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BMW Motorrad
The Ultimate
Riding Machine
Rider's Manual
R 1200 GS



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   Summary of Contents for BMW R 1200GS

  • Page 1

    BMW Motorrad The Ultimate Riding Machine Rider's Manual R 1200 GS...

  • Page 2

    Vehicle data/dealership details Vehicle data Dealership details Model Person to contact in Service department Ms/Mr Vehicle Identification Number Phone number Colour code Date of first registration Dealership address/phone number (com- Registration number pany stamp)

  • Page 3

    BMW riders. Familiarise yourself with We hope you will enjoy riding your new vehicle so that you can your BMW and that all your jour- ride it safely and confidently in all neys will be pleasant and safe traffic situations.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Shifting gear ....92 Multifunction display ..22 BMW Motorrad Integ- Brakes ..... . 93 Warning symbols in the ral ABS .

  • Page 5

    Coolant ....122 Restoring motorcycle to Standard BMW service ..188 Clutch ..... 124 use .

  • Page 6

    12 Appendix ... . . 197 Certificate for electronic immobiliser ....198 Certificate for Key- less Ride .

  • Page 7: General Instructions

    General instructions Overview ......6 Abbreviations and symbols ..6 Equipment .

  • Page 8: Overview

    Optional extras. When the time comes to sell The vehicles are as- NOTICE Specific instruc- your BMW, please remember sembled complete with tions on how to operate, to hand over this Rider's Manual; all the BMW Motorrad...

  • Page 9: Equipment

    Equipment Optional accessories. tolerance requirements of the Deutsches Institut für Normung You can obtain When you purchased your BMW e.V. (DIN). Versions for individual BMW Motorrad motorcycle, you chose a model optional accessories countries may differ. with individual equipment. This...

  • Page 11: General Views

    General views General view, left side ....11 General view, right side ... . . 13 Underneath the seat .

  • Page 13: General View, Left Side

    General view, left side with daytime running light Daytime riding lights Fuel filler neck ( Seat lock ( Setting the rear damping (down at the spring strut)

  • Page 15: General View, Right Side

    General view, right side 11 Brake-fluid reservoir, rear 121) Adjuster for spring preload, rear ( Air filter (underneath the centre trim panel) ( 138) Brake-fluid reservoir, front 120) Height adjustment of the windscreen ( Power socket ( 148) VIN (on steering-head bearing) Type plate (on the frame, front right)

  • Page 16: Underneath The Seat

    Underneath the seat Standard toolkit ( 116) Rider's Manual Table of tyre pressures Payload table Adjusting the front seat height ( Fuses ( 145)

  • Page 17: Multifunction Switch, Left

    Multifunction switch, left High-beam headlight and headlight flasher ( with cruise control Cruise-control system Hazard warning flashers ABS ( ASC ( with Dynamic ESA ESA ( with LED auxiliary head- lights LED auxiliary headlights Turn indicators ( Horn Multifunction display...

  • Page 18

    with preparation for nav- igation system Navigation system 151) with daytime running light Daytime riding lights...

  • Page 19: Right

    Multifunction switch, right with heated handlebar grips Heated handlebar grips Riding mode ( Emergency off switch (kill switch) ( Start engine (...

  • Page 20: Instrument Panel

    Instrument panel Speedometer Rev. counter Ambient-light brightness sensor (for adapting the brightness of the instru- ment lighting) with alarm system (DWA) Anti-theft alarm telltale light with Keyless Ride Telltale light for the radio- operated key Warning and telltale lights Multifunction display...

  • Page 21: Status Indicators

    Status indicators Warning and telltale lights ... 20 Multifunction display ....22 Warning symbols in the display ..24 Warnings .

  • Page 22: Warning And Telltale Lights

    Warning and telltale lights with cruise control Cruise-control system Neutral ASC ( Turn indicators, left ABS ( Turn indicators, right General warning light (in combination with warn- ing symbols in the display) with alarm system (DWA) Alarm ( Telltale light for the radio- operated key with Keyless Ride Keys (...

  • Page 23

    with daytime running light Daytime riding light with LED auxiliary head- lights Auxiliary headlights ( 12 Fuel reserve ( NOTICE The ABS symbol might differ, depending on the specifics of national regulations.

  • Page 24: Multifunction Display

    Multifunction display Fuel level Recommendation to up- shift ( Gear indicator; "N" indic- ates neutral with daytime running light Automatic daytime running light ( with heated handlebar grips Heating stages, handlebar grips ( Odometer and tripmeters Service-due indicator (maintenance interval) 184) Warning symbols ( On-board computer...

  • Page 25

    13 Outside temperature warn- ing (...

  • Page 26: Warning Symbols In The Display

    Warning symbols in the display with tyre pressure monit- oring (RDC) Tyre pressure ( EWS ( Coolant temperature Engine oil level ( Engine electronics ( Battery charge ( 142) Warnings (...

  • Page 27: Warnings

    Warnings The status of the 'General' warn- ing light matches the most ur- Mode of presentation gent warning. Warnings are indicated by the corresponding warning lights. The possible warnings are listed on the next pages. Warnings that do not have warn- ing lights of their own are indic- ated by 'General' warning light 1 showing in combination with a...

  • Page 28

    Warnings, overview Warning and telltale Warning symbols in the Meaning lights display appears on the Outside temperature warning ( display lights up yellow appears on the Electronic immobiliser active ( display lights up yellow appears on the Radio-operated key out of range ( display lights up yellow Replace the battery of the radio-oper-...

  • Page 29

    Warning and telltale Warning symbols in the Meaning lights display DWALO ! appears Anti-theft alarm battery weak ( on the display DWA ! lights up yellow appears on Anti-theft alarm battery flat ( the display lights up yellow is displayed with Tyre pressure close to limit of permitted one or two arrows tolerance (...

  • Page 30

    Warning and telltale Warning symbols in the Meaning lights display RDC! lights up yellow appears on Battery of tyre-pressure sensor weak the display flashes ABS self-diagnosis not completed lights up ABS fault ( lights up ABS deactivated ( quick-flashes ASC intervention ( slow-flashes ASC self-diagnosis not completed lights up...

  • Page 31

    Warning and telltale Warning symbols in the Meaning lights display ESA! lights up yellow appears on ESA fault ( the display lights up Fuel down to reserve ( flashes yellow flashes Severe fault in the engine control unit appears on the Engine-oil level too low ( display OILLVL CHECK...

  • Page 32: Outside Temperature

    ( 49). particular danger of black ice thorised BMW Motorrad dealer. Remain calm if the warning symbol appears while you are...

  • Page 33

    If possible, ride in the part-load shows red. erated key replaced by an au- range to cool down the engine. Temperature symbol ap- thorised BMW Motorrad dealer. If the coolant temperature pears on the display. is frequently too high, have Replace the battery of the...

