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Motorola MC65 User Manual

Mobile computer.
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    MC65 MOBILE COMPUTER USER GUIDE 72E-133769-01 Rev. B March 2011...

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    Motorola. No right to copy a licensed program in whole or in part is granted, except as permitted under copyright law. The user shall not modify, merge, or incorporate any form or portion of a licensed program with other program material, create a derivative work from a licensed program, or use a licensed program in a network without written permission from Motorola.

  • Page 5: Revision History

    Revision History Changes to the original guide are listed below: Change Date Description -01 Rev A 9/2010 Initial release. -01 Rev. B 3/2011 Remove unsupported Voice Commander features. Add Speed Dialing setup instructions.

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    MC65 User Guide...

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Charging the Battery ........................ 1-5 Charging the Main Battery ....................1-5 Charging Spare Batteries ....................1-6 Charging Temperature ....................... 1-6 Powering On the MC65 ......................1-6 Calibrating the Screen ......................1-6 First-time Network Activation ......................1-7 GSM/UMTS Activation ......................1-7 Network Activation ......................

  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Changing the Keypad Backlight Settings ................. 1-10 Turning Off the Radios ......................1-10 Handstrap Replacement ........................ 1-11 Removal ........................... 1-11 Installation ..........................1-12 Chapter 2: Using the MC65 Introduction ............................ 2-1 Features ............................2-1 Function Buttons ..........................2-3 Keypads ............................2-4 Keypad Remapping .........................

  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Chapter 3: Making Calls Introduction ............................ 3-1 Making a Call ..........................3-1 Using the Phone Keypad ......................3-1 Smart Dialing ........................... 3-2 Using Contacts ......................... 3-3 Using Call Log .......................... 3-4 Using Speed Dialing ........................ 3-4 Answering a Call ..........................3-4 Incoming Call Features ......................

  • Page 10: Table Of Contents

    MC65 User Guide Chapter 5: Messaging Introduction ............................ 5-1 Email .............................. 5-1 Creating an Email Message ..................... 5-1 Viewing an Email Message ...................... 5-1 Replying to or Forwarding a Message ..................5-2 SMS Messaging ..........................5-2 Sending a Text Message ......................5-2 Viewing Text Messages ......................

  • Page 11: Table Of Contents

    A2DP/AVRCP Services ......................7-12 Chapter 8: Using GPS Navigation Introduction ............................ 8-1 Software Installation ........................8-1 MC65 GPS Setup .......................... 8-1 Operation ............................8-2 GPS Maps on microSD Cards ....................8-2 Answering a Phone Call While Using GPS ................8-2 Losing the GPS Signal While in a Vehicle ................

  • Page 12: Table Of Contents

    Chapter 10: Accessories Introduction ............................ 10-1 Accessories ........................... 10-1 Single Slot USB Cradle ........................10-3 Charging the MC65 Battery ..................... 10-3 Charging the Spare Battery ..................... 10-4 Battery Charging Indicators ..................... 10-4 Charging Temperature ....................... 10-4 Four Slot Charge Only Cradle ....................... 10-5 Charging ..........................

  • Page 13: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Maintaining the MC65 ........................11-1 Removing the Screen Protector ..................... 11-2 Battery Safety Guidelines ......................11-2 Cleaning ............................11-3 Materials Required ........................11-3 Cleaning the MC65 ........................11-4 Housing ..........................11-4 Display ..........................11-4 Scanner Exit Window ......................11-4 Connector ...........................

  • Page 14

    MC65 User Guide Smart Dialing ........................... C-5 Using Contacts ......................... C-6 Using Call History ........................C-6 Making a Speed Dial Call ......................C-7 Answering a Call ..........................C-7 Incoming Call Features ......................C-8 Missed Call Notification ......................... C-8 Emergency Calling ......................... C-8 Audio Modes ..........................

  • Page 15: About This Guide, Documentation Set

    The documentation set for the MC65 provides information for specific user needs, and includes: • MC65 Quick Start Guide - describes how to get the MC65 EDA up and running. • MC65 User Guide - describes how to use the MC65 EDA.

  • Page 16: Software Versions, Chapter Descriptions

    Topics covered in this guide are as follows: • Chapter 1, Getting Started provides information on getting the MC65 up and running for the first time. • Chapter 2, Using the MC65 provides basic instructions for using the MC65, including powering on and resetting the MC65, and entering and capturing data.

  • Page 17: Notational Conventions, Related Documents

    Chapter 9, Settings provides basic instructions for using the MC65 phone. • Chapter 10, Accessories describes the available accessories and how to use them with the MC65. • Chapter 11, Maintenance & Troubleshooting includes instructions on cleaning and storing the MC65, and provides troubleshooting solutions for potential problems during MC65 operation.

  • Page 18: Service Information

    Software type and version number. Manufacturing label Motorola responds to calls by email, telephone or fax within the time limits set forth in support agreements. If your problem cannot be solved by Motorola Enterprise Mobility Support, you may need to return your equipment for servicing and will be given specific directions.

  • Page 19: Introduction

    CHAPTER 1 GETTING STARTED Introduction This chapter lists the parts and accessories for the MC65 and explains how to set up the MC65 for the first time. Unpacking Carefully remove all protective material from the MC65 and save the shipping container for later storage and shipping.

  • Page 20: Getting Started, Installing A Microsd Card

    1 - 2 MC65 User Guide Getting Started To start using the MC65 for the first time: • Install a microSD card (optional) • Install the SIM card (GSM only) • Install the main battery pack. • Charge the MC65.

  • Page 21: Installing The Sim Card

    NOTE GSMs only. GSM phone service requires a Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card. Obtain the card from the your service provider. The card fits into the MC65 and can contain the following information: • Mobile phone service provider account details.

  • Page 22: Installing The Battery

    Installing the Battery To install the battery. Insert the battery, bottom first, into the battery compartment in the back of the MC65. Press the battery down into the battery compartment until the battery release latch snaps into place. Replace the handstrap.

  • Page 23: Charging The Battery

    Battery Safety Guidelines on page 11-2. Charging the Main Battery Before using the MC65 for the first time, charge the main battery until the amber Charging/Battery Status LED remains lit (see Table 1-1 on page 1-6 for charge status indications). To charge the MC65, use a cable or a cradle with the appropriate power supply.

  • Page 24: Charging Spare Batteries, Powering On The Mc65

    Table 1-1. Powering On the MC65 Press the Power button to turn on the MC65. The splash screen displays for about a minute as the MC65 initializes its flash file system, then the calibration window appears. Calibrating the Screen NOTE The Calibration screen can be accessed by pressing Blue key then Backspace key.

  • Page 25: First-time Network Activation, Gsm/umts Activation, Checking Battery Status

    For detailed information for configuring the phone and activating on a different network, refer to the MC65 Integrator Guide. Checking Battery Status To check the charge status of the main battery in the MC65, tap Start > Settings > Power to display the Power window or tap Status Bar >...

  • Page 26: Replacing The Microsd Card, Replacing The Battery

    Replacing the Battery CAUTION The MC65 backup battery retains data for up to 15 minutes. Replace the battery within 15 minutes to ensure that application states are maintained and that data is not lost. If the MC65 is in suspend mode, press the red Power button to wake the device.

