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JVC TD-W354 Instructions Manual page 10

Jvc double cassette deck instructions
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By connecting a microphone, microphone mixing during record-
ing is possible by following the recording procedure. Adjust the
microphone input level by setting the record-pause mode and
observing the peak level indicators.
When the record-pause mode is set and the INPUT LEVEL
control is set to MIN, sounds are output only from the micro-
phone, and it can be used as a public address system.
Adjust the recording level while observing the peak level indica-
tor indication.
For example:
With metal tape
Because of metal tape's higher saturation level, it is OK that ''+
2'' lights occasionally.
With normal or chrome tape
It is OK that ''+ 0'' lights occasionally.
When the recording level is too low, the hiss noise inherent in
the tape will be conspicuous.
When the recording level is too high, exceeding the saturation
level, the recording will contain cracking noise and will be dis-
If ''+ 4'' lights too often because the recording level is too high,
the recorded sound may be distorted and seem to be breaking
up. If only ''0'' lights infrequently, the level is too low and the
recording may contain tape hiss.
It is best to adjust so that the maximum sound level of the
source to be recorded reaches the very limit of the saturation
level of the tape to be used.
The best level varies depending on the type of music and type
of tape so it is better to make a test recording, using FM music,
records, etc.
This facility is used to eliminate undesired sections and leave an
appropriate non-recorded section.
A. To leave non-recorded sections of about 4–5 seconds
1. When the undesired section comes during recording,
press the
REC/REC MUTE button and release it.
2. The REC indicator flashes and a non-recorded section is
made during record muting operation. About 4–5 sec-
onds later, the tape automatically stops, and the unit
enters the record-pause mode.
3. Press the PLAY button to start recording again.
B. To leave non-recorded sections of more than 4–5 sec-
1. Keep the
ously as long as you want to make a non-recorded sec-
tion. By releasing the finger from the button after the
above operation, the unit enters the record-pause mode.
2. Press the PLAY button to start recording again.
C. To leave non-recorded section of less than 4-seconds
When the undesired section comes during recording....
After the
REC/REC MUTE button is pressed, press the
PLAY button before the unit enters the pause mode to start
recording again, or press the
record-pause mode.
The peak level indicator lights even during record muting
according to the input level which can be heard from the
speakers or headphones so that recording can be resumed at
the exact point on the tape.
When recording on a prerecorded tape, the previous recording
is automatically erased and only the new program is recorded
on the tape.
To erase a tape without making a new recording...
Follow the section ''RECORDING'' but in step 8, set the INPUT
LEVEL control to MIN.
Dolby NR System
To reduce the hiss inherent in tape recording, use the Dolby NR
System when making recordings. When listening to a tape
recorded with the Dolby NR System, press the DOLBY NR but-
ton to set to B or C according to the system selected in the
recording mode.
The sound quality will change if the setting of the DOLBY NR
button is different in recording and playback.
Dolby HX PRO headroom extension
When a source which contains many high-frequency compo-
nents is recorded, these high-frequency signals have the same
function as bias and therefore, the effective bias current
This will result in phenomena such as changes in the level of
low-frequency signal and subsequent distortion and reduction of
the high-frequency saturation level.
Dolby HX PRO headroom extension system controls the bias
current so that the effective bias is constant even when there
are fluctuations in the high-frequency components of the input
This greatly improves the high-frequency saturation level while
reducing the low-frequency signal level variations and distortion.
The dynamic sound recorded with this system sounds the
same even when the tape is played back in a deck that does
not have Dolby HX PRO.
This system automatically works when in recording; however,
Dolby HX PRO is not a noise reduction system.
– 10 –
REC/REC MUTE button pressed continu-
PAUSE button to enter the

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