  • Page 34

    : Additionally: day- quickly as possible by a rear turn indicators ( 136). time riding light faulty. specialist workshop, preferably Replacing LED rear light an authorised BMW Motorrad 138). WARNING dealer. Replacing LED turn indicators 138). Failure of lights on the...

  • Page 35

    Seek the advice of a specialist ance. Seek the advice of a specialist workshop, preferably an author- Correct the tyre pressure as workshop, preferably an author- ised BMW Motorrad dealer. stated on the inside cover of ised BMW Motorrad dealer. the Rider's Manual.

  • Page 36

    "Engineering details". Possible cause: workshop, preferably an Measured tyre pressure is out- authorised BMW Motorrad Tyre pressure outside side permitted tolerance. dealer. permitted tolerance Check the tyre for damage If you are unsure whether the...

  • Page 37

    RDC stances: specialist workshop, preferably readings. Assume that a per- Have the fault rectified by a an authorised BMW Motorrad manent fault has not occurred specialist workshop, preferably dealer. unless the 'General' warning an authorised BMW Motorrad...

  • Page 38: Abs Deactivated

    The ABS function is not avail- specialist workshop, preferably able, because self-diagnosis Possible cause: an authorised BMW Motorrad did not complete. (The motor- The integral battery in the tyre- dealer. cycle has to reach a defined pressure sensor has lost a sig-...

  • Page 39: Asc Deactivated

    ASC fault ( 111). has been dealt with. ised BMW Motorrad dealer. Have the fault rectified as quickly as possible by a ASC self-diagnosis not ASC deactivated specialist workshop, preferably...

  • Page 40: Control Unit

    Possible cause: Risk of accident an authorised BMW Motorrad The fuel tank contains no more Adapt your style of riding ac- dealer. than the reserve quantity of fuel. cordingly: Ride slowly, avoid...

  • Page 41: Ambient Temperature

    Possible cause: an authorised BMW Motorrad gine or ABS on account of discharged battery. dealer. The electronic oil-level sensor Risk of accident has registered an excessively low Ambient temperature Do not continue your journey. oil level. The next time you stop...

  • Page 42: Fuel Reserve

    Fuel reserve matic switchover to the ambient The odometer for the fuel re- temperature display 1, irrespect- serve is reset when the amount The amount of fuel present in ive of the actual display setting; of fuel after refuelling is greater the fuel tank when the fuel warn- the displayed value flashes.

  • Page 43: Service-due Indicator

    : Oil level cannot be meas- shop, preferably an authorised the next service falls due within ured (conditions as stated above BMW Motorrad dealer. 1000 km, service due date 1 not satisfied). and countdown distance 2 show Tyre pressure...

  • Page 44: Recommendation To Upshift

    1; the reading on the right 2 signals the economically best The detailed description of is the rear tyre pressure. "­­ ­­" point in time for upshift. BMW Motorrad RDC starts on appears in the display directly page ( 112). after the ignition is switched on.

  • Page 45: Operation

    Windscreen ......80 BMW Motorrad Integral ABS ..65 Front and rear seats ....81 Automatic Stability Control ASC .

  • Page 46: Ignition

    Key can be removed. opened with the ignition key as Turn the handlebars to the full well. Consult a specialist work- left or right lock position. shop, preferably an authorised BMW Motorrad dealer.

  • Page 47

    Switching on ignition time and displays any existing Switch on the ignition. fault messages. The side lights briefly light up. Handlebars not locked. with daytime running light Electrically powered accessor- The daytime riding lights briefly ies remain operational for a lim- light up.

  • Page 48: Ignition With Keyless Ride

    The telltale light goes out briefly keys only through an authorised if the search times out without NOTICE BMW Motorrad dealer. The keys the radio-operated key or the are part of an integrated security emergency key being found. A spare key attached to the...

  • Page 49

    Lock the handlebars In all other cases it is the lie of NOTICE the ground that determines the Precondition: Handlebars turned direction in which the handle- to the right or left full-lock posi- The vehicle cannot be started or bars should be turned. tion.

  • Page 50

    ABS self-diagnosis is performed ( ASC self-diagnosis is per- formed ( Version 2: Steering lock is engaged; press and hold down button 1. The steering lock disengages. Parking lights and all function There are two ways of activat- There are two ways of deactiv- circuits switched on.

  • Page 51

    The on-board electronics access BMW Motorrad dealer. In order the data saved in the radio-op- to have a key barred you must erated key via a ring aerial in the bring along all the other keys be- R/C ignition lock.

  • Page 52

    rear-wheel cover will start the Replacing battery of Dispose of the old battery in engine. accordance with all applicable radio-operated key laws and regulations; do not Hold emergency key 1 or If the radio-operated key does radio-operated key with empty attempt to dispose of batteries not react when you short-press as domestic waste.

  • Page 53: Multifunction Display

    with Pro onboard computer Battery type The following information is ad- ditionally displayed by means of the on-board computer Pro: CR 2032 TRIP A Automatic tripmeter ( Install battery cover 2. CONS Current consumption ( Red LED on the instrument panel flashes.

  • Page 54: Resetting Tripmeter

    Resetting tripmeter Ambient temperature ( TEMP Switching on ignition ( 45). Engine temperature ( GTMP Average consumption 1 CONS 1 Average consumption 2 CONS 2 Ø SPEED Average speed ( Repeatedly press button 1 with tyre pressure monitoring briefly until the average value (RDC) to be reset is indicated in the Tyre pressures (...

  • Page 55

    with preparation for navigation system GPS TM : Navigation system installed: Accept GPS time and GPS date ( ) or do not ac- cept ( CLOCK : Setting the clock DATE : Setting the date ECOSFT : Show upshift re- commendation on the display Repeatedly press button 1 Press button 1 briefly in order...

  • Page 56: Setting The Clock

    Set the clock only when the Press button 1 to increase the motorcycle is stationary. flashing value or button 2 to reduce the same. SETUP In the menu, select Keep button 2 pressed un- SETUP the menu item til the minutes in the bottom CLOCK display line 3 start to flash.

  • Page 57

    SETUP In the menu, select Press button 1 to increase the NOTICE SETUP the menu item flashing value or button 2 to DATE reduce the same. If you drive off before the setting Keep button 2 pressed un- has been completed, the setting til the month in the bottom will be cancelled.

  • Page 58

    Briefly press button 1 to start Press button 1 for a long Press button 2 briefly in order the customisation menu. period in order to display the to go to the next menu item. SETUP BC CUSTOM first menu item. The top display line 3 shows SETUP BC ODO pears on the display.

  • Page 59: Anti-theft Alarm (dwa)

    CONS 2 Press button 1 briefly in order : Average consump- BELOW to change the set value. tion 2 ( CONS C The following menu items can : Current consumption be selected, the works setting is ØSPEED shown in brackets. Some menu : Average speed items will only be selected if the BELOW...

