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Installation; Convenient Features Of The Mc1010; Choosing A Location; Engine Noise Suppression - Uniden MC1010 Operating Manual

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The MC1010 will only
operate with 12 volt
negative ground batteries.
The MC1010 is NOT
waterproof. Select a
mounting location that is
protected from water.


Convenience features of the MC1010
Universal mounting bracket - this allows you to install the MC1010 horizontally on top
or to the underside of a shelf, on a bulkhead or overhead.
Remote speaker jack - for use with an optional extension speaker.
Plug-in type connections - for easy removal of the MC1010.
Internal speaker - positioned for convenient in-dashboard mounting using the optional
flush mount bracket.

Choosing a location

When deciding on the most suitable location for your MC1010 you need to take into account
electrical, mechanical and environmental elements that may effect its performance.
Antenna - The antenna needs to be located as high as possible and clear of metal objects.
The performance range of the MC1010 is directly related to the antenna height. The cable
to the antenna should be as short as possible. Long antenna leads can cause substantial
loss of performance for both receiving and transmitting.
Moisture/Sunlight - Select a location that is sheltered from moisture and out of direct
Battery leads - Try to mount the MC1010 close to the battery (within the range of the
supplied power leads). If this is not possible, any extension needs to be made with #10
AWG wire. For long extensions a larger wire gauge should be used.
Compass - Due to possible electromagnetic interference the MC1010 and any extension
speakers should not be mounted close to a compass.
Cooling - The location of the MC1010 should permit clear air flow to the heat sink at the
rear of the radio.

Engine Noise Suppression

Interference generated from the electrical systems of engines is sometimes a problem with
radios. The MC1010 has been designed to be essentially impervious to ignition impulse
noise and alternator noise. However, in some installations it may be necessary to take
measures to further reduce the effect of noise interference. All DC battery wires, antenna
lead, and accessory cables should be routed away from power cabling carrying particularly
high currents.
In severe cases of noise interference, it may be necessary to install a noise supression kit.



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