  • Page 27: Replacing The Sim Card

    Slide SIM card holder door down to lock into place. Close the rubber access door. CAUTION The MC65 backup battery retains data for up to 15 minutes. Replace the battery within 15 minutes to ensure that application states are maintained and that data is not lost. Replace the battery.

  • Page 28: Battery Management, Changing The Power Settings, Changing The Backlight Settings, Changing The Keypad Backlight Settings

    1 - 10 MC65 User Guide Battery Management Observe the following battery saving tips: • Leave the MC65 connected to AC power at all times when not in use. • Set the MC65 to turn off after a short period of non-use. •...

  • Page 29: Handstrap Replacement

    15 minutes. If replacement takes longer than 15 minutes data may be lost. If the MC65 is in suspend mode, press the red Power button to wake the device. Press and hold the red Power button for approximately 5 seconds.

  • Page 30

    Repeat for the other side of the handstrap. Remove pin from the handstrap. Pin Removal Figure 1-9 Pull handstrap through handstrap slot. Installation To install a new handstrap: Feed bottom end of handstrap into handstrap slot on the bottom of the MC65.

  • Page 31

    Getting Started 1 - 13 Feed handstrap into Handstrap Slot Figure 1-10 Slide pin into bottom of handstrap. Center the pin in the handstrap loop. NOTE Handstrap and pin should fit securely into the handstrap mounting area. When pulling on handstrap use enough force to engage pin into place.

  • Page 32

    1 - 14 MC65 User Guide...

  • Page 33

    CHAPTER 2 USING THE MC65 Introduction This chapter explains the buttons, status icons, and controls on the MC65, and provides basic instructions for using the MC65, including resetting the MC65 and entering and capturing data. Features WAN Radio Charging/Battery Data Capture...

  • Page 34

    2 - 2 MC65 User Guide Battery Battery Latch Speaker Camera Flash Handstrap Camera Stylus Stylus Clip Action Button Scan/Action Button Exit Window MC65 Rear View Figure 2-2...

  • Page 35: Function Buttons

    Function Buttons Figure 2-3 • Power: Press the red Power button to turn the MC65 screen on and off. The MC65 is in suspend mode when the screen is off. For more information, see Powering On the MC65 on page 1-6.

  • Page 36: Keypad Remapping, Finger Scrolling

    2 - 4 MC65 User Guide Keypads The MC65 offers two types modular keypad configurations: Numeric and alpha-numeric. MC65 Numeric Keypad Figure 2-4 Refer to Chapter B, Keypads for detailed information on the keypad configurations. Keypad Remapping The user has the ability to remap the keypad keys to characters or applications. Refer to Chapter 9, Settings for detailed information on remap keypad keys.

  • Page 37: Motorola Home Screen

    Using the MC65 2 - 5 Motorola Home Screen The customizable Motorola Home screen provides faster and easier access to features and applications, and allows users to tailor the interface to improve their unique workflow and maximize on-the-job efficiency. Status Bar...

  • Page 38

    2 - 6 MC65 User Guide Status Bar Icons (Continued) Table 2-1 Icon Description Icon Description One or more Email messages were received. Receiving MMS message. Sending MMS message. MMS message sent successfully. MMS message received successfully. Microsoft customer feedback alert.

  • Page 39

    Cards provide quick access to completing common tasks. The number and type of cards available to an end user are configurable by the system administrator or the end user. By default, the MC65 ships with four cards. Swipe finger left or right on the screen to view adjacent cards.

  • Page 40

    2 - 8 MC65 User Guide Tap to Open Date and Time Carrier Name Tap to Configure Cards Tap to Configure Active Card Owner’s Name Owner’s Company Name Full Home Card Figure 2-8 Table 2-2 lists the Home card shortcut icons.

  • Page 41

    Using the MC65 2 - 9 Weather Card The Weather card display the weather for a selected city. Weather Card Figure 2-9 Weather Card on page 9-12 for information on configuring the Weather card. Time Tracker Card The Time Tracker card provide a easy way for a worker to log hours spend at a job and output this information in a easy to use format.

  • Page 42: Tile Bar

    2 - 10 MC65 User Guide My Apps Window The My Apps window provides access to all the applications on the MC65. The window is configurable so that it can display favorite applications. To configure the My Apps window refer to My Apps Window Setup on page 9-9.

  • Page 43

    GIFs, and video files. Rapid Deployment Client - Allows the Remote Desktop Mobile - Log onto MC65 user to stage a device for initial use by Windows NT server type computers and use initiating the deployment of settings, all of the programs that are available on that firmware, and software.

  • Page 44: Device Management

    Windows Live™ to find information on the video files. web. Device Management The Device Management window provides quick access to information and settings for the MC65. Tap anywhere on the Status Bar to open the Device Management window. Device Management Window Figure 2-14 The navigation bar consists of eight tabs: •...

  • Page 45

    Tap an icon to open the associated tab. Scroll left or right to view more icons. Programs The Programs tab lists the programs that are currently running on the MC65 and allows for easy program switching, and a quick way to end processes.

  • Page 46

    2 - 14 MC65 User Guide Tap View Large Files to display files on the MC65 that are above a specific byte size. Sound Profiles The Sound Profiles tab provides direct access to sound-related profiles. Sound Profiles Tab Figure 2-17 To select a profile, tap the profile name.

  • Page 47

    Bluetooth - Turns the Bluetooth radio on or off. • Device timeout - Sets the amount of time after inactivity that the MC65 goes into suspend mode. • Backlight - Sets the amount of time after inactivity that the MC65 goes into suspend mode.

  • Page 48

    2 - 16 MC65 User Guide • ActiveSync Peak time - Set the interval between which the MC65 checks for email and calendar events. • ActiveSync Off-peaktime - Set the interval between which the MC65 checks for email and calendar events.

  • Page 49

    Tap a notification to read the associated information. Settings The Settings tab lists the settings applications on the MC65. Tap an item in the list to open the associated setting application or folder. Slide the list up to view more settings icons.

  • Page 50: Led Indicators, Adjusting Volume, Battery Status Indications

    Adjusting Volume To adjust the system volume: Press the volume buttons on the right side of the MC65 to increase and decrease the system volume. The Volume dialog box appears. As you increase or decrease the volume, the slider moves accordingly. You can also move the slider to adjust the volume.

  • Page 51: Resetting The Mc

    On an alphanumeric keypad, simultaneously press the red Power button and the keys. Locking the MC65 The user can lock the MC65 to disable key presses and screen tap or by requiring a password to keep your data secure. Refer to Locking the MC65 on page 9-4 for information on setting up device locking.

  • Page 52

    Messaging window. Password Window Figure 2-26 Stylus Use the MC65 stylus to select items and enter information. The stylus functions as a mouse. • Tap: Touch the screen once with the stylus to press option buttons and open menu items. •...

  • Page 53: Entering Data

    Using the MC65 2 - 21 Entering Data When entering data on the keypad, use either the single-hand method or the two-hand method as shown in Figure 2-27. Two-hand Method Single-hand Method Entering Data on the Keypad Figure 2-27...

  • Page 54: Data Capture, Digital Camera

    Pick List Mode: This mode allows you to selectively decode a bar code when more than one bar code is in the MC65’s field of view. To accomplish this, move the aiming crosshair or dot over the required bar code to decode only this bar code. This feature is ideal for pick lists containing multiple bar codes and manufacturing or transport labels containing more than one bar code type (either 1D or 2D).