  • Page 60

    Alarm Switch on the ignition. type of alarm tone can be set by An alarm can be triggered by: Turn indicators flash once. an authorised BMW motorcycle motion sensor Confirmation tone sounds once dealer. an attempt to use an unau- (if programmed).

  • Page 61: Emergency Off Switch

    Emergency off switch (kill switch) Repeatedly press button 1 Press button 1 briefly to go to briefly until the top display line the next menu item SETUP ENTER displays 2 In the top display line 2, Emergency off switch (kill Press and hold button 1 to is indicated.

  • Page 62: Headlight

    If there are doubts about the cor- rect headlight beam throw, have the setting checked by a special- ist workshop, preferably an au- thorised BMW Motorrad dealer. If, for a high load, the adjust- ment of the spring pre-load is Engine switched off...

  • Page 63: Lights

    with LED headlights NOTICE The side lights place a strain on the battery. Do not switch the ignition on for longer than abso- lutely necessary. The low-beam headlight switches on automatically when the engine is switched on. Push switch 1 forward to switch on the high-beam The headlight beam-throw is with daytime running light...

  • Page 64: Daytime Riding Light

    headlights cannot be switched The indicator light for the auxiliary headlight illumin- ates. NOTICE Press button 1 again to switch off the auxiliary headlights. The auxiliary headlights have ap- proval as fog lights and their use Daytime riding light is permissible in bad weather conditions only.

  • Page 65

    running light makes the vehicle Automatic daytime riding The low-beam headlight, the more visible to oncoming traffic. front side lights and the auxili- light This improves daytime visibility. ary headlight are switched off. In the dark or in tunnels: Press NOTICE Start engine ( 89).

  • Page 66: Turn Indicators

    The indicator light for the response of the automatic automatic daytime riding daytime running light to the light illuminates. change in ambient brightness is delayed). The auxiliary If the ambient brightness de- headlight switches on again creases below a certain value, when the daytime running light the low beam headlight is auto- is switched off.

  • Page 67: Hazard Warning Flashers

    1 again. no change in the ASC setting. Switching on ignition ( 45). BMW Motorrad ABS warning light flashes. NOTICE Integral ABS Release button 1 within two The hazard warning flashers Deactivating the ABS seconds.

  • Page 68: Automatic Stability Control Asc

    ASC function while the if self-diagnosis has not formation on brake systems with motorcycle is on the move. completed it starts flashing. BMW Motorrad Integral ABS. Release button 1 within two The ASC warning light seconds. Automatic Stability shows.

  • Page 69: Riding Mode

    See the section entitled "Engin- has not completed the warning and ASC control is optimised for eering details" for more inform- light starts flashing. each of these 5 scenarios. ation on BMW Motorrad Auto- Release button 1 within two matic Stability Control (ASC). seconds.

  • Page 70

    with Dynamic ESA The chassis adjustment also ad- apts to the selected scenario. Setting riding mode Switching on ignition ( 45). The selection arrow 1 and the ATTENTION first selectable riding mode 2 are displayed. Activation of the off-road mode (Enduro and Enduro Pro) when riding on-road.

  • Page 71

    Deactivate the RDC for With the motorcycle at a stand- NOTICE still, the selected mode is ac- off-roading tivated after approximately two Enduro PRO When the mode with Pro riding modes seconds. is selected: Note that ABS con- The newly selected riding You can deactivate RDC warn- trol for the rear wheel is restric- mode is activated as you...

  • Page 72

    out-of-tolerance tyre pressure Remove cap of plug 1. is displayed in the Enduro and Enduro Pro riding modes. Installing coding plug with Pro riding modes Switching off ignition ( 45). Remove front seat ( 81). Press button 1 briefly to go to the next menu item To do so, press in latch 1 and In the top display line 2,...

  • Page 73: Cruise-control System

    Switching on cruise Saving road speed control Cruise control is not available un- til the Enduro or Enduro Pro rid- ing mode has been deactivated. The symbol 1 for the coding plug is shown in the display. The Briefly push button 1 forward. Enduro PRO riding mode 2 Adjustment range for...

  • Page 74

    Accelerating Decelerating the twistgrip back past the idle position) to deactivate the cruise-control system. Telltale light for cruise control goes out. Resuming former cruising speed Briefly push button 1 forward. Briefly push button 1 back. Speed is increased by approx. Speed is reduced by approx.

  • Page 75: Spring Preload

    the motorcycle will decelerate Spring preload only to the cruising speed saved Setting in memory, even though you It is essential to set spring pre- might have intended slowing to load of the rear suspension to a lower speed. suit the load carried by the mo- Telltale light for cruise con- torcycle.

  • Page 76: Damping

    Damping Basic setting of spring preload, rear Setting Damping must be adapted to suit without Dynamic ESA the surface on which the motor- Turn adjuster knob in direc- cycle is ridden and to suit spring tion LOW until the stop posi- preload.

  • Page 77: Dynamic Esa, Electronic Suspension Adjustment

    Via ride height sensors, Dynamic is fitted, the driver's adjustments Basic setting of rear- ESA detects the movements in are retained for all modes. suspension damping the chassis and suspension and characteristic Viewing suspension responds to the same by ad- settings justing the damper valves.

  • Page 78

    NORMAL : Normal damping characteristic HARD : Sporty damping char- acteristic with Pro riding modes In the Enduro and Enduro Pro modes, only two settings are possible: SOFT : Comfortable damping In the multifunction display, the Press button 1 briefly to view characteristic damping is shown in area 1, the the current setting.

  • Page 79: Clutch

    The following settings are avail- The ESA indicator disappears able: from the display as soon as adjustment completes. One-up Clutch One-up with luggage Adjusting the clutch lever Two-up (with luggage) WARNING Adjusting the clutch lever Turn knob 1 to the desired po- while riding.

  • Page 80: Brakes

    Brakes NOTICE WARNING Adjusting the front brake The adjuster is easier to turn Tendency of valve inserts in- lever if you push the brake lever stalled vertically top open forward. by themselves at high riding WARNING speeds. Four settings are possible: Adjusting the brake lever Sudden loss of tyre pressure.

  • Page 81: Handlebars

    Stage 2 is for heating the grips shop, preferably an authorised handlebar grips are switched off quickly: it is advisable to switch BMW Motorrad dealer. to ensure the battery's starting back to stage 1 as soon as the capability. grips are warm.

  • Page 82: Mirrors

    Adjusting mirror arm length of time to pass without Push protective cap 1 over the making further changes. threaded fastener. In order to switch off the Windscreen heated handlebar grips, repeatedly press button 1 until Adjusting windscreen the heated handlebar grip symbol 2 is no longer shown on the display.

