Card, 152...

  • Page 164

    Fuel Helmet holder, 71 Electrical system Quantity indicator, 22 High-beam headlight, 16 Technical data, 146 Refueling, 83 Horn, 16 Emergency ON/OFF switch, 17, Warning for fuel down to reserve, 27 Engine Ignition Fuel tank, 13 Starting, 76 Switching off, 46 Fuses, 146 Technical data, 137 Switching on, 46...

  • Page 165

    Range, 53 Lamps Maintenance, 153 Resetting average consump- General instructions, 115 General instructions, 100 tion, 53 Mirrors Replacing brake and tail light Resetting average speed, 53 Adjusting, 64 bulb, 118 Selecting readings, 51 Motorcycle Replacing high-beam bulb, 116 Onboard socket, 11 General view, left, 11 Replacing low-beam bulb, 116 Overview of warning indica-...

  • Page 166

    Technical data, 143 Safety instructions, 74 Tachometer, 18 Top speed, 108 Technical data Seat Toolkit, 15 Brakes, 142 Adjusting seat height, 62 Service set, 100 Bulbs, 147 Installing driver's seat, 70 Standard equipment, 100 Clutch, 140 Installing the passenger's Torques, 135 Electrical system, 146 seat, 70 Transmission...

  • Page 167

    Installing rear wheel, 113 Removing front wheel, 110 Removing rear wheel, 113 Technical data, 143 Windshield Adjusting, 11, 62...

  • Page 168: Safety Defects

    Highway Traffic Safety Washington, DC 20590. between you, your Administration (NHTSA) You can also obtain other dealer, or BMW of in addition to notifying North America, LCC. information about motor BMW of North America, LLC. vehicle safety from...

  • Page 169

    The right to modify designs, equipment and accessories is reserved. Errors and omissions excepted. © 2007 BMW Motorrad Not to be reproduced either wholly or in part without written permission from BMW Motorrad, After Sales. Printed in Germany.

  • Page 170

    Rear tire pressure 36.3 psi (2.5 bar), Single rider, with cold tire 42.1 psi (2.9 bar), Driver with pas- senger and/or load, with cold tire BMW recommends *01477706727* Order No.: 01 47 7 706 727 06.2007, 5th Edition...

  • Page 171

    – the handlebar lever can easily shop, preferably by an autho- dlebar lever") be moved forward out of the rized BMW Motorrad retailer. • Always check the smooth rest position. movement of the clutch and brake lever before driving off.

  • Page 172

    BMW Motorrad Order No: 01 49 7 714 317 04/2008...

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