  • Page 55: Scanning Considerations, Imager Scanning

    Imager Scanning To read a bar code, a scan-enabled application is required. The MC65 contains the DataWedge application that allows the user to enable the imager, decode the bar code data and display the bar code content.

  • Page 56

    The Scan/Decode LED lights red to indicate that scanning is in process, then lights green and a beep sounds, by default, to indicate the bar code was decoded successfully. Note that when the MC65 is in Pick List Mode, the imager does not decode the bar code until the crosshair or aiming dot touches the bar code.

  • Page 57: Digital Camera Scanning, Using Voice-over-ip

    Tap OK. Using Voice-Over-IP The MC65 supports Voice over IP over WLAN (VoWLAN) using Motorola or third party voice clients. The MC65 can communicate using VoIP either using the MC65 supports several audio outputs, including back speaker phone, front receiver or handset, and Bluetooth headset.

  • Page 58

    GHz band avoids some noise sources that may occur on the 802.11b/g (2.4 GHz) band due to wireless interference. When using a Bluetooth headset with the MC65 and VoWLAN, it is required to use the Bluetooth Headset profile instead of Hands-free profile. Use the buttons on the MC65 to answer and end calls. See...

  • Page 59

    High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) or Evolution Data-Optimized (EvDO) using Cellular Line. Making a Call NOTE The user can make emergency calls even when the MC65 is locked or when it is not activated. See Emergency Calling on page 3-5 for more information.

  • Page 60: Smart Dialing

    Call Log (including incoming, outgoing, and missed calls). You can then select the desired number or contact from the filtered list to dial. Press keys on the MC65 keypad that correspond to the phone number or contact to call. The contact panel lists contacts that match the sequence entered.

  • Page 61: Using Contacts

    Making Calls 3 - 3 To find a phone number: • Enter the first one or two digits to find a phone number in Call History. • Enter the first three digits or more to find a phone number from the saved Contacts and SIM card. To find a contact name: •...

  • Page 62: Using Call Log, Using Speed Dialing

    Answering a Call When the MC65 receives an incoming call a dialog box appears. If the phone is set to ring, a ring tone sounds. Answer or ignore the incoming call. To answer an incoming call tap Answer or press To ignore the incoming call, tap Ignore.

  • Page 63: Missed Call Notification

    SIM card is not inserted or the phone is not activated. Your service provider can program additional emergency numbers into the SIM card. However, the SIM card must be inserted in the MC65 in order to use the numbers stored on it. See the service provider for additional information.

  • Page 64: Muting A Call, Managing Call Log

    3 - 6 MC65 User Guide Muting a Call During a call, the caller can mute the microphone so they can hear the person on the line but he or she cannot hear the caller. This is useful when there is conversation or background noise.

  • Page 65: Using The Call Log Menu, Conference Calling

    Making Calls 3 - 7 Using the Call Log Menu Use the Call Log menu to make a call, send an SMS, add to contacts and remove item from the log. Press and then tap Call Log Window Figure 3-4 Tap an item to call the number or tap to open the Options window for that item.

  • Page 66

    3 - 8 MC65 User Guide Two Calls Figure 3-5 Tap the Call Line 1 to make that call active. The second call go on hold. to create a conference call (three callers). Two Merged Calls Figure 3-6 To add a third caller tap .

  • Page 67

    Making Calls 3 - 9 To add the new caller to the conference tap Three Merged Calls Figure 3-8 to view all callers. Un-Merge Calls Figure 3-9 to remove a caller from the conference. To end the conference call, tap next to the Call Line.

  • Page 68: Making A 3-way Call, Speed Dial Setup, Adding A Speed Dial Entry

    3 - 10 MC65 User Guide Making a 3-Way Call NOTE For use on CDMA networks. 3-way Calling may not be available on all services. Please check with the service provider for availability. With 3-Way Calling, you can talk to two people at the same time. When using this feature, the normal airtime rates will be charged for each of the two calls.

  • Page 69: Deleting A Speed Dial Entry

    Voice Commander is a speech dialog system that provides natural human interface for users to communicate seamlessly with the MC65. Users can make phone calls, look up contact information, launch programs or check calendars. Voice Commander contains the following features: •...

  • Page 70: Call

    To call a person at a location: Initiate Voice Commander. The MC65 responds with “Say command.” Say “Call Mary Smith at home.” The MC65 responds with “Call Mary Smith home, is it correct?” Say “Yes.” The MC65 responds with “Dialing.”...

  • Page 71: Redial

    Initiate Voice Commander. The MC65 responds with “Say command.” Say “Find John Smith at work.” The MC65 responds with “More than one John Smith, please select.” Voice Commander displays a window with the two contacts. (System will show both Halley Johnson and Haley Johnson for user to select.)

  • Page 72: Read, What Time Is It, Call History, Voice Play Music

    To read a text message or an email message: Initiate Voice Commander. The MC65 responds with “Say command.” Say “Read SMS.” The MC65 responds with “You have 3 SMS” and reads the SMS messages. What time is it To find out the time of day: Initiate Voice Commander.

  • Page 73: Goodbye, What Can I Say

    Alternately tap Menu > Help to open the help file. Goodbye To exit the Voice Commander application, Say “Goodbye.” The MC65 responds with “Goodbye” and the application terminates. Voice Commander can be also terminated manually by tapping Menu > Exit. Note that goodbye will not be accepted during voice digit dialing operation.

  • Page 74

    3 - 16 MC65 User Guide...

  • Page 75: Chapter 4: Using Wlan Introduction, Fusion Overview

    CHAPTER 4 USING WLAN Introduction WLANs allow the MC65 to communicate wirelessly inside a building. Before using the MC65 on a WLAN, the facility must be set up with the required hardware to run the WLAN (sometimes known as infrastructure). The infrastructure and the MC65 must both be properly configured to enable this communication.

  • Page 76: Wireless Zero Config Overview, Switching Between Fusion And Wzc

    4 - 2 MC65 User Guide Status - Fusion Tab Figure 4-1 Refer to the Wireless Fusion Enterprise Mobility Suite User Guide for Version 3.20 for detailed information on using and configuring Fusion. To access the on-device Fusion Help tap Status Bar >...

  • Page 77: Supported Applications, Fusion Setup

    Using WLAN 4 - 3 Supported Applications The Fusion menu items and their corresponding applications are summarized in Table 4-1. Supported Applications Table 4-1 Application Description Fusion Support WZC Support Find WLANs Invokes the Find WLANs application which displays a list of the WLANs active in your area. Manage Profiles Invokes the Manage Profiles application (which includes the Profile Editor Wizard) to manage and...

  • Page 78

    4 - 4 MC65 User Guide In the ESSID text box enter the ESSID. Profile ID Dialog Box Figure 4-2 Tap Next. The Operating Mode dialog box displays. In the Operating Mode drop-down list, select Infrastructure or Ad-hoc. Operating Mode Dialog Box Figure 4-3 Tap Next.

  • Page 79

    Using WLAN 4 - 5 Select the Pass-phrase or Hexadecimal Keys radio button to indicate whether a pass-phrase or hexadecimal keys will be entered on the next page. Select the For added security - Mask characters entered check box to hide characters entered. Deselect this to show characters entered.