  • Page 83: Front And Rear Seats

    Turn knob 1 counter-clockwise Remove the rear seat and Low seat position: Push rear to raise the windscreen. place it, upholstered side down, seat forward B. on a clean surface. Lugs 1 of the rear seat are cor- Front and rear seats rectly located.

  • Page 84

    justment in the alignment 1 (identification L). In order to set the high seat position, install front height adjustment in the direction 2 (identification H). Use vehicle key to turn seat In order to remove the front lock 1 to the left and hold, sup- height adjustment 1, press portingly press down the rider's down locking mechanism 2...

  • Page 85

    In order to set the low seat po- Set rider's seat into the mount- sition, swivel rear height adjust- ings 1 left and right, and place ment 1 into position 3 (identi- loosely on the motorcycle. fication L). Press the rider's seat slightly In order to set the high seat forward in its rear area and position, swivel rear height...

  • Page 87: Riding

    Riding Safety instructions ....86 Comply with checklist ....89 Starting .

  • Page 88: Safety Instructions

    Carefully try out the limits of of the year. Your authorised the motorcycle's bank angle by overloading and imbal- BMW Motorrad dealer will be anced loads. and adapt your style of riding glad to advise you on the correct accordingly.

  • Page 89

    Maximum speed with with cases with tank rucksack knobbly tyres or winter Ensure that the case volumes Note the maximum permissible on the left and right are equal. payload of the tank rucksack. tyres Make sure that the weight is Payload of tank rucksack uniformly distributed between DANGER...

  • Page 90: Catalytic Converter

    Risk of poisoning Catalytic converter Risk of overheating Exhaust fumes contain carbon If misfiring causes unburned fuel ATTENTION monoxide, which is colourless to enter the catalytic converter, and odourless but highly toxic. there is a danger of overheating Engine running for prolonged and damage.

  • Page 91: Comply With Checklist

    Do not tamper with the vehicle without Dynamic ESA ABS self-diagnosis is in any way that could result in performed ( Adjust the damping for rear tuned performance. ASC self-diagnosis is per- wheel ( 74). formed ( Comply with checklist with Dynamic ESA Select neutral or, if a gear is Adjusting the chassis and...

  • Page 92

    ABS self-diagnosis tion is switched on. This test is known as the Pre-Ride-Check. BMW Motorrad Integral ABS per- Press starter button 1. The test is aborted if you start forms self-diagnosis to ensure the engine before it completes.

  • Page 93: Running In

    Phase 2 ASC self-diagnosis Check all the warning and tell- tale lights. Test of the wheel-speed BMW Motorrad ASC performs After completion of ASC self- sensors as the vehicle pulls self-diagnosis to ensure its op- diagnosis, an indicator showing away from rest.

  • Page 94: Shifting Gear

    Shifting gear Comply with the rpm limits for WARNING running in. with Pro shift assistant New brake pads. Running-in speeds Shift assistant Pro Longer stopping distance. Risk of accident. The shift assistant assists up- <5000 min (Odometer read- Apply the brakes in good shifts and downshifts without the ing 0...1000 km) time.

  • Page 95: Brakes

    The sharper the motor- BMW Motorrad Integral ABS pre- cumstances. It is advisable to cycle decelerates, the more load vents the front wheel from lock- avoid using the Pro shift assist- is shifted to the front wheel.

  • Page 96

    Hazard braking Wet and dirty brakes dirt, or dismount and clean the brakes. with ABS Pro Wetness and dirt on the brake Think ahead and brake in good discs and the brake pads dimin- If you brake sharply from a speed time until full braking efficiency ish braking efficiency.

  • Page 97: Parking Your Motorcycle

    Parking your sistance varies, depending on extreme cases this can result in a the riding mode selected and de- crash. motorcycle creases in 3 stages from RAIN to Side stand Use on public roads Enduro. ABS Pro helps make the mo- Assistance by ABS Pro Switch off the engine.

  • Page 98: Off-roading

    Extend the side stand and prop Risk of damage to parts if vehicle the motorcycle on the stand. topples. BMW Motorrad recommends If the camber of the roadway Do not lean or sit on the checking the following after riding...

  • Page 99: Refuelling

    Fuel grade cleaned. For optimum fuel consumption, Rims fuel should be sulphur-free or as BMW Motorrad recommends ATTENTION low-sulphur as possible. checking the rims for damage Riding on unsurfaced roads after off-roading. ATTENTION or dirty road surfaces.

  • Page 100

    Open the protective cap 2. Fuel attacks plastic surfaces. programmed appropriately at Use ignition key 1 to unlock your authorised BMW mo- Surfaces become unsightly or fuel filler cap by turning it torcycle dealer.) (max. 10 % dull.

  • Page 101

    hold if it had been run dry and Do not smoke. Never bring the engine had cut out due to a a naked flame near the fuel lack of fuel. tank. Usable fuel capacity WARNING Escape of fuel due to heat- approx.

  • Page 102

    Again slowly pull up tab 1 of NOTICE the fuel filler cap. Fuel filler cap unlocks. The fuel filler cap can be opened Fully open the fuel filler cap. within the defined waiting time after the ignition has been switched off, without the radio- operated key being within range.

  • Page 103: Securing Motorcycle For Transporta

    and the warning light to switch The fuel filler cap locks auto- off. matically when the waiting time expires. The engaged fuel filler cap NOTICE locks immediately when you The “usable fuel capacity” spe- secure the steering lock or cified in the technical data is the switch on the ignition.

  • Page 104: Tion

    At the rear, secure the straps ATTENTION to the rear footrests on both sides and tighten the straps. Trapping of components. Tighten all the straps uniformly; Component damage the motorcycle's suspension Do not trap components such should be compressed as as brake lines or cable legs.

  • Page 105: Engineering

    Integral ABS ..... . . 106 Electronic engine management with BMW Motorrad ASC ..110 Tyre pressure monitoring RDC ..112...

  • Page 106: Riding Mode

    Riding mode rear wheel when the footbrake ABS and/or ASC can be lever is operated. The ABS switched off in each mode: the Selection has been adjusted to off-road explanations below invariably There is a choice of 5 riding operation using studded tyres. apply to the behaviour of the modes for adapting the motor- motorcycle with these systems...

  • Page 107: Shift Assistant

    the systems in question are all in Basic setting Enduro Pro: HARD the appropriate state. The front wheel lift assistant is The selection menu does not active in all modes. Mode changes disappear from the display un- In the RAIN, ROAD and DY- with Pro riding modes til the mode change has taken NAMIC modes, the ASC is set...

  • Page 108: Brake System With

    Brake system with has to move the shift lever from clutches. BMW Motorrad Integral its idle position in the desired dir- ection against the force of the Downshifting spring through a certain "over-...

