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Engine Noise Suppression; Antenna Considerations; Antenna Selection And Installation - Uniden Oceanus DSC Series Owner's Manual

Vhf marine radio with digital selective calling
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Engine Noise Suppression

Interference from the noise generated by the electrical systems of
engines is sometimes a problem with radios. The OCEANUS DSC has
been designed to be essentially impervious to ignition noise and
alternator noise. However, in some installations it may be necessary to
take measures to further reduce the effect of noise interference. All DC
battery wires, antenna lead, and accessory cables should be routed
away from the engine and engine compartment, and from power cabling
carrying high currents.
In severe cases of noise interference, it may be necessary to install a
noise suppression kit. Contact your Uniden Dealer for more information.

Antenna Considerations

A variety of antennas are available from a number of quality suppliers.
It is recommended you draw upon the advice of your Uniden dealer in
determining a suitable antenna for your vessel and range requirements.
In general, communication range is increased by using a high-gain
antenna placed as high as possible above the water line. Antennas
should be located away from metal objects. Antennas should not have
excessively long coaxial feed cables.

Antenna Selection and Installation

OCEANUS DSC has been designed to accomodate all of the popular
marine VHF antennas. However, the selection and the installation of the
antenna is the responsibility of the user or installer.
The FCC has determined that excessive radiation poses a health risk to
people near radio transmitting antennas. Therefore, the antenna used
with this radio should be installed using the following guidelines to insure
a suitable distance between the antenna and persons close by.
Small whip antennas (3 dB) or smaller should be installed keeping at
least three feet separation distance between the radiating element and
Larger antennas (6 dB or 9 dB) should be installed keeping at least a six
foot separation distance.
No person should touch the antenna or come into the separation
distance when the radio is transmitting.



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