  • Page 80: Wireless Zero Config Setup

    Tap Status Bar > > Wireless Zero Config. Wireless Zero Config Window Figure 4-9 The MC65 searches for wireless networks in the area and displays them in the window. Tap a network name. Configure Wireless Network Window Figure 4-10 In the Connects to drop-own list, select either The Internet or Work.

  • Page 81: More Information On Wzc

    Using WLAN 4 - 7 Configure Network Authentication Window Figure 4-11 In the Authentication drop-down list, select the authentication type. In the Data Encryption drop-down list, select the data encryption type. If WEP encryption is selected, enter an encryption key in the Network key text box. Tap Next.

  • Page 82

    4 - 8 MC65 User Guide...

  • Page 83: Creating An Email Message, Viewing An Email Message

    CHAPTER 5 MESSAGING Introduction This chapter describes how to use Email, SMS Messaging and MMS Messaging. Email Use email to send messages to other users. Creating an Email Message To create an email message: Press Start > E-mail. Select an email account. >...

  • Page 84: Sending A Text Message, Replying To Or Forwarding A Message, Sms Messaging

    5 - 2 MC65 User Guide Tap an email to open it. Replying to or Forwarding a Message On the Home screen, tap for an Outlook email or for a personal email account. Tap an email to open it. Enter your reply message, and then tap...

  • Page 85: Viewing Text Messages

    5 - 3 If the MC65 phone feature is on, the text message is sent. If it’s off, a prompt displays to turn on the phone feature. The message is saved in the Drafts folder and sent when the MC65 phone feature is turned on.

  • Page 86: Replying To An Sms Message, Mms Messaging, Creating And Sending Mms Messages

    5 - 4 MC65 User Guide Text Message - Conversation Figure 5-4 Replying to an SMS Message To reply to a text message: Tap Start > Text. In the message list, tap a text message. The window displays previous text conversations.

  • Page 87: Viewing An Mms Message, Replying To An Mms Message

    Tap Done after adding information. to attach a picture or video stored on the MC65 to the message. to attach a sound file stored on the MC65 to the message.

  • Page 88: Blocking Incoming Sms Messages

    5 - 6 MC65 User Guide Blocking Incoming SMS Messages To block incoming MMS messages from a specific sender: 1. Open and view the MMS message. 2. Tap Menu > Show > Contact Details. 3. Tap Menu > Save to Blacklist.

  • Page 89: Taking Pictures

    The Camera window displays the view finder. Information about the current settings or the remaining number of pictures that can be saved to the MC65 are displayed on the lower right corner of the screen. Check the image on the view finder, adjust if necessary.

  • Page 90: Burst Mode, Timer Mode, Editing Pictures, Setting A Picture As Wallpaper

    Tap inside the area to crop the picture, or outside of the area to cancel cropping. Setting a Picture as Wallpaper To add a custom look to the Home screen of the MC65 (using the Windows Home screen); apply a wallpaper of your choice using any image. To set an image as a Home wallpaper: Tap and hold a thumbnail, then select Set as Home Background.

  • Page 91: Camera Configuration, Recording A Video

    Using the Camera 6 - 3 Camera Configuration To configure the camera settings: Tap Start > Pictures & Videos. Tap Menu, then configure the device settings. • Video - Tap to switch to video mode. • Mode - Select from the following modes to take the picture: Normal - Takes picture using the default settings.

  • Page 92: Video Configuration, Viewing Pictures And Videos

    6 - 4 MC65 User Guide NOTE By default, the time limit for recording videos is set to 30 seconds. Press the Enter key to begin recording. Press the Enter key to stop recording. Video Configuration To configure the video settings: Launch the Video application.

  • Page 93: Customizing Pictures & Videos

    Using the Camera 6 - 5 Customizing Pictures & Videos Using the Options command you can set preference settings on how to use Pictures & Videos. To customize Pictures & Videos: On either thumbnail or full screen mode, tap Menu > Options. On the General tab, set the following options: •...

  • Page 94

    6 - 6 MC65 User Guide...

  • Page 95: Adaptive Frequency Hopping

    AFH coexistence allows Motorola Enterprise Smart Phones to operate in any infrastructure. The Bluetooth radio in this MC65 operates as a Class 2 device power class. The maximum output power is 2.5 mW and the expected range is 10 meters (32.8 feet). A definition of ranges based on power class is difficult to obtain due to power and device differences, and whether one measures open space or closed office space.

  • Page 96

    Recommendations are: • Perform pairing in a secure environment • Keep PIN codes private and don't store the PIN codes in the MC65 • Implement application-level security. The Microsoft stack supports Smart-pairing. For detailed information, refer to the Microsoft MSDN.

  • Page 97: Bluetooth Configuration, Bluetooth Power States

    If there is an active Bluetooth connection between the MC65 and another Bluetooth device and there is no data activity, the MC65 will timeout. However, if the user presses the Power button on the MC65, the MC65 will suspend (except when on a call) and upon receiving data from a remote Bluetooth device, the MC65 will wake from suspend mode.

  • Page 98: Enabling Bluetooth, Disabling Bluetooth, Turning Bluetooth On And Off, Discovering Bluetooth Device(s)

    Turn off the Bluetooth radio to save power or if entering an area with radio restrictions (e.g., an airplane). When the radio is off, other Bluetooth devices cannot see or connect to the MC65. Turn on the Bluetooth radio to exchange information with other Bluetooth devices (within range).

  • Page 99

    Tap Status Bar > > Bluetooth > Devices. Bluetooth - Devices Tab Figure 7-2 Tap Add new device. The MC65 begins searching for discoverable Bluetooth devices in the area. Select a device from the list. Select a Bluetooth Device Figure 7-3...

  • Page 100

    7 - 6 MC65 User Guide Enter Passcode Figure 7-4 Enter the Passcode on the other device. The device is added to the Bluetooth list. Bluetooth Connection Confirmation Figure 7-5 The user is prompted to enter a passcode. If the device has a specific passcode, enter it in the Passcode field and tap Next.

  • Page 101: Available Services, Object Push Services Via Beam

    Using Bluetooth 7 - 7 Available Services NOTE Some devices might not require a PIN. This depends upon the device’s authentication. The MC65 with Microsoft Bluetooth stack offers the following services: • OBEX Object Push Services via Beam • Hands-Free Audio Gateway Services •...

  • Page 102: Internet Sharing

    When completed, Tap to send changes to Done. Internet Sharing Internet Sharing allows the user to connect a computer or laptop to the MC65 and use the MC65 as a modem to connect to an office network or ISP.

  • Page 103: Serial Port Services, Hands-free Services

    Select the headset name and tap Next. The Passcode window appears. Enter the headset’s passcode, if required. Tap Next. The MC65 connects to the headset. Refer to the headset user manual for instructions on communicating with a Bluetooth device. Serial Port Services Use the wireless Bluetooth serial port connection similar to a physical serial cable connection.

  • Page 104: Activesync Using Bluetooth

    7 - 10 MC65 User Guide Select the serial device in the list and then tap Next. Select a COM port from the drop-down list. Tap Finish. NOTE No connection is made at this point. An application must open the selected COM port to trigger Microsoft Bluetooth stack to open the connection.

  • Page 105: Phone Book Access Profile Services

    To disconnect the ActiveSync connection, tap Start > ActiveSync. Tap Disconnect. Phone Book Access Profile Services Phone Book Access profile (PBAP) is used to synchronize contacts between a remote device and the MC65. To establish an PBAP synchronization: Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled and discoverable on both devices.

