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Compu Link Control System - JVC TD-W354 Instructions Manual

Jvc double cassette deck instructions
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The Compu Link Control System controls relative operations
between components automatically and facilitates various
This is a system originated and developed by JVC for facilitating
various system operations. There are two versions of this sys-
tem; version 1 and 3. (For version 1 components, ''COMPU
LINK-1/SYNCHRO'' is marked on the rear panel. For version 3
components, ''COMPU LINK-3/SYNCHRO'' is marked on the
rear panel. This unit belongs to version 3.)
The version 3 system controls relative functions between this
unit and an amplifier or receiver, in addition to all of the functions
of version 1.
Automatic Power On/STANDBY Function (COMPU LINK-3)
This function is available when an amplifier or receiver having a
COMPU LINK-3/SYNCHRO terminal is connected. For example,
if a deck contains a tape, the deck is turned on automatically
and the tape is played back by only pressing the PLAY button.
When the amplifier or receiver is switched STANDBY, the source
unit is automatically switched STANDBY. (In the B version, it is
necessary to turn the deck
Automatic Source Selection (COMPU LINK-1, 3)
When the provided remote cables are used for connecting this
unit to other components which have COMPU LINK-1 or
3/SYNCHRO terminals, the switch-over of all system compo-
nents is possible with simple one-touch of the source selector
button of JVC's amplifier or receiver.
By doing this, the corresponding component will start playing
The source select button of the remote control unit or the acti-
vation button of the desired component can be also used for this
purpose. When the components have been switched over, the
previous component will stop playing within five seconds.
Synchronized Recording (COMPU LINK-1, 3)
Synchronized recording refers to the process in which the deck
starts recording in synchronism with the CD player. Perform the
synchronized recording as follows:
1. Set the cassette deck to the record-pause mode in accor-
dance with the recording procedures on page 8.
2. If you want the programmed recording, program the desired
tunes in any order you wish to hear.
3. Press the PLAY/PAUSE button of the CD player. By so
doing, the cassette deck is placed in the record mode and
synchronized with the CD player for recording. Synchronized
recording thus can be made possible.
DDRP (Dynamics Detection Recording Processor) record-
The DDRP function makes possible fully automatic recording
when used with a suitable JVC CD player. When the DDRP but-
ton of a suitable JVC CD player is pressed, the recording level
is first adjusted automatically, then recording starts; it is not nec-
essary to start recording by the normal procedure.
POWER switch ON.)
Synchronized recording or DDRP recording stops automati-
cally when the CD player stops playing.
Synchronized recording does not start except when the record-
To cancel synchronized recording or DDRP recording, press
the STOP button of the CD player or cassette deck.
The source is locked to the CD position during synchronized
recording or DDRP recording to avoid accidental stops or
switch-over to another component. To switch over the compo-
nents, cancel synchronized recording or DDRP recording first.
The INPUT LEVEL control does not function during DDRP
– 11 –
PAUSE buttons in the stop mode.

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