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Engine Noise Suppression; Installing The Mc535 - Uniden MC535 Operating Manual

Vhf marine radio
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Engine Noise Suppression

The MC535 has been designed to minimize ignition and alternator noise.
However, in some installations it may be necessary to take additional
steps to help eliminate noise interference. During installation, try to direct
the DC battery wires, the antenna lead, and accessory cables away from
the engine compartment or ignition and alternator wiring.
If the noise continues, it may be necessary to install a noise suppression
kit. Contact your Uniden dealer for more information.

Installing the MC535

After choosing a location, position the radio (with the bracket,
microphone, power cord, antenna cable, and external speaker lead, if
installed) to make sure it fits. Then follow these steps:
Using the bracket as a template, mark the holes for the mounting
Drill the holes and mount the bracket with hardware appropriate for
the mounting surface.
Connect the red power lead
to the positive (+) battery
terminal or to an accessory
contact in your vessel's fuse
Note: The power cord is equipped
with a 6-ampere fast blow fuse to
protect your radio. Use only a
6-ampere replacement fuse.
Connect the black wire of the power cord to the negative (–)
battery terminal or to a ground source in your vessel's fuse box.
Install the radio in the mounting bracket and connect the antenna
cable and accessories to their appropriate jacks and connectors.
Tue Sep 08 10:53:47 1998

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