  • Page 106: Dial-up Networking Services, Connect To A Hid Device, A2dp/avrcp Services

    If Yes is selected, contacts from the MC65 are transferred to the car kit. Dial-Up Networking Services Dial-up networking allows the user to connect a PC or laptop to the MC65 and use the MC65 as a modem to connect to an office network or ISP.

  • Page 107

    Using Bluetooth 7 - 13 Tap Start > Settings > Bluetooth > Devices. Tap Add new device. The MC65 begins searching for discoverable Bluetooth devices in the area. Select a stereo headset from the list. Tap Next. The Enter Passcode window appears. Refer to the device’s User Manuals for more information.

  • Page 108

    7 - 14 MC65 User Guide...

  • Page 109: Software Installation, Using Gps Navigation, Mc65 Gps Setup

    WARNING When using the MC65 in a vehicle, it is the user’s responsibility to place, secure and use in a manner that will not cause accidents, personal injury or property damage or obstruct their view. It is the responsibility of the driver to operate the vehicle in a safe manner, maintain observation of all driving conditions at all times, and not become distracted by the device to the exclusion of safe driving practices.

  • Page 110: Assisted Gps, Gps Maps On Microsd Cards, Answering A Phone Call While Using Gps

    MC65 from receiving a GPS signal from satellites. To improve GPS signal strength, place the MC65 where there is a clear view of the sky. A direct line of sight is required between the MC65 and the GPS satellites to access information from the satellites.

  • Page 111

    Using GPS Navigation 8 - 3 GPS Assistance Window Figure 8-1 To set the source of the data tap Source and select one of the options: WAN (default), WLAN, Active Sync, Any, None. To set the frequency of updating the data tap Update Frequency and select one of the options: On Demand (default), 1 Day, 2 Days, 4 Days, 7 Days.

  • Page 112

    8 - 4 MC65 User Guide...

  • Page 113: Settings Folder

    CHAPTER 9 SETTINGS Introduction This chapter provides information for customizing the MC65. Settings Folder Table 9-1 lists setting applications pre-installed on the MC65. Tap Status Bar > or tap Start > Settings to open the Settings tab. Setting Applications Table 9-1...

  • Page 114

    My Phone account at Connections Folder Beam Set the MC65 to receive Domain Enroll Make your device an AD incoming IrDA beams. domain member for device management and security. Connections...

  • Page 115

    Managed Displays the programs that Regional Set the regional Programs were installed on the MC65 Settings configuration to use, using Mobile Device including the format for Manager. displaying numbers, currency, date, and time on the MC65.

  • Page 116: Switching The Dialer

    MC65 User Guide Locking the MC65 Use the Password window to set a password to disable unauthorized access to the MC65. If the device is configured to connect to a network, use a strong (difficult to figure out) password NOTE to help protect network security.

  • Page 117: Sound Profiles

    Ring type - Set the type of ring that occurs when an incoming call is received. • Reminder - Set the type of ring that occurs when a MC65 generates a reminder. • Notification - Set the type of ring that occurs when a notification is received.

  • Page 118: Power Profiles

    Tap the option to select each feature listed and select an available option. • Device timeout - Sets the amount of time after inactivity that the MC65 goes into suspend mode. • Backlight - Sets the amount of time after inactivity that the MC65 goes into suspend mode.

  • Page 119: Backlight And Keylight Settings, Alarms

    Figure 9-3 Use the Battery Power tab to set the backlight and keylight settings when the MC65 is on battery power. Use the External Power tab to set the backlight and keylight settings when the MC65 is on external power.

  • Page 120: Display Tab, About Tab, Program Shortcuts Setup

    The user has the ability to set behaviors when the device is in motion, has a certain orientation of if the device is face down. Display Tab The user has the ability to conserve battery life when using accelerometer behaviors and to set the MC65 to automatic operations. Tap the Status Bar >...

  • Page 121: My Apps Window Setup

    Settings 9 - 9 Tap a shortcut button to remove the assigned shortcut. Tap a new program icon and then tap Save. My Apps Window Setup To create a customized application list: Tap My Apps > Edit > View > Create New. In the text box, enter a name for the list.

  • Page 122: Card Setup, Re-order Cards, Configure Cards

    9 - 10 MC65 User Guide Card Setup The cards on the Motorola Home screen can be configured and re-ordered: On any card, tap . The card flips over. Back of Card Figure 9-6 Re-Order Cards Each icon on the card back represents a card. To re-order the cards, press and hold on an icon and then drag it to a new location.

  • Page 123: Time Tracker Card

    Settings 9 - 11 to view a description of the card. Tap OK to return to the Home screen. Time Tracker Card The Time Tracker card is an application that keep track of time spent on projects. Project data is stored in the /Windows directory in file TimeTracker_data_file.csv.

  • Page 124: Weather Card

    9 - 12 MC65 User Guide Resets the project timer Return to the main screen Displays the project name and date Displays the last session total or running time since the project was started Displays the total time Displays the total time for the current day...

  • Page 125: Email Setup, Setting Up An Imap Or Pop Account

    The MC65’s Messaging application lets users access and manage multiple email accounts simultaneously in one convenient location. To send and receive email messages through an ISP (Internet Service Provider) account, or to use the MC65 to access corporate email through a VPN (Virtual Private Network), first set up an IMAP or POP account.

  • Page 126

    MC65 attempts to determine the necessary communication settings for both incoming and outgoing email messages. If the MC65 was able to automatically retrieve the necessary settings, tap Next. If the MC65 was unable to obtain the settings automatically, tap Next and proceed to step 8 in Entering Email Settings Manually on page 9-14.

  • Page 127

    Settings 9 - 15 The Save password checkbox is checked by default to allow the MC65 to always remember the email account password. To prevent other users from viewing your email, tap the Save password checkbox to remove the checkmark and deactivate the feature.

  • Page 128: Editing An Email Account

    (open: no firewall), Work (behind a firewall) or a data connection. Tap Done and then tap Next. In the Automatic Send/Receive drop-down list, select the time interval the MC65 sends and checks for new email. In the Download messages drop-down list, select the age range of messages to download from the server to the MC65.

  • Page 129: Setting Email Signatures, Mms Messaging Setup

    Tap OK to save the new signature. MMS Messaging Setup If a SIM card from a non-supported carrier is installed, the MMS options must be configured manually. To configure the MC65 for MMS messaging: Obtain all necessary information from the carrier. Tap Start > Text.

  • Page 130: Contacts Settings, Application Settings, Music Settings

    To configure Voice Commander setting tap Start > Settings > Personal > Voice Commander Settings. Contacts Settings The Contacts tab lists all the names in the MC65 Contacts and SIM card (if installed). When a new contact is created, Voice Commander automatically updates the recognition database.

  • Page 131: Advanced Settings, Digit Trainer Settings, Digit Setting Settings

    Settings 9 - 19 Play to hear the pronunciation of an application. Digit Trainer Settings The Digit Training tab functionality is disabled. Digit Setting Settings Use the Digit Setting tab to set valid phone number lengths to improve digit recognition accuracy. The user can change the default settings based on the local telecom requirement.

  • Page 132

    9 - 20 MC65 User Guide...

