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Installing The Oceanus Dsc - Uniden Oceanus DSC Series Owner's Manual

Vhf marine radio with digital selective calling
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Installing the OCEANUS DSC

After you have carefully considered the various factors affecting your
choice of location, position the radio (with the bracket, microphone,
power cord, antenna and any auxiliary cables installed) into the selected
location to assure there is no interference with the surrounding items.
Mark the location of the mounting bracket. Remove the bracket from the
radio and use it as a template to mark the holes to be drilled for the
mounting hardware. Drill the holes and mount the bracket with
hardware compatible with the material of the mounting surface.
only for mounting the bracket
with hardware. Do not use it for
installing the radio in the
mounting bracket.
Connect the red wire of the supplied power cord to the positive (+)
battery supply. Connect the black wire of the power cord to the negative
(–) battery supply. The power cord is equipped with a fuse to protect the
radio. Use only a six (6) ampere fast blow fuse for replacement.
Connect the power cord to the keyed connector on the power "pigtail".
Connect the antenna and all other auxiliary cables and accessories.
Install the radio in the mounting bracket and connect all cables and
accessories to the appropriate jacks and connectors.
Do not use any other mounting
knobs than the ones enclosed.
Do not insert the knobs without
attaching the bracket.
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