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Connections; Cassette Loading - JVC TD-W354 Instructions Manual

Jvc double cassette deck instructions
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Do not switch the power on until all the connections are com-
Insert the plugs firmly, or poor contact will result, causing
When the pin-plug cords are employed, always connect the
white plug to the left channel terminal. This helps to avoid
reversed connections.
When using the Compu Link Control System version 3, do not
connect the power cord to the SWITCHED AC OUTLET of an
amplifier or receiver. In the B version, turn the deck
POWER switch ON. Otherwise, the automatic power on/
STANDBY function cannot be carried out.
1. Connection to a stereo amplifier
When installing the deck, be sure to install at a distance from
your amplifier. If they are stacked, noise (hum) may occur.
CD player


1. Press the
(eject) button to open the cassette holder.
2. Load a cassette as shown.
3. Press the cassette holder to close it. Be sure to obtain the
click sound to close the holder securely.
Notes for the B version:
If the
POWER switch is set to OFF while the tape is mov-
ing, you might not be able to remove the cassette. If this hap-
pens, switch the power on again before attempting to remove
the cassette.
Pin-plug cords (provided)
Remote cable (provided with CD player)
2. Remote cable connection for COMPU LINK
By connecting a remote cable, COMPU LINK functions (auto-
matic power on/STANDBY, automatic source selection, syn-
chronized recording and DDRP recording) can be performed.
In this time the provided pin-plug cords must be also con-
When making synchronized recording with a CD player, con-
nect the remote cable to the COMPU LINK-1/SYNCHRO or
1. When making synchronized recordings, only a single deck
should be connected to the amplifier.
2. If a component is not a JVC COMPU LINK component,
bypass it when making the remote cable connections.
3. This deck can be connected with an amplifier and a CD
player which have the COMPU LINK-1/SYNCHRO jacks for
COMPU LINK performance. (See page 11 for details.)
Stereo amplifier
Remote cable (provided)
Setting the
POWER switch to OFF during playback or
recording may cause a malfunction. Always stop playback
before setting the
– 5 –
POWER switch to OFF.
Load the cassette with the
tape-exposed edge down.

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