  • Page 109

    BMW Motorrad under these circumstances the of friction, the longer the braking Integral ABS adapts braking-force distance. ABS has to reduce braking force distribution between front and to ensure that directional sta- If the rider increases braking rear brakes to suit the load on...

  • Page 110

    ABS? ABS? that the BMW Motorrad Integ- Within the limits imposed by If the ABS system has to reduce ral ABS will be unable to prevent braking force on account of the...

  • Page 111

    If a fault message is issued on Reserves for safety account of exceptional riding The potentially shorter braking Until now, the BMW Motorrad conditions, you can reactivate distances which BMW Motorrad ABS helped ensure a very high the ABS function by switching...

  • Page 112: Electronic Engine Management With Bmw Motorrad Asc

    If slip exceeds a certain The BMW Motorrad ASC can be corresponding degree. Addition- limit, the engine control inter- deactivated in these cases.

  • Page 113

    Do not take risks that would tyres, with the result that ASC an automatic shutdown of the negate the additional safety intervention occurs before BMW Motorrad ASC: offered by this system. optimum forward acceleration Riding for a lengthy period with is achieved. Under these...

  • Page 114: Tyre Pressure Monitoring Rdc

    15 minutes after the a corresponding loss of stability. ature drops. Tyre temperature vehicle comes to a stop. BMW Motorrad ASC is unable to depends on ambient temperature An error message is issued if control a situation of this nature.

  • Page 115

    the pressures shown by the the tyre is inflated to the correct multifunction display. pressure. Pressure adaptation Compare the RDC readings on the multifunction display with the value in the table on the inside cover of the Rider's Manual. Then use the air line to compensate for the difference between the RDC reading and the value in the table.

  • Page 117: Maintenance

    Maintenance General instructions ....116 Toolkit ......116 Engine oil .

  • Page 118: General Instructions

    Further information on mainten- Screwdriver handle ance and repair work is available Use with screwdriver in- from your BMW Motorrad author- sert. ised dealer in the form of a DVD. Top up the engine oil 118). Some of the work requires spe-...

  • Page 119: Engine Oil

    Wait five minutes for the oil to your authorised BMW Motorrad drain into the oil pan. dealer. Engine oil Check engine oil level ATTENTION The oil level varies with the Engine oil, specified level temperature of the oil.

  • Page 120: Brake System

    Check engine oil level ( 117). filler neck clean. specialist workshop, preferably Install cap 3 of the oil filler Insert Torx end of reversible an authorised BMW Motorrad neck. screwdriver insert 1 into screw- dealer. driver handle 2 (on-board tool- Brake system kit) for additional leverage.

  • Page 121

    Have the brake pads replaced by a specialist workshop, preferably an authorised BMW Motorrad dealer. Visually inspect the left and Brake-pad wear limit, Check the rear brake pad right brake pads to ascertain...

  • Page 122: Front Brakes

    Have the brake pads replaced by a specialist workshop, preferably an authorised BMW Motorrad dealer. Check brake-fluid level, front brakes Visually inspect the brake pads Brake-pad wear limit, WARNING to ascertain their thickness.

  • Page 123

    MIN mark. (Brake-fluid reservoir horizontal, motorcycle upright) If the brake fluid level drops be- low the permitted level: Have the defect rectified as quickly as possible by a spe- cialist workshop, preferably an authorised BMW Motorrad dealer.

  • Page 124: Coolant

    Risk of burn injury low the permitted level: Keep ell clear of all hot engine Have the defect rectified as components. quickly as possible by a spe- Do not touch hot engine cialist workshop, preferably components. an authorised BMW Motorrad dealer.

  • Page 125

    Check the coolant level in ex- pansion tank 1. If the coolant drops below the permitted level: Top up the coolant. Topping up coolant Remove body-bound rivet 1. Open cap 1 of the coolant ex- pansion tank and top up the Remove screws 2.

  • Page 126: Clutch

    Seat the side panel in Install screws 1. shop and replaced if neces- mounts 1. sary, preferably by an author- Clutch ised BMW Motorrad dealer. Checking clutch function Checking tyre tread depth Pull the clutch lever. The pressure point must be WARNING clearly perceptible.

  • Page 127: Wheels

    BMW Motorrad information from your authorised ated on the edge of the tyre, e.g. dealer. BMW Motorrad dealer or on by the letters TI, TWI or by an the Internet at arrow. Wheels

  • Page 128: Removing Front Wheel

    Be sure to explain to the spe- an authorised BMW Motorrad cialist workshop or authorised dealer. In some cases, the data BMW Motorrad dealer that the programmed into the control wheel is fitted with an RDC sensor.

  • Page 129

    Lift the front of the motorcycle lever while a brake caliper has until the front wheel is clear of been removed. the ground, preferably using a BMW Motorrad front-wheel Remove securing screws 4 stand. of the left and right brake cal- Install the front-wheel stand lipers.

  • Page 130: Installing Front Wheel

    Remove screw 1. Withdraw quick-release axle 1, Remove spacer bush 1 from support the front wheel when the wheel hub. Remove left-hand axle clamp- doing this. ing screw 2. Installing front wheel Set down front wheel and Press quick-release axle slightly roll forwards out of the front toward the inside, so as to be WARNING...

  • Page 131

    Always have the security of Roll the front wheel into posi- the fasteners checked by a tion between the front forks. specialist workshop, preferably an authorised BMW Motorrad dealer. Install screw 1 and tighten to specified torque. Counter-hold quick-release axle on the right- hand side.

  • Page 132

    Position left and right brake Delayed braking effect. Clamping screw for calipers on the brake discs. Before riding off, always check quick-release axle in that the brakes bite as soon as telescopic fork the brake lever is pulled or the 19 Nm brake pedal depressed.

  • Page 133: Removing Rear Wheel

    Risk of burn injury Remove studs 1 from the rear specialist workshop, preferably wheel, while supporting the Do not touch a hot exhaust an authorised BMW Motorrad wheel. dealer. system. Roll the rear wheel out toward Allow rear silencer to cool Seat the rear wheel on the the rear.

  • Page 134: Front-wheel Stand

    Front-wheel stand parts are available from your BMW Motorrad dealer. Install the front-wheel stand ATTENTION Use of the BMW Motorrad front wheel stand without also accompanying use of centre stand or auxiliary Install wheel studs 1 and stand. tighten to specified torque.

  • Page 135: Lighting

    Lighting Replacing bulbs for low- beam and high-beam headlight without LED headlights NOTICE The positions of the plug, the Align the two adapters 2 so spring wire retainer and the ATTENTION that the front forks are securely bulb might not be as illustrated seated.

  • Page 136

    the bulb for the high-beam Replace the defective bulb. headlight. Bulbs for the low-beam headlight H7 / 12 V / 55 W with LED headlights Bulb for high-beam Remove cover 1 by turning it headlight counter-clockwise to replace the bulb for the low-beam H7 / 12 V / 55 W Disconnect plug 1.

