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Maintenance - JVC TD-W354 Instructions Manual

Jvc double cassette deck instructions
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The importance of cleaning
When the tape is moving, magnetic powder and dust naturally
accumulate on the heads, capstan and pinch roller. When they
become too dirty.
tone quality deteriorates.
the output sound level drops.
the previous sound is not erased satisfactorily.
recordings are not satisfactory.
Because of this, clean the heads, etc. every 10 hours of use so
that optimum recordings will be made.
Cleaning the heads, pinch roller and capstan
Wipe the heads, the capstan, etc. with a cotton swab with its tip
dipped in alcohol. For effective cleaning, use a cleaning kit avail-
able from your audio store. After cleaning, be sure that the
cleaning fluid has completely dried before loading a cassette.
Deck B
Deck A
Playback head
Pinch roller
Deck B
Erase head
Demagnetizing the heads
Magnetic objects brought close to the head or using the deck for
a long period of time, results in magnetization of the head, thus
noise occurs. When the noise is excessive, high frequencies on
the recorded tape may be erased.
Demagnetize the heads and other metal parts that come into
contact with the tape every 20–30 hours of use with a head
demagnetizer (available from your audio store).
Example: Deck B
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