  • Page 133

    CHAPTER 10 ACCESSORIES Introduction MC65 accessories, listed below, provide a variety of product support capabilities. Accessories Table 10-1 lists the accessories available for the MC65 EDA. MC65 Accessories Table 10-1 Accessory Part Number Description Cradles Single Slot USB Cradle CRD5500-1000UR Charges the MC65 main battery and a spare battery.

  • Page 134

    MC65 Accessories (Continued) Table 10-1 Accessory Part Number Description Charge Only Cable 25-112560-01R Connects to a power supply to provide power to the MC65. Auto Charge Cable VCA5500-01R Charges the MC65 using a vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Miscellaneous Spare 3600 mAh lithium-ion BTRY-MC55EAB02 Replacement 3600 mAh battery.

  • Page 135: Single Slot Usb Cradle

    Accessories 10 - 3 Single Slot USB Cradle This section describes how to use a Single Slot USB cradle with the MC65. For USB communication setup procedures refer to the MC65 Integrator Guide. The Single Slot USB Cradle: • Provides 5.4 VDC power for operating the MC65.

  • Page 136: Charging The Spare Battery

    Charge batteries in temperatures from 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F). Charging is intelligently controlled by the MC65. To accomplish this, for small periods of time, the MC65 or accessory alternately enables and disables battery charging to keep the battery at acceptable temperatures. The MC65 or accessory indicates when charging is disabled due to abnormal temperatures via its LED.

  • Page 137: Country Settings, Connection Setup

    The modem defaults to operation with US telephone networks. To operate the modem with other country telephone networks, it must be configured using an application on the MC65. Download the Cradle Modem Country Configurator Application Software for MC55xx package from the Motorola Support Central web site:

  • Page 138

    Operation NOTE The CRD5500-1000XR does not support hot swapping between operational modes. After moving the switch into a different position, remove the MC65 from the cradle and then re-insert into the cradle. Ethernet Connection Place the Connection switch on the bottom of the cradle to the Ethernet position.

  • Page 139: Four Slot Charge Only Cradle

    Accessories 10 - 7 Four Slot Charge Only Cradle This section describes how to set up and use a Four Slot Charge Only cradle with the MC65. The Four Slot Charge Only cradle: • Provides 5.4 VDC power for operating the MC65.

  • Page 140: Four Slot Ethernet Cradle, Battery Charging Indicators

    10 - 8 MC65 User Guide Four Slot Ethernet Cradle This section describes how to set up and use a Four Slot Ethernet cradle with the MC65. For cradle communication setup procedures refer to the MC65 Integrator Guide. The Four Slot Ethernet cradle: •...

  • Page 141: Vcd5000 Vehicle Cradle

    Motorola is not responsible for any loss resulting from the use of the products while driving. Removing the MC65 To remove the MC65, hold back the release lever on the cradle and pull the MC65 up and out of the cradle.

  • Page 142

    Charge batteries in temperatures from 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F). Charging is intelligently controlled by the MC65. To accomplish this, for small periods of time, the MC65 alternately enables and disables battery charging to keep the battery at acceptable temperatures. The MC65 indicates when charging is disabled due to abnormal temperatures via its LED.

  • Page 143: Four Slot Battery Charger, Battery Charging

    Accessories 10 - 11 Four Slot Battery Charger This section describes how to use the Four Slot Battery Charger to charge up to four MC65 batteries. Battery Charging Connect the charger to a power source. Insert the battery into a battery charging well and gently press down on the battery to ensure proper contact.

  • Page 144: Battery Charging And Operating Power

    To charge the MC65 battery: Connect the communication/charge cable power input connector to the Motorola approved power source. Slide the bottom of the MC65 into the connector cup end of the communication/charge cable and gently press in until it latches into the MC65.

  • Page 145: Led Charge Indications

    Table 1-1 on page 1-6 for charging status indications. When charging is complete, push the two locking tab down and remove the cable from the MC65. LED Charge Indications The amber Charge LED on the MC65 indicates battery charging status. See...

  • Page 146: Vehicle Holder, Installation Reminders, Device Mounting Precautions

    Do not mount the vehicle holder near the driver seat air bag deployment area. • Do not place the MC65 on top of the dashboard or anywhere without securing it in the vehicle holder. • Do not mount the vehicle holder near the passenger seat air bag deployment area.

  • Page 147

    Windshield Installation Figure 10-13 Flip the lever down to create a vacuum between the suction cup and the mounting surface. Make sure that the suction bond is strong enough before proceeding to the next step. Slide the MC65 into the cradle.

  • Page 148

    Locking Tab Insert MC65 into Vehicle Holder Figure 10-14 Connect the auto charger cable to the MC65 and slide the two locking tabs up to secure the cable cup to the MC65. Connect the other end to the cigarette lighter socket.

  • Page 149

    Vehicle Holder Mounted on Flat Surface Figure 10-16 Connect the auto charger cable to the MC65 and slide the two locking tabs up to secure the cable cup to the MC65. Connect the other end to the cigarette lighter socket.

  • Page 150

    10 - 18 MC65 User Guide...

  • Page 151: Maintaining The Mc

    Do not store or use the MC65 in any location that is dusty, damp, or wet. • Use a soft lens cloth to clean the MC65. If the surface of the MC65 screen becomes soiled, clean it with a soft cloth moistened with a diluted window-cleaning solution.

  • Page 152: Removing The Screen Protector, Battery Safety Guidelines

    • Quick and easy installation. Removing the Screen Protector A screen protector is applied to the MC65. Motorola recommends using this to minimize wear and tear. Screen protectors enhance the usability and durability of touch screen displays. To remove the screen protector, lift the corner using a thin plastic card, such as a credit card, then carefully lift it off the display.

  • Page 153: Materials Required

    USB-IF logo or have completed the USB-IF compliance program. • To enable authentication of an approved battery, as required by IEEE1725 clause 10.2.1, all batteries will carry a Motorola hologram. Do not fit any battery without checking it has the Motorola authentication hologram. •...

  • Page 154: Cleaning Cradle Connectors, Cleaning The Mc

    Dip the cotton portion of the cotton tipped applicator in isopropyl alcohol. Rub the cotton portion of the cotton tipped applicator back-and-forth across the connector on the bottom of the MC65. Do not leave any cotton residue on the connector. Repeat at least three times.

  • Page 155: Cleaning Frequency, Troubleshooting

    LEDs blink. battery should be re-charged. Rechargeable battery Battery failed. Replace battery. If the MC65 still does not operate, perform a reset. did not charge. Resetting the MC65 on page 2-19. MC65 removed from Insert MC65 in cradle. The 3600 mAh battery fully charges in less cradle while battery than six hours.

  • Page 156

    MC65 shuts off. MC65 is inactive. The MC65 turns off after a period of inactivity. If the MC65 is running on battery power, set this period from 1 to 5 minutes, in one-minute intervals. Check the Power window by selecting Tap Status Bar >...

  • Page 157: Bluetooth Connection

    Refer to the EMDK or Control Panel application. bar code. MC65 is not If the MC65 does not beep on a good decode, set the application to programmed to generate a beep on good decode. generate a beep.

  • Page 158

    Battery is faulty. Verify that other batteries charge properly. If so, replace the faulty battery. The MC65 is not fully Remove and re-insert the MC65 into the cradle, ensuring it is firmly seated in the cradle. seated. Extreme battery Battery does not charge if ambient temperature is below 0°C (32°F) temperature.