  • Page 137

    Insert bulb 2, making sure that Connect plug 1. Remove cover 1 by turning it tab 3 is correctly positioned. counter-clockwise. Place cover in position and fit by turning clockwise. NOTICE Replacing bulb for parking The bulb might face in a direc- light tion other than that shown here.

  • Page 138

    Replacing bulbs for front and rear turn indicators without LED turn indicators Make sure the ground is level and firm and place the motor- cycle on its stand. Switch off the ignition. Remove bulb 1 from the Insert bulb 1 into the socket. socket.

  • Page 139

    Replace the defective bulb. Bulbs for flashing turn indicators, front RY10W / 12 V / 10 W with LED turn indicators Bulbs for flashing turn Pull the glass out of the light Turn bulb 1 clockwise to install indicators, rear housing at the threaded- it in the light housing.

  • Page 140: Air Filter

    Replacing air-filter LED headlights can be re- element placed only as a complete unit. Consult a specialist work- shop, preferably an authorised BMW Motorrad dealer. Replacing LED auxiliary headlights Install screw 1. with LED auxiliary headlights Replacing LED rear light...

  • Page 141

    Remove screws 1. Clean or, as necessary, replace Place centre trim panel in po- air filter element 2. sition, paying attention to the Remove the air filter cover. connections 1 to the side pan- Insert air filter element 2 and els.

  • Page 142: Jump-starting

    Jump-starting ATTENTION ATTENTION Jump-starting with a voltage greater than 12 V. Excessive current flowing Damage to the on-board elec- when the motorcycle is tronics. jump-started Make sure that the battery of Wiring smoulders/ignites or dam- the donor vehicle has a voltage age to the on-board electronics rating of 12 V.

  • Page 143: Battery

    NOTICE low is important in order to max- ing the jump leads. imise battery life: BMW Motorrad has developed a Disconnect the jump lead from Keep the surface of the battery float charger specially designed the negative terminals first, clean and dry.

  • Page 144

    Damage to charger and to frame ger that is not compatible with and suspension electronics. your motorcycle's electronics. If ATTENTION Use suitable BMW chargers. this happens, disconnect the bat- The suitable charger is tery from the on-board systems Charging a fully discharged...

  • Page 145

    Charging battery when Removing battery disconnected Charge the battery using a suitable charger. Comply with the operating in- structions of the charger. Once the battery is fully charged, disconnect the charger's terminal clips from Disconnect battery negative the battery terminals. lead 1 and disengage rubber Switch off the ignition.

  • Page 146

    Slightly lift battery and remove fuse for the alternator regulator from the mounting to such an to blow. extent that the battery positive terminal becomes accessible. First insert retaining plate into the mountings 1 and then push under the battery in position 2. Secure battery positive lead 1.

  • Page 147: Fuses

    Replacing fuses If fuse defects recur frequently have the electric circuits checked by a specialist workshop, preferably an authorised BMW Motorrad dealer. Install plug 1. Installing front seat ( 83). Place battery cover into the mounting 1 and press into the Fuse assignment mountings 2.

  • Page 148

    7.5 A Multifunction switch, left Tyre pressure monitoring (RDC) Fuse for the alternator regulator 50 A Alternator regulator...

  • Page 149: Accessories

    Accessories General instructions ....148 Power sockets ..... 148 Navigation system .

  • Page 150: General Instructions

    Automatic shutdown Use only parts and accessor- "". The sockets will be automat- ies approved by BMW for your ically switched off during the vehicle. start procedure. BMW has conducted extens- ive testing of the parts and ac-...

  • Page 151: Navigation System

    BMW Motorrad Navigator IV and Pull retainer 2 to the left. the BMW Motorrad Navigator V. If the battery charge state is Press in lock 3.

  • Page 152

    Removing navigation Navigation device 4 is un- locked. device and installing Tilt navigation device 4 and cover work it downward to remove. ATTENTION Dust and dirt on contacts of the Mount Cradle. Damage to the contacts. Always reinstall the cover as Insert navigation device 1 at soon as you finish your ride.

  • Page 153

    Operating navigation In the BMW special menu, the menu items are selected by turn- system ing the Multi-Controller. NOTICE Short operation of the Multi-Con- The description below is based troller to the left or right changes on the Navigator V. The Navig-...

  • Page 154

    Turning increases or home phone number saved in supporting the A2DP standard, decreases the volume of a the Navigator (not shown un- for example a BMW Motorrad BMW Motorrad communication less a telephone is connected). communication system. system connected via...

  • Page 155

    NOTICE Security settings Detailed information cannot be The BMW Motorrad Navigator V displayed for all warnings. can be secured against unau- thorised use with a four-digit PIN Special functions Warning and status messages (Garmin Lock).

  • Page 156: Cases

    Navigator is switched on by ig- Adjusting case volume nition ON while cradled in any of with cases these vehicles. Open the case and remove all If the Navigator is removed from its contents. the vehicle while switched on, a security prompt asking for the PIN to be entered is issued.

  • Page 157

    Closing cases direction of travel when you close the carry handle. with cases Close carry handle 1. Turn the lock with the key until Turn key 2 counter-clockwise it is at right angles to the for- and remove. ward direction of travel. Close the case lid.

  • Page 158

    Pull red release lever 1 up. Press latching flap 1 down until ATTENTION resistance is felt. Latching flap 2 pops up. Then simultaneously press Fully open the latching flap. Closure of carrying handle down latching flap and red re- with case lock latched. lease lever 2.

  • Page 159: Topcase

    Note the maximum permissible payload and the speed limit for riding with cases fitted, as stated on the label inside the case. Contact your authorised BMW Motorrad dealer if you cannot Push yellow button 1 forward find your combination of vehicle and at the same time open the and cases on the label.

  • Page 160

    Removing the topcase with topcase Engage pivot lever 1 at the ATTENTION front limit position to set the case to maximum volume. Closure of carrying handle Turn key 1 clockwise. Engage pivot lever 1 at the with case lock latched. Keep the yellow latch 2 held rear limit position to set the Damage to locking tab.

  • Page 161

    Pull red lever 1 back as far as it Pull red lever 1 back as far as it Engage the topcase in front will go. will go. holders 1 of the topcase carrier plate. Latching flap 2 pops up. Latching flap 2 pops up. Press the topcase onto the Fully open the latching flap.

  • Page 162

    Note the maximum permissible payload and the speed limit for riding with topcase fitted, as stated on the label inside the topcase. Contact your authorised BMW Press latching flap 1 forward Motorrad dealer if you cannot ATTENTION until resistance is felt.

  • Page 163: Care

    Care Care products ..... 162 Washing the vehicle ....162 Cleaning easily damaged compon- ents .