  • Page 159: Vehicle Cradle

    LED does not light up. power. power port. MC65 battery is not MC65 was removed Replace the MC65 in the cradle. The 3600 mAh battery fully charges recharging. from the cradle too in less than six hours. soon. Battery is faulty.

  • Page 160: Magnetic Stripe Reader

    Battery is faulty. Verify that other batteries charge properly. If so, replace the faulty battery. The MC65 is not fully Detach and re-attach the power cable to the MC65, ensuring it is attached to power. firmly connected. During data Cable was Re-attach the cable and retransmit.

  • Page 161

    Reattach MC65 to MSR and retransmit. communication, no data MSR during transmits, or transmitted communications. data was incomplete. Incorrect cable See the system administrator. configuration. Communication Perform setup as described in the MC65 Integrator Guide. software is not installed or configured properly.

  • Page 162

    11 - 12 MC65 User Guide...

  • Page 163: Appendix A Technical Specifications

    APPENDIX A TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS MC65 Technical Specifications The following tables summarize the EDA’s intended operating environment and technical hardware specifications. MC65 MC65 EDA Technical Specifications Table A-1 Item Description Physical Characteristics Dimensions Height: 16.2 cm (6.38 in.) Width: 7.7 cm (3.03 in.) Depth: 3.4 cm (1.32 in.)

  • Page 164

    A - 2 MC65 User Guide MC65 EDA Technical Specifications (Continued) Table A-1 Item Description Performance Characteristics MSM Qualcomm 7627@ 600 MHz (multi-processor architecture) Operating System ® Microsoft Windows Mobile™ 6.5 Professional Memory 256 MB RAM/1 GB Flash Output Power USB - 5 VDC @ 300 mA max.

  • Page 165

    Antenna Internal antenna Voice Communications Voice-over-IP ready, Wi-Fi™-certified, IEEE 802.11a/b/g direct sequence wireless LAN, Wi-Fi Multimedia™ (WMM and WMM-PS) Motorola Voice Quality Manager (VQM), Motorola TEAM Express Ready Wireless PAN Data and Voice Communications Bluetooth Class II, v2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR); integrated antenna Global Positioning System Integrated stand-alone or Assisted-GPS (A-GPS).

  • Page 166

    A - 4 MC65 User Guide MC65 EDA Technical Specifications (Continued) Table A-1 Item Description Wireless Wide Area Network GSM-HSDPA Global: 3GPP TS 51.010, 3GPP TS 34.121, 3GPP TS 34.123, GCF and PTCRB approved module USA: FCC Part 22, Part 24...

  • Page 167

    GS1 DataBar Truncated GS1 DataBar Limited GS1 DataBar Stacked GS1 DataBar Expanded GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked GS1 DataBar Stacked Omni MC65 Accessory Specifications Single Slot USB Cradle Single Slot USB Cradle Technical Specifications Table A-3 Feature Description Dimensions Height: 7.1 cm (2.80 in.) Width: 11.0 cm (4.33 in.)

  • Page 168

    A - 6 MC65 User Guide Single Slot USB Cradle Technical Specifications (Continued) Table A-3 Feature Description Power Consumption 30 watts Interface Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F) Storage Temperature -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F) Charging Temperature 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)

  • Page 169

    Technical Specifications A - 7 Four Slot Charge Only Cradle Four Slot Charge Only Cradle Technical Specifications Table A-5 Feature Description Dimensions Height: 13.7 cm (5.39 in.) Width: 46.8 cm (18.43 in.) Depth: 9.9 cm (3.90 in.) Weight 1115 g (39.33 oz) Input Voltage 12 VDC Power Consumption...

  • Page 170: Magstripe Reader

    A - 8 MC65 User Guide Magstripe Reader Magstripe Reader (MSR) Technical Specifications Table A-7 Feature Description Dimensions 8.3 cm x 4.2 cm x 9.2 cm (3.3 in. x 1.65 in. x 3.62 in.) Weight 79.4 g (2.8 oz) Interface...

  • Page 171

    Technical Specifications A - 9 Cables USB Charging Cable Technical Specifications Table A-9 Feature Description Length 161.9 cm (63.74 in.) Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F) Storage Temperature -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F) Humidity 10% to 95% non-condensing Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) +/- 15 kV air +/- 8 kV contact...

  • Page 172

    A - 10 MC65 User Guide...

  • Page 173

    APPENDIX B KEYPADS Introduction The MC65 offers four types of keypad configurations: Numeric, QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY. Numeric Keypad Configuration The numeric keypad contains application keys, scroll keys, and function keys. The keypad is color-coded to indicate the alternate function key (blue) values. Note that an application can change keypad functions so the MC65’s keypad may not function exactly as described.

  • Page 174

    B - 2 MC65 User Guide MC65 Numeric Keypad Descriptions Table B-1 Description Blue Key Use this key to launch applications or access items (shown on the keypad in blue). Press the Blue key once to activate this mode, followed by another key.

  • Page 175

    Keypads B - 3 MC65 Numeric Keypad Descriptions (Continued) Table B-1 Description Soft Keys Accesses the command or menu above it on the screen. Star Produces an asterisk in default state. Press and release the blue key, then press the Star key to open the Start menu.

  • Page 176

    B - 4 MC65 User Guide Numeric Keypad Input Modes Table B-2 Orange Key Orange + Shift Keys Numeric Mode (Alpha Lowercase Mode) (Alpha Uppercase Mode) Blue+ SHIFT + Key Press Press Press Press Press Press Press Press & >...

  • Page 177

    Keypads B - 5 QWERTY Keypad Configuration Figure B-2 AZERTY Keypad Configuration Figure B-3 QWERTZ Keypad Configuration Figure B-4...

  • Page 178

    B - 6 MC65 User Guide Alpha-numeric Keypad Descriptions Table B-3 Action Blue Key Press the Blue key once to activate this mode temporarily, followed by another key. This displays the following icon at the bottom of the screen, until a second key is pressed: Press the Blue key twice to lock this mode.

  • Page 179

    Keypads B - 7 Alpha-numeric Keypad Descriptions (Continued) Table B-3 Action Soft Keys Accesses the command or menu above it on the screen. Shift Changes the state of the alpha characters from lowercase to uppercase. • Press the Shift key to activate this mode temporarily, followed by another key.

  • Page 180

    B - 8 MC65 User Guide QWERTY Keypad Input Modes (Continued) Table B-4 Normal Shift + Key Orange + Key Blue + Key “ áü ‘ Backspace Backspace Backspace Backspace Backspace Shift Shift Shift-Lock Shift Shift & < ENTER Enter...

  • Page 181

    Keypads B - 9 QWERTY Keypad Input Modes (Continued) Table B-4 Normal Shift + Key Orange + Key Blue + Key Backlight Backlight Backlight Backlight Backlight . (Period) > Note: An application can change the key functions. The keypad may not function exactly as described.

  • Page 182

    B - 10 MC65 User Guide AZERTY Keypad Input Modes (Continued) Table B-5 Normal Shift + Key Orange + Key Blue + Key & < Enter Enter Enter Enter Enter Back tab SPACE Space Space Space Space Backlight Backlight Backlight...

  • Page 183

    NOTE Special characters are only available on the alpha-numeric keypad configurations. To add special characters using the MC65 áü key, type the related character first, then press the Orange twice followed by the áü (P) key. Continue pressing the áü key until the special character displays. To modify an...