  • Page 164: Care Products

    BMW Motorrad recommends BMW Motorrad recommends dry the brake discs and brake that you use BMW insect re- that you use the cleaning pads. and care products you can mover to soften and wash off...

  • Page 165: Cleaning Easily Damaged Compon

    Chrome Do not use insect-remover NOTICE pads or cleaning pads with Use plenty of water and BMW hard, scouring surfaces. shampoo to clean chrome, par- Aluminium cases and topcases ticularly if it has been exposed to do not have a surface coating.

  • Page 166: Paint Care

    BMW vehicle Spray the brake and clutch ATTENTION polish or BMW paint cleaner for lever pivots and the main and this purpose. side stand pivots with a suit- Application of silicone sprays Marks on the paintwork are par- able lubricant.

  • Page 167: Restoring Motorcycle To Use

    Restoring motorcycle to use Remove the protective wax coating. Clean the motorcycle. Installing battery ( 144). Comply with checklist ( 89).

  • Page 169: Technical Data

    Technical data Troubleshooting chart ... . . 168 Weights ......182 Threaded fasteners .

  • Page 170: Troubleshooting Chart

    Troubleshooting chart Engine does not start or is difficult to start. Possible cause Rectification Side stand extended and gear engaged Retract the side stand. Gear engaged and clutch not disengaged Select neutral or pull the clutch lever. No fuel in tank Refuelling ( 98).

  • Page 171: Threaded Fasteners

    Threaded fasteners Front wheel Value Valid Quick-release axle in telescopic forks M12 x 20 30 Nm Clamping screw for quick-re- lease axle in telescopic fork M8 x 35 19 Nm Brake caliper on telescopic fork M10 x 65 38 Nm Rear wheel Value Valid...

  • Page 172

    Mirror arm Value Valid Mirror (lock nut) to adapter Left-hand thread, M10 x 1.25 22 Nm Adapter to clamping block M10 x 14 - 4.8 25 Nm Handlebars Value Valid Clamping block (handlebar clamp) on fork bridge M8 x 35 Tighten in riding direction at the front of the block 19 Nm...

  • Page 173: Engine

    Engine Location of engine number Crankcase, bottom right, below starter motor Engine design Air-/liquid-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke opposed-twin engine with two overhead spur- gear-driven camshafts and one balancing shaft Displacement 1170 cm Cylinder bore 101 mm Piston stroke 73 mm Compression ratio 12.5:1 Nominal output 92 kW, at engine speed: 7750 min...

  • Page 174: Fuel

    If e.g. the engine is to be op- erated in countries with low fuel grades at 91 re- search octane number, then the motorcycle must first be programmed appropriately at your author- ised BMW motorcycle dealer.) (max. 10 % eth- anol, E10) 91 ROZ/RON 87 AKI Usable fuel capacity approx.

  • Page 175: Engine Oil

    SAE 5W-40, API SL / JASO MA2, Additives (e.g. molybdenum-based) are not permissible because they can attack coated components of the engine, BMW Motorrad recommends BMW Motorrad ADVANTEC Ultimate oil Engine oil, quantity for topping up max 0.95 l, Difference between MIN and MAX...

  • Page 176: Transmission

    0.848 (28:33 teeth), 6th gear 1.061 (35:33 teeth), Transmission output ratio Rear-wheel drive Type of final drive Shaft drive with bevel gears Type of rear suspension Cast aluminium single swinging arm with BMW Motorrad paralever Gear ratio of final drive 2.91 (32/11 teeth)

  • Page 177: Running Gear

    Running gear Front wheel Type of front suspension BMW Telelever, with anti-dive top fork bridge, leading link pivot-mounted on engine and tele- scopic forks, central spring strut supported by leading link and frame Design of front wheel suspension Central shock absorber with helical spring...

  • Page 178: Brakes

    Rear wheel Type of rear suspension Cast aluminium single swinging arm with BMW Motorrad paralever Type of rear suspension Central spring strut with coil spring, adjustable rebound stage damping and spring preload with Dynamic ESA Central spring strut with coil spring and reservoir, electrically adjustable rebound-.stage...

  • Page 179: Wheels And Tyres

    4.5 mm, Wear limit Wheels and tyres Recommended tyre sets Your authorised BMW Motorrad dealer will be happy to supply an up-to-date list of the approved wheel/tyre combinations, or you can check the in- formation posted on the web- site.

  • Page 180

    Rear wheel Rear-wheel type Aluminium cast wheel with cross-spoked wheels Cross-spoked wheel Rear wheel rim size 4.50"x17" Tyre designation, rear 170/60 - 17 Load index, rear tyre min. 70 Permissible rear-wheel imbalance max 45 g Tyre pressures Tyre pressure, front 2.5 bar, tyre cold Tyre pressure, rear 2.9 bar, tyre cold...

  • Page 181: Electrics

    Electrics Electrical rating of on-board sockets max 5 A, total for all sockets Fuse carrier 1 10 A, Slot 1: Instrument cluster, anti-theft alarm (DWA), ignition lock, diagnostic socket 7.5 A, Slot 2: Left multifunction switch, tyre pres- sure monitoring (RDC) Fuse holder 50 A, Fuse 1: Voltage regulator Battery...

  • Page 182: Frame

    Bulb for parking light W5W / 12 V / 5 W with LED headlights Bulb for tail light/brake light Bulbs for flashing turn indicators, front RY10W / 12 V / 10 W with LED turn indicators Bulbs for flashing turn indicators, rear RY10W / 12 V / 10 W with LED turn indicators Frame...

  • Page 183: Anti-theft Alarm

    Anti-theft alarm Activation time on arming approx. 30 s Alarm duration approx. 26 s Battery type CR 123 A Dimensions Length of motorcycle 2205 mm, over spray guard Height of motorcycle 1430...1490 mm, over windscreen, at DIN unladen weight with lowered suspension 1405...1465 mm, to top of windscreen when lowered, at DIN unladen weight Width of motorcycle...

  • Page 184: Weights

    Weights Unladen weight 238 kg, DIN unladen weight, ready for road 90 % load of fuel, without OE Permissible gross weight 450 kg Maximum payload 212 kg Riding specifications Starting capability on uphill gradients (at permiss- 20 % ible gross weight) Top speed >200 km/h...

  • Page 185: Service

    Service BMW Motorrad Service ... . 184 BMW Motorrad Mobility services ......184 Maintenance work .

  • Page 186: Bmw Motorrad Service

    BMW Motorrad has an extensive BMW Motorrad dealer. network of dealerships in place As owner of a new BMW to look after you and your mo- motorcycle, in circumstances In order to help ensure that your torcycle in more than 100 coun-...

  • Page 187

    1000 km BMW Service in advance when the time for a service is approaching, on the The BMW Service is carried out basis of the programmed values. once a year; the extent of ser- vicing can vary, depending on...