  • Page 184

    B - 12 MC65 User Guide press the áü key until the special character replaces the original character. Table B-7 lists the special characters you can generate. Special Characters Table B-7 Special Characters Special Characters “ & ‘...

  • Page 185

    APPENDIX C WINDOWS MOBILE HOME SCREEN AND DIALER Introduction The appendix describes the functionality of the optional Windows Mobile Home screen and Dialer. Windows Mobile Home Screen The Windows Mobile Home screen is scrollable and contains a list of application plug-ins and an Information Status bar.

  • Page 186

    C - 2 MC65 User Guide Touch and hold the screen with your finger and move the Home screen up and down. As the application names move under the Information Status bar, information relevant to that application appear in the bar.

  • Page 187

    Windows Mobile Home Screen and Dialer C - 3 Application Icon Application Information Information Bar Example Figure C-4 To customize the Home screen, tap Start > Settings > Today. On the horizontal scroll, use Appearance to customize the background and the Items to change the display format. Classic Today Screen The user can change the Today screen to the classic layout that is used in Windows Mobile 6.1.

  • Page 188: Start Screen

    Tap Save. Tap OK. The MC65 reboots. Making a Call NOTE You can make emergency calls even when the MC65 is locked or when a SIM card is not installed. See Emergency Calling on page C-8 for more information. With the MC65, you can make a call from the phone, contacts, speed dial and call history.

  • Page 189

    Windows Mobile Home Screen and Dialer C - 5 Press Enter the phone number on the dialer or keypad. The number appears in the call line. Press Press to stop dialing or end the call. NOTE If the user taps a wrong number, tap Delete key to erase each subsequent digit of a number. To erase the entire number, tap and hold the Delete key.

  • Page 190: Using Call History

    C - 6 MC65 User Guide To make a call or send a text message using Smart Dialing: Begin entering the first few numbers or characters. In the Smart Dialing panel, use the up and down arrows on the keypad to navigate to the desired contact or phone number.

  • Page 191: Making A Speed Dial Call

    To stop dialing or end the call, press Answering a Call A dialog box appears on the MC65 when it receives an incoming call. If the phone is set to ring, a ring tone sounds. Answer or ignore the incoming call.

  • Page 192: Incoming Call Features

    Otherwise, this presents a busy signal to the calling party. To end the call press Incoming Call Features • You can use other programs on the MC65 during a call. To switch back to the Phone, press or tap Start > Phone. Tap to end the call.

  • Page 193: Audio Modes, Using A Bluetooth Headset, Adjusting Audio Volume

    Phone Volume Slider Phone Volume Slider Figure C-12 To adjust the volume press the Volume Up or Down buttons on the side of the MC65. Move the slider up or down to adjust the volume.

  • Page 194: Managing Call History

    C - 10 MC65 User Guide NOTE Adjust the conversation phone volume during a call. Adjusting the volume while not in a call affects the ring and notification sound levels. Muting a Call During a call, you can mute the microphone so you can hear the person on the line but he or she cannot hear conversation from the microphone.

  • Page 195

    Windows Mobile Home Screen and Dialer C - 11 Select Call Timers..Call History - Call Timers Figure C-13 Tap Reset. (The All Calls: counter cannot be reset.) Tap OK to exit the Call Timers window. Deleting All Call History Items Press to display the Phone dialer.

  • Page 196

    C - 12 MC65 User Guide Call History - Detail Figure C-14 NOTE When more than one call is on the phone line, only the duration of the first call is recorded. Tap OK and then OK to exit. Using the Call History Menu Use the Call History menu to dial voice mail, access the Activation Wizard, save to contacts, view a note, delete a listing, send an SMS, and make a call.

  • Page 197

    Windows Mobile Home Screen and Dialer C - 13 Swapping Calls (GSM) To move between two phone calls: Press to display the Phone dialer. Enter the first phone number and press Talk. When the call connects, Hold appears on the dialer. Tap Hold on to place the first number on hold.

  • Page 198

    C - 14 MC65 User Guide Tap Flash to swap from one call to the other. Call Swapping Figure C-18 Tap End or press the red phone key on the keypad to end active call. The remaining call re-connects, tap Answer to connect to the call.

  • Page 199

    Windows Mobile Home Screen and Dialer C - 15 Three-way Calling (CDMA) NOTE Three-way Calling may not be available on all services. Please check with your service provider for availability. To create a three-way phone session with two people and you as the initiator: Press to display the Phone dialer.

  • Page 200

    C - 16 MC65 User Guide...

  • Page 201

    GLOSSARY API. (Application Programming Interface) An interface by means of which one software component communicates with or controls another. Usually used to refer to services provided by one software component to another, usually via software interrupts or function calls AZERTY. A standard keyboard commonly used on French keyboards. “AZERTY” refers to the arrangement of keys on the top row of keys.

  • Page 202

    Glossary - 2 MC65 User Guide bps. See Bits Per Second. Byte. On an addressable boundary, eight adjacent binary digits (0 and 1) combined in a pattern to represent a specific character or numeric value. Bits are numbered from the right, 0 through 7, with bit 0 the low-order bit. One byte in memory is used to store one ASCII character.

  • Page 203

    Glossary - 3 Depth of Field. The range between minimum and maximum distances at which a scanner can read a symbol with a certain minimum element width. Device Configuration Package. The Symbol Device Configuration Package provides the Product Reference Guide (PRG), flash partitions, Terminal Configuration Manager (TCM) and the associated TCM scripts.

  • Page 204

    IEEE Address. See MAC Address. Input/Output Ports. I/O ports are primarily dedicated to passing information into or out of the terminal’s memory. MC65 mobile computers include USB ports. Interleaved 2 of 5. A binary bar code symbology representing character pairs in groups of five bars and five interleaved spaces.

  • Page 205

    Mobile Computer. In this text, mobile computer refers to the MC65. It can be set up to run as a stand-alone device, or it can be set up to communicate with a network, using wireless radio technology.

  • Page 206

    Glossary - 6 MC65 User Guide PAN . Personal Area Network. Using Bluetooth wireless technology, PANs enable devices to communicate wirelessly. Generally, a wireless PAN consists of a dynamic group of less than 255 devices that communicate within about a 33-foot range.

  • Page 207

    Glossary - 7 Start/Stop Character. A pattern of bars and spaces that provides the scanner with start and stop reading instructions and scanning direction. The start and stop characters are normally to the left and right margins of a horizontal code. Subnet.

  • Page 208

    Glossary - 8 MC65 User Guide Trivial File Transfer Protocol. See TFTP. UDP. User Datagram Protocol. A protocol within the IP protocol suite that is used in place of TCP when a reliable delivery is not required. For example, UDP is used for real-time audio and video traffic where lost packets are simply ignored, because there is no time to retransmit.

  • Page 209

    INDEX Numerics adjusting volume ......2-18 AFH ........7-1 2-D bar codes .

  • Page 210

    Index - 2 MC65 User Guide discovering devices ..... . . 7-4 four slot spare battery charger ....10-9 turning on and off .

  • Page 211

    ......1-1 locking the MC65 keypad ....2-19, 9-4 QWERTY keypad input modes .

  • Page 212

    Index - 4 MC65 User Guide battery ......2-7, 2-18 speaker ....... 2-18 scan button .

  • Page 214

    MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2011 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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