  • Page 189: Maintenance Schedule

    Maintenance schedule for the first time after one year, then every two years BMW Running-in check Standard BMW service 188) Engine-oil change, with filter Oil change in bevel gears Check valve clearance Replace all spark plugs Replace air-filter element Check or replace air-filter...

  • Page 190: Standard Bmw Service

    Standard BMW service fitted with cross-spoked wheels as OE). A standard BMW service con- Check the lights and signalling sists of the following mainten- equipment. ance work: Check that the engine start Perform vehicle test with the suppression system is in work- BMW Motorrad diagnosis sys- ing order.

  • Page 191: Work

    Confirmation of maintenance work BMW Pre-delivery BMW Running-in Check Check Completed Completed Odometer reading Next service at the latest or, if logged beforehand, Odometer reading Stamp, signature Stamp, signature...

  • Page 192

    BMW Service BMW Service BMW Service Completed Completed Completed Odometer reading Odometer reading Odometer reading Next service Next service Next service at the latest at the latest at the latest or, if logged beforehand, or, if logged beforehand, or, if logged beforehand,...

  • Page 193

    BMW Service BMW Service BMW Service Completed Completed Completed Odometer reading Odometer reading Odometer reading Next service Next service Next service at the latest at the latest at the latest or, if logged beforehand, or, if logged beforehand, or, if logged beforehand,...

  • Page 194

    BMW Service BMW Service BMW Service Completed Completed Completed Odometer reading Odometer reading Odometer reading Next service Next service Next service at the latest at the latest at the latest or, if logged beforehand, or, if logged beforehand, or, if logged beforehand,...

  • Page 195

    BMW Service BMW Service BMW Service Completed Completed Completed Odometer reading Odometer reading Odometer reading Next service Next service Next service at the latest at the latest at the latest or, if logged beforehand, or, if logged beforehand, or, if logged beforehand,...

  • Page 196: Confirmation Of Service

    Confirmation of service The table is intended as a record of maintenance and repair work, the installation of optional accessories and, if appropriate, special campaign (recall) work. Item Odometer Date reading...

  • Page 197

    Item Odometer Date reading...

  • Page 199: Appendix

    Appendix Certificate for electronic immobil- iser ....... . 198 Certificate for Keyless Ride ..200 Certificate for tyre pressure monitoring (Reifendruck-Control, RDC) .

  • Page 200: Ignition Switch

    FCC Approval This device complies with Any changes or modifi- Part 15 of the FCC rules. cations not expressly Ring aerial in the Operation is subject to the approved by the party ignition switch following two conditions: responsible for compliance (1) This device may not could void the user’s cause harmful inter-...

  • Page 201

    Approbation de informations avec la clé de Toute modification contact via l'antenne qui n'aurait pas été la FCC annulaire. approuvée expressément Antenne annulaire Le présent dispositif est par l'organisme responsa- conforme à la partie 15 ble de l'homologation peut présente dans le des règles de la FCC.

  • Page 202: Less Ride

    USA, Canada Any changes or modifications not expressly Product name: BMW Keyless Ride ID Device approved by the party responsible for FCC ID: YGOHUF5750 compliance could void the user’s authority to IC: 4008C-HUF5750...

  • Page 203

    Declaration Of Conformity We declare under our responsibility that the product BMW Keyless Ride ID Device (Model: HUF5750) camplies with the appropriate essential requirements of the article 3 of the R&TIE and the other relevant provisions, when used for its intended purpose. Applied Standards: 1.

  • Page 204

    Certification Tire Pressure Control (TPC) FCC ID: MRXBC54MA4 FCC ID: MRXBC5A4 IC: 2546A-BC54MA4 IC: 2546A-BC5A4 This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Le présent appareil est conforme aux CNR Rules and with Industry Canada license-exempt d'Industrie Canada applicables aux appareils RSS standard(s).

  • Page 205: General Instructions

    Brake fluid Abbreviations and symbols, 6 Control, 15 Checking fluid level, front, 120 Engineering details, 110 Checking fluid level, rear, 121 Control, 15 Operation, 66 Reservoir, front, 13 Engineering details, 106 Self-diagnosis, 91 Reservoir, rear, 13 Operation, 65 Brake pads Warning, 36 Self-diagnosis, 90 Checking front, 118...

  • Page 206

    Clutch Warning for engine oil level, 38 Technical data, 181 Adjusting handlebar lever, 77 Equipment, 7 Telltale light, 18 Checking operation, 124 Technical data, 173 Control, 15 Operation, 75 Confirmation of maintenance Electrics work, 189 Technical data, 179 Coolant Emergency off switch (kill Frame Checking fill level, 122 switch), 17...

  • Page 207: Immobiliser

    Heated handlebar grips Keyless Ride General views Control, 17 Instrument panel, 18 Battery of the radio-operated Operation, 79 Left multifunction switch, 15 key is empty or loss of the Horn, 15 Left side of motorcycle, 11 radio-operated key, 49 Multifunction display, 22 Electronic immobiliser EWS, 49 Ignition Fuel filler cap, unlocking, 99,...

  • Page 208

    Replacing LED auxiliary Maintenance Odometer and tripmeters headlights, 138 General instructions, 116 Resetting, 52 Replacing LED rear light, 138 Maintenance schedule, 187 Off-roading, 96 Technical data, 179 Maintenance intervals, 184 Warning for faulty bulb, 32 Mirrors Lights Parking, 95 adjusting, 80 automatic daytime riding Parking light, 61 Mobility services, 184...

  • Page 209

    Rider's Manual Shifting gear Fuel, 172 Position on the vehicle, 14 Recommendation to upshift, 42 Rear-wheel drive, 174 Riding mode Spark plugs Running gear, 175 adjusting, 67 Technical data, 179 Spark plugs, 179 Control, 17 Speedometer, 18 Standards, 7 Engineering details, 104 Spring preload Transmission, 174 Running gear...

  • Page 210

    Tyre pressure monitoring RDC Bulb faulty, 32 Windscreen Adjuster, 13 Reading, 41 Coolant temperature, 31 adjusting, 80 Tyres Engine control unit, 38 Checking inflation pressure, 78 Engine electronics, 31 Checking tread depth, 124 Engine oil level, 38 Pressures, 178 Fuel reserve, 38 Recommendation, 125 Immobiliser, 30 Running in, 92...

  • Page 212

    Errors and omissions excepted. © 2015 Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft 80788 Munich, Germany Not to be reproduced by any means whatsoever, wholly or in part, without the written per- mission of BMW Motorrad, After Sales.

  • Page 213

    If e.g. the engine is to be operated in countries with low fuel grades at 91 research octane number, then the motorcycle must first be programmed appropriately at your authorised BMW motorcycle dealer.) (max. 10 % ethanol, E10) 91 ROZ/RON...

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